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Last week CNN called the Senate primary between Arizona Democrats Randy Parraz and Rodney Glassman "THE primary to watch." Citing Parraz's "message, momentum, and support" as responsible for the "dead heat" presumed front-runner Glassman now finds himself in, "Latinos, the GLBT community and many independents" are breaking towards Parraz as name recognition and knowledge about the candidates increases.

Below the fold I discuss how the Parraz-Glassman primary marks a new line in the culture wars, a battle not between left and right, but within the Democratic party.

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Mon Aug 09, 2010 at 09:15 AM PDT

Sara R’s Beautiful, Powerful Quilts

by gina

Meet Sara R -

Sara R makes quilts, beautiful quilts. In addition to being beautiful, they are powerful. Sara R’s quilts are powerful because they bring together good people for important causes.

Today Sara R is asking us to come together for INDN’s List a network dedicated to electing more Native American candidates and mobilizing the Indian vote.

Native Americans have one of the lowest turnout rates among any demographic, and are often targeted in voter suppression efforts. INDN’s List battles that by assisting inspirational candidates and beating the odds by increasing turnout.

Learn how you too can help INDN’s List in their mission, and win one of Sara R’s quilts in the process.

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Wed May 27, 2009 at 11:06 AM PDT

Straight v. Narrow: State by State

by gina

Update: To see a state by state list on what you can do to promote Marriage Equality scroll to end of post :)

My friend,Blitzy, shared a story with me -

Last week, Tuesday at 7am, two New Yorkers named Al and Chas finally went to bed, after the first night they had ever spent together. The labor of love that had kept them up through the night was of course Marriage Equality, or rather a new website devoted to bringing marriage equality to New York State: Al Benninghoff, 28 and Chas Danner, 30 are part of the leadership team at the Manhattan Young Democrats (everyone call’s it MYD), and they’re straight (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

and so I decided to help in whatever small way I could.


I am

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Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 11:20 AM PDT

Invest? In this Economy?

by gina

From the diaries, and someone who needs no introduction around here. --mcjoan

Yes, the Idea Economy, that is.

The opportunity couldn’t be better for investing in progressive ideas. After 8 years of negligent governance we finally have a leader who is listening. This is the time to make our voices heard.

A look at your 401k statement tells you what you already know. Our system is broken. My question is this: What are you going to do about it?

What we all want is to be heard. But how will we make sure our voices are in chorus rather than more noise, and how do we compete with the noise that is out there?

We compete via our leadership.

I am so proud of my work in the early Netroots Movement. Remember when you first discovered the power of community on line? In helping to build Netroots Nation I got to rediscover it every day. Wow. I got bring together so many good people with good ideas and work with so many great people from this community. Last year Speaker Pelosi came to Netroots Nation to hear from us. The year before we had the top Democratic Presidential contenders do the same thing. What began as a coming together of the Daily Kos community became the coming together of the entire Netroots Movement.

A small idea created big change.

Now we have new leadership in Washington and that creates a different challenge. Since we are now being heard, what do we want to say? What are our ideas? Who will bring these ideas to Washington?

We have to empower our next generation of leaders.

When I became a Kos Fellow, I was able to continue my work with Netroots Nation. Because Markos invested in me I was able to find ways to invest in others - in Nolan, Raven, Mary and Karen who now lead Netroots Nation and together have invested in the hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of presenters who shared their ideas in panels, thus investing in the (wow) thousands of attendees who have taken what they learned to become leaders who invest in their own communities, drawing others into civic engagement. Empowerment trickles outward and I continue working on ways to use technology to bring people and their leaders closer together.

It didn’t happen by accident and it didn’t happen for free.

The next generation of the Netroots Movement will not grow without an early investment, and while your voice to the chorus may be what you can contribute right now, if you can do more, I ask that you please consider investing in the Kos Fellowship Program.

My thanks to Markos, the Daily Kos Community and the many corners of the Netroots Movement for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference.


PS: And if you have something left over please consider donating to Netroots Nation, or registering to attend NN09 in Pittsburgh or contributing your ideas to the agenda.


Tue Dec 18, 2007 at 10:09 AM PST

A call for your convention ideas and...

by gina

Netroots Nation is just around the corner, and we’ve got two announcements you can’t miss:

First, if you’re planning on coming down to Austin for Netroots Nation ’08, now’s the time to register.  Right now (and only until December 27th at 11:59PM Pacific time), registration is still just $250, discounted from the full price of $450.  

Take 2 minutes and sign up now!

Second – we’re happy to announce the beginning of the process to submit agenda ideas!

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(Promoted by MissLaura)

July 17-20, 2008: Netroots Nation is coming to Austin!

The face of progressive politics is changing. Regular people have taken it on as their civic duty to become activists, and citizen journalists, and even run for office. The trend toward more decentralized, people-powered politics and media is accelerating, and at Netroots Nation, we are doing our part to focus that trend on creating a more progressive America.

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The face of progressive politics is changing. Thanks in large part to growing online communities, activism, organization, and communication are in the hands of the American people more than ever before. From electing candidates to fact-checking the traditional media and everything in between, people-powered politics will only become more influential as our Netroots community continues to diversify and grow.

Our organization's new name—Netroots Nation—reflects that shift. After two tremendously successful YearlyKos Conventions, creating and hosting the preeminent online progressive conference will stay central to our mission. But as we enter a new era in politics, we aim to do much more. In the coming weeks, we'll be talking more about our plans to further amplify progressive voices and brainstorming with your help ways we can give progressive activists the tools they need to hold elected leaders of all stripes accountable and ultimately see a new progressive agenda enacted.  

The possibilities are endless.

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Thu Aug 02, 2007 at 10:06 PM PDT

Senator Clinton Did Not Jilt Kossacks

by gina

Senator Clinton's campaign (and in fact those of every candidate participating) have been incredibly flexible and helpful in putting together this Presidential forum. Saturday is going to be an amazing day.

In the weeks leading up to the convention we worked with her campaign and the campaigns of EVERY candidate participating to accommodate a diverse array of scheduling and other concerns.

Yearlykos wholeheartedly disagrees with the sentiments expressed in the diary entitled "Effing Hillary Jilts Kossacks." There was a miscommunication between Yearlykos and Senator Clinton’s Campaign, which was never under the impression that Senator Clinton would be attending the breakout session due to a scheduling conflict. We regret due to this miscommunication, the announcement was made so belatedly. We are ecstatic she will be attending the forum and that Anne Lewis will be representing her in the breakout session.

Anyway it's been a great first day and the Presidential forum is going to be incredible.


Thu May 24, 2007 at 04:13 PM PDT

Be Outraged By the Lack of a Plan

by gina

What should we really be outraged about?

While I support sending the same bill back to the President, I'm not a foreign policy expert and, so, I accept that I could be wrong. I do believe there can be legitimate disagreement on the best way to support the troops regarding funding, and so I don't assign "lack of a spine" as the motive for all who disagree with me. The problem is the lack of a plan. Leadership is more than out-bullying the biggest bully. It's about knowing where to go and how to get there. And it just feels like we are taking random stabs in the dark and hoping we hit the thing that will bring our troops home. And so we continue the cycle, jumping on the outrage of the week - residual troops, defunding, what ever comes up next.

I'm not seeing the rationale for any one of the single actions Congress has proposed.

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Jeffrey Feldman has written a wonderful book, Framing the Debate, which is  so much more than a "how to" book for progressive frames. It is a beautiful history of great presidential speeches and the way presidents ask Americans to view the world with the powerful words they choose.

Yesterday in the NYT, New Republic writer, Eve Fairbanks reviewed Jeffrey's book, if you want to call it that. Mostly she just ranted her world view and cherry picked some quotes to back it up. Eve Fairbanks submitted an irresponsible piece that mischaracterized Jeffrey's book and I'm a little too furious about this to compose a proper introduction, so I'll just get to it.

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Last night I was thinking about the progressive movement and the people who are part of it. I was thinking about organizations and democratic institutions too, how they have changed (or not) with technology, and how the growing community based phenomena on the internet is a driver of the new politic. I get to work with many people in the progressive movement, and what I appreciate most is the mosaic of inspiring individuals who have the idealism and determination for not just creating, but also implementing the new ideas needed for a progressive future.

I also thought about the cynical right with their bankrupt beliefs and the silly names they call us. It made me sad that there are so many jaded or fearful or negative or down right deranged people out there who, when they look around, see nothing but darkness and evil in their neighbors.

But mostly I thought about the name calling, and it made me laugh.


What kind of liberal are you?

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Wed Feb 14, 2007 at 02:30 PM PST

Valentine’s Day ACK!

by gina

If you are like me, you woke up this morning, powered up the computer, opened your calendar, and thought, "OMG, I can’t believe it’s that day again." (It’s a fracking conspiracy, I tell you.) And if you are like me, you work hard for too many hours, and so it is up to you to make up for 365 days of someone else putting up with you, your wacky schedule, your strange computer habits, your hoarding of the remote control and subjecting the family to hours upon hours of c-span.

<center>And so it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve got nuttin.
You could rush to store and grab the last card, complete with wrinkled envelope and foot print, grab the last brown edged rose, a few boxes of jr. mints and a frozen lasagna, or convince that special someone that delayed gratification is often worth the wait, and you’ve had something special planned all along...

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