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Anyone who thinks this story is going away anytime soon might want to have another think (I'm looking at you, you adorable little Fox Newsy people).

According to Talking Points Memo, the Wisconsin 14 are now fully aware of Walker's tactics and will not be punked:

On a conference call organized by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, I asked Miller whether the Democrats were prepared for these sorts of antics.

"I've heard rumors of it. Maybe it reveals something about the governor's character. The possibility of us having to be dragged back to the Capitol before this bill has had enough public scrutiny has always been a possibility and that's why we left the state in the first place," Miller said.

He offered no indication that Democrats have a plan to return to Wisconsin.



What is the worse part of the fall out for Walker from callgate?

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9%365 votes
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33%1297 votes
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3%123 votes
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2%84 votes

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As a someone who has been critical of the Obama administration's response to the events in Egypt (I've called it "muddled" on more than one occasion), this comprehensive statement is a welcomed step forward.

I've added my emphasis below:

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Here on Daily Kos, we all love Keith. He is our father/brother/buddy/blogger friend. He gives voice to our discontent, and calls out the people we wish someone - anyone - with a microphone would call out.

We love what Keith stands for. We understand his fire and his passion and his sometimes impolitic nature. Without Keith, we are left with a large, gaping hole in our media environment that can't just be filled by Rachel, or Lawrence, or any number of competent and entertaining leftish pundits.

Keith is special because he is one of us. Many have written here about their sadness at his departure from msnbc. Some have theorized on why he left. None have asked the community the question: what would you like to see him do next?

So, I decided I would start that conversation now.


I would like to see Keith Olbermann

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This is stunning:

NEW YORK — Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is breathing on her own, one of the doctors treating her said Tuesday.

Dr. Michael Lemole, the chief of neurosurgery at University Medical Center in Tucson, said at a news conference that the congresswoman is still following simple commands, although she remains on a breathing tube to protect against complications such as pneumonia. She's alert and responding to doctors.


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Mon Jan 10, 2011 at 08:31 AM PST

We Need A Contagion Of Respect

by grannyhelen

A lot of folks don't realize this, but one of the demands of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) in seeking to desegregate the City of Montgomery's busses was:

Better treatment and more courteous actions

on the part of Montgomery's bus drivers:

After more than a hundred years of racism being used both as a political weapon and as a means of economically controlling a segment of the American population, after lynchings and countless acts of violence were visited upon African Americans living in the post-Reconstruction South, when the time came for direct action to break the strangle hold of Jim Crow one of the first demands civil rights workers made was for better treatment, and more courteous actions.

That simple request reverberates today as we try to honor the victims of Saturday's massacre in Arizona.

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That's not the kindest accusation to make, but how else does one describe the Luntzian exercise in right wing pagentry going on right now?

A symbolic vote on a weak-kneed, couple-of-page "health care repeal" bill (link: ) that sounds like it was phoned in by a Washington hack in between rounds of Mai Tais at Trader Vic's?

The mandatory Reading of the Constitution before morning prayers addressing the nation's business?



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68%533 votes
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With the July 27, 2010 enactment of the FY2010 Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 4899/P.L. 111-201) Congress has approved a total of $1.121 trillion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and veterans’ health care for the three operations initiated since the 9/11 attacks: Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan and other counter terror operations; Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), providing enhanced security at military bases; and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Of this $1.121 trillion total, CRS estimates that Iraq will receive about $751 billion (67%), OEF $336 billion (30%) and enhanced base security about $29 billion (3%), with about $5 billion that CRS cannot allocate (1/2%). About 94% of the funds are for DOD, 5% for foreign aid programs and embassy operations, and 1% for medical care for veterans.


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h/t to Rick Green, who is rapidly becoming one of my fav local opinionators at the Courant:

For those who can't see it...imagine Benny Hill meets politician running away from reporters in between talking about lowering the minimum wage and phasing out social security for the next generation of Americans.

It's worth a click.

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Pay attention Dems...this is how it's done:

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Let's call this something of a political rorschach test:


Why Is Christine O'Donnell Laughing?

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2%5 votes
27%50 votes
10%20 votes
43%81 votes
4%9 votes

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When TPM told McDevitt that a story detailing the lawsuit would be published today, he said, "You do so at your peril. Preserve all your notes, I'm going to send a litigation hold notice."

He added, "We will treat any republication of those allegations as libel and defamation. ... I say this on behalf of Mr. McMahon."


Undeterred, Talking Points Memo went ahead and printed the latest news story on the McMahon's history with WWE, involving Linda McMahon suing both a former female WWE employee who claimed that Vince McMahon sexually assaulted her, and media outlets who went public with the woman's story.

The amount of damages sought was $1 million.

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I hadn't diaried on this latest gobstopping moment in time by a Republican candidate because I figured the pics of a pol dressed up in a Nazi SS uniform with Totemkopf bling was enough to have most reasonable people shake their heads and run away from this guy.

But this was a bridge too far for me:

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