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I will be brief. My daughter, the mother of my grandchildren  age 4 and 6 weeks, shared this story with me. Please go to Chipotle's website and join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to demand action to stop this madness.

This is the kind of stuff we simply cannot let stand.

CHIPOTLE ALLOWING OPEN CARRY IN STORES: Gun extremists were welcomed into a Dallas-area Chipotle this weekend to dine and pose for pictures while armed with assault weapons and semiautomatic handguns. When asked for a comment about this activity, a Chipotle customer service representative emailed, "We follow all local laws and plan to continue to do so."

Chipotle has refused to prohibit open carry inside its stores even though it has every right to do so as a private business. In Texas, no background check, license, training, or age limit is required to carry a loaded AR15. And did we mention that Chipotle serves alcohol?

Let Chipotle Mexican Grill know moms won't tolerate corporate cowardice when it endangers our children and families:
CALL: Chris Arnold, 303-222-5912
TWITTER: @ChipotleTweets OR @ChipotleMedia #BurritosNotBullets

UPDATE... Edited Diary. Boycott was too strong. This just angers me. Notify Corporate . They are persons. Remember.

Since the election I've been feeling as good as--well-- those precious moments after Orgasm. We've all been there.

The romance,candlelit dinners, the foreplay, the moment...... Oh I am basking in that moment.. but now.. the Baby's due.


What was the BIGGEST reason you voted to re-elect the President

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11%4 votes
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72%26 votes

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A benefit for our wounded troops in an opulent pleasure palace in NYC at the Beacon Theatre. Well dressed diamond encrusted cocktail carrying Patrons some paying upwards of $5000 a ticket seated on the first rows just behind three front rows of "Troops" seemingly on display as a prop for the evening. Well intentioned "Stars" performed to raise money by donating 100% of their fee to the Bob Woodruff foundation.You know how this is gonna go if you truly respect our troops. Suddenly, someone just kicked your conscience.Pounced on your patriotism. You feel like a voyeur to the victims, a quite accomplice to a crime.Mission Accomplished. Shock and awe.

Stand. We are playing the National anthem. Stand.

We are embedded. We are always embedded.

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I am truly a SMALL business. I run an insurance agency with me and one other employee. I've been in business for 15 years. I network with other business owners and people like myself who depend on referrals. For 12 of those 15 years I was a local Chamber of Commerce member.
That just changed 5 minutes ago.


Your Chamber of Commerce

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Fri May 30, 2008 at 09:06 AM PDT

What Obama can learn from JFK

by gimmie truth

May 29 was the birthday of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I was only nine years old when he was assassinated but he so inspired me by his rhetoric leadership and vision that to this day I yearn for a leader to tell me the truth and call all Americans to service for our country and the world community.

To me, Barack Obama is such a leader. Having suffered through the mangled mutterings of our maniacal moron, GWB, the rhetoric and speeches of Barack Obama inspire all of us to the greater good of our fellow citizens and to mankind. Throughout history, when all seems lost, inspiring leaders do emerge to pull this great nation back on track, to again swear allegiance to our constitution, and to define the true character and responsibility  of America and her citizenry to our nation and the world.

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In this day of American Idol and American Idiot, it's hard to recall a time when real talent and intellect MEANT something. In tribute and in remembrance of John, I'd like to post the lyrics to "Gimmie Some Truth" and invite all of us to imagine what Mr. Lennon would have to say about our current state of affairs.

Please post your favourite lyrics, quotes and memories of John on this 9th day of October 2007 celebrating what would have been his 67th birthday.



What is your favorite Lennon song?

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