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Fri Sep 30, 2005 at 03:06 PM PDT

I have this to say to Hunter

by goghgirl

Thank you for your reassurances

It has been pointed out that I am worried unnecessarily that talk might be escalating to a new and dangerous level. I confess I sensed a change recently, an acceleration of extreme voices on both sides. I have never heard anyone actually say "bring on civil war" as a way to resolve this growing divide, not before now anyway. I must not have been paying very close attention. I volunteer to delete this diary. It would seem to be for the best.
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So many lies, so many failures yet they manage to prevail. So many avenues for impeachment all but abandoned with only flickering outrage, tossed onto the stinking rotting heap - layers buried under still more weightier layers of  lies, failures and corruption. We keep hoping this will be the one thing we can use to go for the throat  only to abandon that cause to take up the next more promising one that has been lobbed our way like a dud grenade. Then the next. We are loosing what we know we should be winning.  
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Today I was visited by two of God's servants going door to door pronouncing His love to anyone who answered the door.

Today's message: The End Times.

As they flip-flopped from scripture to scripture that prophesied the "Beginning of The End", I politely asked them to put down their bibles and in their own words explain why they have chosen to believe a loving God would behave in such a bizarre way.

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I never even knew my "Born-Again Christian Fundamentalist" co-worker harbored extreme views related to abortion, gay marriage and the constitution until they became election issues and political talking points.   Then he comes to life. Then he's on-fire.
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I work with a republican. Over time I have come to know him and what moral values are most important to him. He attends church regularly. He works hard, pays his bills on time and to most he is, on the surface at least, a decent man. But scratch that surface and you will find his decency is but a thin veneer to a very scary individual.
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Fri Nov 26, 2004 at 05:55 AM PST

Divided we stand

by goghgirl

I did not understand. I could not see.

I did not understand how we failed to convince them to hold accountable those responsible for policies leading to this unjust war-without-end and the resulting failed security, wounded economy, revoked civil liberties, and untold loss of life.

I could not see how we failed to show them the magnitude of the many errors made by war-profiteering decision makers so drunk on lethal power they promote - rather than deter terrorism, make Armageddon frighteningly more possible - not make anyone anywhere more secure.

Now I see. Now I know.

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