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Sat Jan 03, 2015 at 02:33 PM PST

Scalise connections

by gildareed

Steve Scalise did attend and address that 2002 EURO event.  He has admitted to it.  My and my son's motivation to blow the whistle on him has nothing to do with revenge or political aspirations.

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Sat Mar 15, 2014 at 09:23 AM PDT


by gildareed

Americans for Prosperity (Non-Americans for Greed) are doing the Kochs dirty work. Any person who feels entitled to healthcare while denying it to others is certainly not a patriotic American. Using money to insure that self has surplus at the expense of those less fortunate is evil. Perpetuating lies that the poor are loafing takers is diabolical depravity. Exterminating unions, dismantling public education, eviscerating the environment, denying health care---contemptible barbarism. Airwaves are being blanketed and unsuspecting voters are being bamboozled. Our not-so-“Supreme” Court has ushered in a more villainous era of me, myself and I.


Fri Mar 07, 2014 at 11:26 AM PST

What good is it?

by gildareed

Dang it.  Yes, our son was deemed eligible for Medicaid after persistent fighting.  But what good is it?  He went through 3 pages of ENT specialists listed on the website as Medicaid-accepting.  All answered emphatically with “No”.  The last office asked which kind of Medicaid and said it would call back after lunch.  What the hell?  

Apparently, there is full Medicaid and Take-Charge Medicaid.  The latter only allows one doctor visit for the entire year and pays for no prescriptions.  No doctor will accept Take-Charge.  

So back to square one.  Louisiana, and other states who have refused to accept Medicaid dollars, care not a whit about their citizens.  The whole safety net argument is a total farce.  People die waiting to be declared eligible.  Those who are deemed accepted die while searching for doctors.  Making doctors wait for payment that is below what they deserve is a deliberate design to make the system disintegrate.  (Sounds like what is done to public education.  Siphon off funds and wait for public education to die on the vine.)

How can any thinking American support such travesties?

It is mysterious why our son was refused Medicaid and then was made eligible after Jindal’s office contacted the Medicaid office.  Are they trying to shut-up a well-educated law student who happens to be a sick, jobless thorn-in-their-side and does not fit the stereotype of a poor person?  Do they not want Robby to be used as an example of a victim of Jindal’s cruel callousness?  Why did the Medicaid head tell Robby that he was taking him under his wing?  


Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 10:26 AM PST

Safety net my ass.

by gildareed

Official update to our son’s health insurance gap fiasco follows.

After scores of email messages locally and nationally to every newspaper, tv station, talk show host, to every Louisiana state rep and senator plus Governor Jindal, after letters to the editor and hours upon hours of calling up the chain of the Medicaid system, hospital billing, reporters, etc., Robby and his wife were given preferential treatment.  Both are now Medicaid-covered until January.  The good news came moments after completing another interview, this one to be used in an infomercial to convince legislators that many thousands of real Louisianians are suffering big-time because of Jindal’s cruel callousness in refusing Medicaid dollars.

Robby does not fit the stereotype and he needed to be silenced.  He is savvy, well-educated (though may never be a lawyer now) with access to a phone, a computer, and time to use both since sick and jobless.  He happens to have a mom who also fights like hell.  What about the other 5 million in the insurance coverage gap?  What about those suffering in silence without a voice?  Our fight is far from over.

No doctor, no money, no insurance equals no medical care.  Even after forced to the ER with out-of-control infections, patients have the toughest time being seen by specialists who refuse to see the uninsured.  There is no maintenance so that diabetes, heart disease, cancer, psychiatric disorders, etc. fester without proper meds until the next ER visit.  The U.S. has the finest doctors, nurses, hospitals, and technology.  But the delivery system stinks as it is based on ability to pay instead of medical need.  This is why the infant mortality and life expectancy rates are abysmal with more spent per capita and less to show for it.  

I hesitated to tell our personal victory lest it be misconstrued as a change of heart from Jindal and his cohorts.  There is no element of caring.  The head guy of Medicaid lambasted and blamed Obamacare for Robby’s misery.  Total bullshit.  The “safety net” fabrication offered by Jindal’s minions and accepted without question by reporters, is also total bullshit.

Good people are dying.  The hospital advocate trying to help has seen the roadblocks escalate.  Terminal cancer patients do not even get the courtesy of a call-back from the Medicaid office.  Safety net my ass!


Here is our story. This is how people without health care live.

Robby and Annie, a young married, college-educated couple with a baby, tried to purchase health insurance. Robby was struggling as an impoverished law student and Annie was keeping babies in-home and teaching fitness part-time. Had they lied to claim they made more, they would have qualified for a subsidized policy. But their true income disqualified them from anything except a $600 a month crapola policy. It may as well have been a million. Unreachable.

Because of no money and no insurance, our son Robby endured what he thought was a sinus infection for days before New Years. (He and Annie are still paying their $15,000 share of a necessary surgery 5 years ago when they HAD insurance, and there is nothing extra for doctor fees.) Finally, on Jan. 10, violently ill, Robby was forced to seek ER services. The initial diagnoses were viral meningitis and bacterial tonsillitis. Once the unrelenting fever was corralled, he was discharged, 3 days later, with prescriptions and the warning that the symptoms would last awhile. And they did, with an intense vengeance. When his tongue and lips swelled and his neck and scalp became itchy red, he stopped all meds. Worried parents and siblings offered to pay for a doctor, but Robby refused with the promise that if the fever became really high again, he would accept. He had to drop out of his law studies as a direct consequence of allowing the initial untreated illness to escalate.

Robby worked 10 years for a non-profit including a year with Americorps in the Catskill Mts of NY. He has paid taxes, never asked for a handout, and doesn’t deserve to be treated so callously by LA’s governor. When Jindal takes away affordable health care from people, he takes away a lot more than that. We hold Governor Jindal of LA personally responsible for the havoc wrought on our family. He refuses to accept Medicaid dollars which has created an insurance coverage gap for over 240,000 Louisianians. Nationwide 5 million Americans are in this gap. They make too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to purchase subsidized ACA plans. For shame. Such cruel atrocity is beneath the dignity of a country as great as ours.

Gilda Reed


Health-care-for-all is a right, not a reserved privilege for those most fortunate.  Below are 2 entries about a real-life American living in a Republican-controlled red state governed by a callous governor who refuses to expand Medicaid.  

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Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 07:57 PM PDT

Big Insurance: We're Sick of It!

by gildareed

In its present form, health care will bankrupt us.  Even the most conservative of experts warn of impending disaster without comprehensive reform.  Premiums, deductibles, co-pays are rising dramatically faster than wages are.  We cannot balance the budget and reduce the federal deficit without comprehensive health care reform.  Half of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills and 75% of these people HAD health insurance. (28)  Even the healthiest among us are only 1 serious accident or illness away from financial ruin.  The elderly have to choose daily between meals and medicine.  Parents must choose between clothing their children and taking them to a doctor.  

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Something disturbs me about what I witnessed at a Louisiana Teabag Party in Metairie Aug 22nd and Senator Landrieu’s Townhall in Reserve Aug 27th.  The health care debate was mangled by misinformed people carrying inflammatory signs and shouting their parroted nonsense about illegal immigrants, abortion, death panels, and government take-over.  

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Speech for Democratic Rally in Abita Springs, LA, Sept. 20, 2008

I want to begin with a story that illustrates the different possible responses to trauma and stress we Democrats are enduring.  It is called "The carrot, egg and coffee bean."

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Sat Sep 13, 2008 at 12:27 PM PDT

I am woman. Hear me roar.

by gildareed

Women received their right to vote less than 100 years ago.  And our struggle continues as we fight to get equal pay for equal work.  Warriors among us will not passively accept our societal role to remain barefoot and pregnant.  The valiant effort of Hillary shows the stuff of which strong women are made.  The vacuous anointment of Palin shows the fluff of political tooling.  

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Jerry Northington, better known to us as possum, is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, DE-01, At Large.  Delaware’s people are quite fortunate to have someone of his caliber willing to go to bat for them.  There is not a more genuine candidate anywhere.  He is one of those true public servants of whom we have so precious little in DC.  Jerry knows what is worth fighting for and what can wait.  He knows how to state emphatically what he believes without antagonizing the listener.  

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The AC in the fancy bus was broken but Howard Dean's fervor was still on target this morning on Canal Street.  When he shook my hand, he thanked me for running a great campaign and complimented my website.  To remember the winning candidates in 50 states is difficult enough.  To remember the losing ones is nothing short of amazing.

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