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The author of the tumultuous diaries of the last two weeks has left the building. He was a founder of this series, and the primary source of leadership.

The group remains at a cross roads, it's unclear, at this our ordinary publishing time, if a new leader, a new mission or a new direction will emerge or even if this series will continue at all.

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Diary and Commentary by tnichlsn.

from an email exchange within the group-

  the point is that a large faction of GLBT voters are preaching - "disengage, the system doesn't work, so stop working". We have a President who has completely stepped back and allowed our only chance of gaining equality slip and fumble away. He is our problem. By disengaging politically, we all lose, us, our allies and the kids killing themselves. This diary is/was intended to fire folks up about november and get them back to thinking about supporting our allies. Obama doesn't run for two years, his lumps don't matter. I will remove the top portion of the diary since many of you feel this way. I disagree. Our enemies and those willing to kick our rights down the road to the next session need to be put on notice.


On a Reagan-Patrick scale of 1 to 10, where do you rank President Obama on his first 2 years in office?

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4%4 votes
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9%9 votes
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7%7 votes
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9%9 votes

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BREAKING- Judge says Witt must be reinstated to Air Force!!!!!!

NBC News banner on home page.

  We, as a community, went into the 2008 election with many serious misgivings regarding candidate Obama. But in spite of those misgivings, we gave his campaign our money, our support and our votes, in the hope that President Obama would be sympathetic to our struggle to finally gain full citizenship, in this blatantly homophobic nation of ours. In spite of the fact he stated quite clearly in his campaign for president that he believed our relationships only worthy of 'separate but equal' billing, many believed his position a mere political stance, taken to make him more electable with the "values" voters, since he had also, previously, quite publicly, stated his support for marriage equality, in an earlier campaign in Illinois. FYI, in case you weren't aware, his current stance, of supporting separate but equal marriage inequality, has been and is being used by a number of both democrats and republicans to justify their opposition to marriage equality.

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Maybe, just maybe, our pressure on Senator Webb paid off today. Thanks for the effort Everyone.

Remember that story about Constance being sent to the wrong prom?

Terrence --

There's going to be a showdown on the Senate floor this week -- and we'll have a chance to do away with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" once and for all.

Right now, though, it's not clear we'll have the votes to win.

That's because moments after Sen. Harry Reid announced the vote, Sen. John McCain again threatened to stop the bill at any cost. He said he plans to filibuster not just a vote, but even the procedure to bring it up for debate.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" isn't about politics -- it's about discrimination. And when Republicans defend discrimination of any kind, they need to know that their constituents are watching and ready to respond.

It is up to each of us to let the Republicans who are blocking this vote know that Americans want repeal.

Call Sen. McCain at (202) 224-2235 now, tell him America supports the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and ask him to stop standing in the way.

more below the fold-

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  In Massachusetts, for a ballot initiative to be placed on the ballot and be voted on, it must pass muster in back-to-back Constitutional Conventions, which are a joint meeting of the State Senate & Assembly. Had the Legislature, with significant influence applied by Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, not defeated this initiative, marriage equality would have been placed on the ballot here and faced an uncertain future.

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If you care about the rights of Americans who are in relationships with non-US citizens, specifically, same-gendered ones, now is the time to step up and make calls.  Not "now" as in 2010.  I mean now, today, and then make every effort you can muster to spread the word to everyone you know.

For over a decade, Out4Immigration (O4I) and other groups have been trying to pass the Uniting American Famlies Act, or UAFA, which would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act so that we can sponsor our foreign partners for legal residency, as straight people have long been able to do.  This extends a single federal right to us, though a crucial one if you believe in self determination and strengthening community.  The bill also provides for the consequences of fraud and makes clear that if the relationship ends, the foreign partner’s status would come up for review.  

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from last nights late night bulletins-

  Russia’s best known gay rights activist was arrested last night at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport.  And there are concerns as, so far, officials are not giving out any information about his whereabouts.

  Nikolai Alekseev was about to board Swiss Air Lines flight for Geneva and had passed through passport control when he was arrested by Russian border police at about 7pm Moscow time.

  No explanation has yet been given by officials as to why he was arrested.

  He was taken to a closed room at the airport.

  However, he was able to get messages out by mobile telephone of his arrest before his handset was confiscated as he was speaking with other activists at Website.

  A group of three fellow activists, led by Nikolai Baev, immediately headed for the airport to assess the situation.

  But airport police refused to give any further comment apart from saying that “Alekseev is not here”.

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cross-posted at WGLB the Blog.

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  Ever met Tina?

  Tina is a slut...

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Welcome to WGLB.  This is FogCityJohn again, bringing you the second installment of our series on gay men and HIV transmission.  Today I'll offer my personal view on some of the reasons why gay men continue to have unprotected sex in the age of HIV/AIDS.

Two things before we begin.  First, as I noted at the beginning of Friday's diary, the following piece involves some discussion of gay male sex, including anal sex.  If that makes you uncomfortable, then you should probably stop reading right here.  Second, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, "barebacking" is generally used to describe the practice of unprotected anal sex.  The term itself is somewhat controversial, and I use it here only as a form of shorthand.

Now follow me over the fold for a discussion of gay men, intimacy, and unprotected sex.

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Welcome to WGLB, my fellow Kossacks.  This is FogCityJohn, and with this diary, WGLB begins a three-part series on gay men and HIV transmission.  In today's installment, I offer some views on HIV education for gay men.  In next Tuesday's edition, I'll discuss my thoughts on why gay men continue to have unprotected sex in the age of HIV/AIDS.  In our final installment, we'll be addressing the role of drugs, particularly crystal meth, in facilitating HIV transmission among gay men.

A few prefatory matters before we begin.  First, WGLB has graciously allowed me to use this platform for the following diary, but all the views expressed herein are either my own or those of the cited sources.  They do not necessarily represent the views of any other member of GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos.  Second, I'm warning you now that both this post and the next will involve some discussion of gay male sex, including anal sex.  If that makes you uncomfortable, then this diary is probably not for you.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let's make the jump!

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The collection of people referred to as the LGBT community is a highly diverse bunch of people.

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