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Sat Apr 08, 2006 at 01:30 PM PDT

catch miracleflight 0110

by generic


MiracleFlight 0110

will be issuing a "C"code Lock-down

          password phrase to end zone plans are :

   "get off-it the Mirror returns to Fly the Sky"

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Americans at risk then he is in direct violation of his sworn duty that he takes at his inaugration.

Classified or not. This instance jeopardized Ms Plame and her fellow CIA co-workers and in doing this it in turn puts at risk the lives of American's as the CIA is a tax payers operative that provides protecting the citzenry against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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and the message informs the World of the Perils of Bad People in Wrong Positions.

In a time of horrific of crisis there comes a person that speaks up not for glory and fame but to honor the code of conduct they were trained and know to be the sworn duty of
Constitution of the United States. As Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski became more and more aware of actions occurring around her that were inconsistant with proper intelligent and genuine purpose it was easier to spot the misguided purpose of this Nations branches for unlawful action to satisfy individual desires and policies.

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Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)

Karen Kwiatkowski recently retired from the active duty USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel. Her final assignment was as a political-military affairs officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Under Secretary for Policy, in the Sub-Saharan Africa and Near East South Asia (NESA) Policy directorates.

During Col. Kwiatkowski's time at NESA, she worked the North Africa desk, in the sister office to the Office of Special Plans. Prior to the Office of Secretary of Defense assignment, she served on the Air Force Staff, Operations Directorate at the Pentagon, the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland, and served tours in Alaska, Massachusetts, Spain and Italy.

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Sat Apr 01, 2006 at 09:40 AM PST

The soldiers DEATHS are in "VAIN" if

by generic

as citizens and parents and friends and families don't stand and step forward to DEMAND outright investigations of this Adminstartion and these accusations!

Our first duty as American's is to bring about the guarantee that the Constitution is not TORN and parts deleted. We can't fall in neglect of our rights and duties to seek out the truth and it's being brought to light so that all relatives of soldiers (deceased, wounded and active or un-active) know the facts!


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FINAL push for paper ballot voting reform HR 550
Tues, 28 Mar 2006 19:47:52 -0800

THERE ARE THREE WAYS YOU CAN HELP -- lobby in person in Washington, D.C. or your
home district . . . and/or sign the petition:


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said God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

The claim comes in a new BBC series. The series' producer, Norma Percy, explained the origins of the claim.

(2003) Video BBC News Report catches Bush  briefing lying about attendees at the meeting! Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace - BBC2, 10 Oct, 9pm

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the website below and sought to show how America's grief is being monitoried during this ill-gotten blind faith mission that America's leadership has taken us down?

It is measured in terms that Politicians measure as sighting history yet the loved ones of the real War and those that feel the deepen pain of loss of life are actually made to feel pithy and trivial!

The below body contains what is fairly safe an undeniable known in fact!

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and know. Not a solicitation but rather a "sighting of a UFO in the scheme of War can be profitable. Buy low and sell high. Pump first and fear is a great tool for sales in this Wartime financial league.You can subscribe free to their daily emails free: And get stories that fit the money moving around events in the Oval Office and government.

The name suits us because we, too, are after great fortunes. Taipan is a window on the future. A preview of what is to come. An accurate source for advance information on the big ideas that will change the way we work, live, and play in the years ahead!
J. Christoph Amberger, Publisher
Christian DeHaemer
Siu-Yee Ng
Ian Cooper
Adam Lass
Briton L. Ryle
Mail Address:
Agora Inc.
808 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Att: Taipan

Phone: 1-800-433-1528 or 203-699-3683
FAX: 410-454-0401

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Dear ----------- usa,(from an email copy)

Karl Rove and operatives of the national Republican Party have recruited their hand-picked candidate to oppose me for re-election: a wealthy scion and media magnate named John Raese.

Mr. Raese has the ability to finance months of televised advertisements.  "I can assure the people of West Virginia," Raese said, "that I have enough money to put my message across."

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the link you'll want to share with friends! Has your neighbor given to a candidate?  Even have e-mail alerts sent your way when a Polictical contribution is made.
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I'm certainly not educated enough to write a Diary of much depth but have a Knack in finding matters:

Pat Robertson's Cozy Relationship with FEMA
By Joel Wendland

Related stories: right wing watch  9-07-05, 9:03 am

My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers.
--Jesus, Matthew 21:16

Well I see him on the TV
Preachin' `bout the promised land
He tells me to believe in Jesus
And steals the money from my hand.
--Poison, "Give Me Something to Believe In"

In a distasteful show of insensitivity and partisanship, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has called for cash donations be paid to Operation Blessing, a charity front for Pat Robertson's right-wing Christian fundamentalist TV operation, The 700 Club, and his other corporate schemes.

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