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You know what'€™s great?  The Affordable Care Act covers treatment for addiction:

The ACA includes substance use disorders as one of the ten elements of essential health benefits. This means that all health insurance sold on Health Insurance Exchanges or provided by Medicaid to certain newly eligible adults starting in 2014 must include services for substance use disorders.
You know what'€™s bad?  Current substance abuse treatment fails most of the people it is supposed to help.  That's people, as in real human beings with addiction, not just statistics, unfortunates that can'€™t or won'€™t "get it", self-centered defectives who refuse to do the work; but people.
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Here in Kentucky and interesting case has shown up. A couple in Frankfort, KY was arrested for animal cruelty after police found a large number of animals on their property living in filth and without food or water. The article on WLEX-TV web site states:

Deputies arrested Sandra E. Coy, 55, and William Scott Coy, 48, on Friday, and charged them both with 23 counts of animal cruelty after raiding their St. Johns Road home. Deputies say they found nearly two-dozen dogs and birds living in filthy conditions, and a dead pit bull still chained to its leash. Deputies say they also found llamas, goats and pigs, all in bad condition.
Kentucky back in 2008 the same couple was found with 37 Pit Bulls living in horrid conditions in Larue County, many of the animal victims in the current situation are Pit Bulls as well, leading me to wonder why people like this are permitted to continue to own animals, and also why a deputy involved in the current, arrest would state:
There was no food, no water, and very dire conditions for the animals that were there." he said. "People sometimes have good intentions and then all of a sudden they get overwhelmed, and I think this is one of those cases or scenarios.
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I grew up in eastern, Kentucy and the men in my family worked in the mining industry.  Now I live all of two hours away in Lexington and am as an "outsider" who is still somewhat in touch, I see a trend that is sad and scary and maybe an all too common "red state" phenominon.  Corporate power, with Fox News as it's media representative, orchestrating the very emotional state of the people, reforming "communities" based on irrational fear.

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My husband had on that hideous Greta Van Susteren show this evening, and I was hoping she would just be covering deceased blondes so I could drink my tea in peace, but McCain's new attack showed up with breathless Fox News fanfare.  I just wanted to put their latest attack in a diary because they revealed what is next.  More guilt by association, more sickening character attacks.  And in usual right-wing propaganda form, they bring out a guy that changes wives more often than some people change underwear to defame our candidate.  

Newt Gingrich got the call and he was ecstatic about the hidden foreign policy motives he imagined lurking "behind the Obama curtain" being revealed by none other than the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  There is something about the Rev. Jackson that just makes the Fox News pundits wet themselves for some reason.


Is this going to be picked up by MSNBC or CNN?

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13%18 votes
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Sun Sep 07, 2008 at 12:57 PM PDT

Propaganda Nation

by get the red out

I believe that the right has been propagandizing people to believe that the law just doesn’t work and that there are people out in the world so bad that only a fool would want to use legal means to stop them.  I believe that they have worked since 911 to apply that standard to individuals and entire nations and obtain the blessing of average American citizens to do so through constant, sometimes blatant, often subtle propaganda to do so.  The is illustrated by the dog whistle line in the Republican VP nominee’s (teleprompter performance) speech attempting to insult Barack Obama by saying:

Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America ... he's worried that someone won't read them their rights?

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Tue Jul 01, 2008 at 08:13 AM PDT

Hate keeps coming

by get the red out

We can fight about the fine points of what Barack Obama needs to do to make all Democrats happy and still get the votes from the "too busy for information" middle that he needs to win the election.  But while we are verbally sparing with that, the right-wing hate just keeps coming.  

Now I will admit I’m a white woman; my skin’s so pale it’s scary without makeup.  So I can’t begin to fully catch on to all the subtleties of racism, I haven’t experienced that.  But I know how to read, even between the lines.

We are used to the very direct anti-Obama email foolishness.  But there is a more subtle approach taking root.  I got an email this morning that didn’t take much mental facility to read the screaming racism that poured out onto my computer screen.  Even to my, sometimes malfunctioning, mind the message against African American people was quite clear.

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They have shown their hand in my local paper, the Lexington Herald Leader, in Lexington, KY.  Contributing Editor, Mike Allen, summed up all the sick thinking of the religious right into a single foul op-ed in Sunday’s paper entitled "Broken links: sex, procreation, marriage"

Mr. Allen obviously seeks to play on people’s fear of gay marriage and even polygamy to claim contraception as immoral.  He claims that the Anglican Church’s acceptance of the use of birth control in marriage in the 1930’s has caused sexual depravity leading to gay marriage by allowing couples to enjoy sex without threat of pregnancy.

If we straight couples had never been so immoral as to desire to love one another without constant pregnancy, too many children to care for, and health threats for the mother; than those pesky gay people would have never been inspired to demand the right to love one another either.  In other words, sex is immoral, whether gay or straight.  I always knew they believed this, at least now they are showing their hand.


Will the far-right showing their hand regarding contraception:

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I guess I should be proud.  I should even feel genetically superior due to my ancestors multi-generational struggle!  For today I picked up my local newspaper, the Lexington Herald Leader here in Lexington, KY and read an editorial titled “Getting Bubba, A Full-blooded American” by Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post Writers Group.  


Is the "full-blooded American" rhetoric

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