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The latest spam/potential phisher trick (as in "latest only in terms of recent apparent push" and not in the "never been done before" sense) is to post a spam diary with a name and phone number. The diaries get caught and marked as SPAM pretty quickly, but I'd like to request that, if possible, a feature be set up so that a diary marked as SPAM by at least 1 staff member or admin gets removed from the Recent Diaries list.

I don't know how the listing is created behind the scenes, but if it's a simple filter query perhaps a tweak could ensure that it drops SPAM diaries from showing...? Admins could have (if they don't already) a separate folder/space/page where they could list the SPAM diaries for administrative review / sanity check prior to deletion (if they get deleted)...

Granted, this site has a ton of traffic and a huge mega-firehose of diaries that flood through at any given point in time, so this could add to the already-high administrative burden.  I'm not sure if it could help or hinder the overall functionality and whether it would make admin tasks and spam monitoring easier or not, or simply more complex & time intensive.

Would appreciate thoughts/comments if folks have a moment...and if there's a plan or functionality in place that I'm simply unaware of, I'd love to learn more.

It's a bummer to see the increase in spam in the recent list, tho it's nice to know that the site has a strong appeal due to the growth, strength, and insight of the community.

That is all. There is nothing below the fold.


Sat May 09, 2015 at 06:14 AM PDT

Happy Mother's Day! (and a free gift)

by GreyHawk

Hi folks!

Periodically (and semi-regularly, somewhat randomly), the book that Kossack Shadan7 and I co-authored is available for free download from Amazon. It's available this weekend, in honor of Mother's Day.

*Important update from James Wells via comments:

A quick note on downloading it - intuitively you want to click on "Read for Free" but that's Kindle Unlimited and it leads you down the road to sign up for that (ultimately not free). What a reader wants to do is "Buy" at the cost of $0.
We encourage you to download it, and to share the link with anyone who may benefit from reading about our two care-giving journeys, whether they've already traveled that road or if it's a road not yet taken, but facing them or their loved ones in the near future.

The book, Her Final Year: A Care-Giving Memoir, is comprised of quite a bit of material first posted here on Daily Kos. The posts were made during our respective caregiving journeys - in fact, that's how we initially met: we stumbled across each other's posts, and realized there was another Kossack going through almost exactly the same type of journey that we were on.

We also found that the folks here were very receptive to reading about the journey.

We kept in touch, and after our loved ones passed on, while we were recuperating our own health, we discussed assembling our collective experiences and making them available for others.

The result was a work that has had an impact on several others - it's garnered 26 reviews on Amazon, consisting of 23 five-star reviews and 3 four-star reviews.

For us, the writing and sharing process was cathartic. The intent of the book was to share the combined experiences so that others may also benefit, possibly prepare, and - ultimately - heal. In terms of "success" with regard to our intent, it seems very much like we intended: sales of the book weren't spectacular, but the free downloads we've been providing of the electronic version have varied wildly - there are thousands of downloaded copies out there.

And that's fine with us. It's the story and the sharing that's important.

So, if you haven't seen or read it, feel free to grab a copy. Share the link with anyone who might appreciate or benefit from it. Let them know they don't need a Kindle, either - they can grab the free Kindle reader app for their computer or mobile device; they'll just have to sign up for an (also free) Amazon Kindle account.

And have a safe, warm, and happy Mother's Day.

Thank you.


The other day, I posted a quick hit about the Cake war (Oh, Jesus... er, "Oh, gee whiz - REALLY?") that one imbecile started, and shared a brief twitter exchange where someone alleged that "Jesus never performed gay marriage rites."

This morning, an idiot chimed in with an image that decried anal sex and cited Leviticus:

An imbecile on teh intertubez, citing Leviticus to illustrate his belief that Jesus hated teh gay.
To which I responded with this:
Screenshot of my retort, which included a link to an image @
It became clear very quickly that this nitwit was a typical low-intellect, high-on-hate/high-on-anger f*ckwit.

With a world so highly populated with similar lunatics, all eager to get their hate on without any inclination to learn or grow (except where it helps them to hate in what they apparently feel is more successful and fulfilling ways), no wonder people can lose faith in humanity.

I blocked the idiot after sharing a similar observation with him - he's not worth the time.

But, for those of you who may actually engage in discussions anywhere on teh intertubes and who might find it useful, here's an excellent resource for you to address people with, particularly those who like to misquote the Bible:

An excellent online resource.
It helps to have the tools handy when someone is obviously pretending to be something they're not. Of course, it also helps when the person is actually capable of engaging in conversation. Far too many of these crazy people aren't - they like to thump a generic Bible and cry to the heavens, but are incapable of actually learning anything...

That's it. Nothing below the fold, and I'll be busy most of the day - will pop in later on to say "hi" and respond to any comments.  Please feel free to share the resource or use it when smiting the smugly self-appoint, self-annointed "warriors" of implacable hatred, bigotry and anger.


Do you think that BibleGateway will be a useful resource for you for any reason?

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36%11 votes
13%4 votes
16%5 votes
6%2 votes

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On twitter, I was just told that "Jesus never performed gay marriage rites" as an apparent attempt to justify discrimination against same-sex marriage, couples, etc.

I responded "Yes, I know - of course, Jesus didn't perform ANY marriage ceremonies, so there's that."

Where do these people come from?  More importantly, WHY ARE THEY STILL AROUND? Don't they have anywhere better to go?

...all of this has to do with the recent controversy that SemDem brought to our attention in a Recommended Diary. It has to do with an idiot who has a following, gay marriage, #RFRA, and the non-existent persecution of "All Christians" which isn't really happening, isn't happening to most Christians, and which has to do with the inconsolable sad-on that these faux-Christian claimants are outraged about due to their inability to claim a right to hate speech and discrimination as part of their "freedom of religion" (which real practitioners of Christianity actually don't engage in).

Anywho - follow over the orange swirly crescent thing for more...

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Created this to help folks expose the hypocrisy and discrimination that the GOP, Tea Party, and all their associated crazies are trying to codify into American law:

h/t jamess for the updated Cruz & Rubio notes...

Please share it widely. Particularly with those who support this idiocy, particularly in a knee-jerk, unthinking manner.

Sat Mar 21, 2015 at 11:00 AM PDT

Springtime in Boston

by GreyHawk

Original photo by Linda Lewis (c)2015, tweaked by GH - a cardinal in a tree on the first day of Spring.
No diary - just an image to contemplate. It's kind of a statement in-and-of itself.

I've added content - a second note, also over the fold, had some worthy references to share as well.

In light of the yammering, whining, squirming, and hand-waving of the GOP in their efforts to make a huge controversy over the HRC email scandal, I humbly submit: this morning, while looking for an old file, I stumbled across a text document titled "CREW_ExecSummaryAndFirstPara.txt" that contained information about the Presidential Records Act (PRA) and how the Clinton and Bush Administrations each addressed it.

It wasn't a long doc - it was a note for a diary that I never wrote.

Contents posted over the fold.

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For fans of comic books, science fiction, unsolved mysteries, and time-travel stories, here's a thought for you: Have you ever noticed a striking similarity between the official FBI sketches of DB Cooper and the fictional Director Phil Coulson, as played by actor Clark Gregg?

That, arguably, could be fodder for an interesting story, permitting the crossover of fantasy & reality, as well as possibly permitting an even further temporal excursion into the realm of another Marvel hit, Agent Carter.

Here's the scenario: someone (or several persons) make the connection between the images, and determines it is evidence of unauthorized temporal tampering or an effort to fix something integral to rebuilding a secure, waiting-in-the-wings cache of S.H.I.E.L.D. resources necessary to thwart some future Hydra threat. It also opens up the possibility for a "Hopscotch" - Coulson could have more than one stop in his temporal transit: he might also (inadvertently?) meet up with Agent Carter before returning to the present day. (Maybe the first attempt to get to her, to learn or obtain something crucial as well as plant a seed for the future, results in the DB Cooper jump...Coulson needs the resources in short order so that he can finish his journey back to see/interact with Carter...

Whatcha think?

Share your thoughts in the comments if you so desire (and, of course, if you follow any of the recent shows that are currently exploding across media, blurring the lines between movie, television, and comic...)...


Fair warning: This is a hit and run(-ish) diary.

Just shared the following on Twitter, and something akin to it on FB:

Buckle up #Boston, more #snow coming.  At least the #BostonYeti is feeling the love.
Gotta love the extra energy that the (human-induced global climate disruption-caused) warm waters of the Atlantic are pumping into these puppies...

Nothing below the fold...tho you can imagine it's a still life study of a white-out condition in mid-blizzard, if you like...


Mon Feb 09, 2015 at 07:23 PM PST

"It's a trap!" - Admiral Ackbar

by GreyHawk's a trick, a trap, a ploy...yes, yes - we know that.

But, who's the one trapping whom? Seems like this is blowing up for Boehner and Bibi - and perhaps the GOP, the Tea Party and the fanatical fringe - not so much for the Dems, or for Obama.

Anywho - just wanted to share the image above with y'all - and, below the fold, a video of Elvis singing "Suspicious Minds" ("caught in a trap"), with (ever-so-slightly adjusted) lyrics.

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Sat Jan 31, 2015 at 07:34 PM PST

Flutterby, Faerie RIP

by GreyHawk

Note: Cedwyn has passed away. 'Thank you' to Gooserock, in comments, who provided the link to Jotter's diary of the news.

"You're a butterfly,
And Butterflies
are free to fly
Fly away, high away,
    - Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Cedwyn the Chaosfaerie has touched many lives within this community - both online as well as in meatspace. When the word went out that she was ill - and the serious, time-constrained nature of the illness became known - our community quilters sprang into action, quickly creating and sending a beautiful incarnation of community spirit & love to our comrade. Onomastic gently prodded us with a reminder, so that we could help ensure that the dKos Extreme Quilters were properly supported, and those fantastic masters of the art followed up with a status shortly afterward.

Jill Richardson gave us a Cedwyn update, and more recently shared some thoughts on Cedwyn that included a sad update:

Cedwyn's now unconscious she and the hospice nurse thinks she won't wake up again. They estimate she will last about a week.
I've only met Cedwyn in person once. It was at NN12, in Providence. I've known her - mostly indirectly - for years, through both ePluribus Media and Daily Kos, and she provided some invaluable assistance with the editing and proofing of one of the books I co-authored.
I don't know her anywhere nearly as well as many others here, and yet the collective sense of love and concern by so many for her amplify what I'm feeling, sweeping me up into it and the palpable realization that she is dearly loved by so many within this community.

When she passes on, her spirit free to fly, there will be tears of both joy and sadness. To put it into well-known Daily Kos terms, there'll be tears, as well as Cheers and Jeers:

Cheers! - no more pain, no more suffering!
Jeers! - We've lost Cedwyn's light, love, and laughter in the physical realm!
Cheers! - Cedwyn's spirit is flying among the butterflies and flutter-bys, and occasionally buzz-bombing various assorted venues, Kossack watering holes, and political gatherings
Jeers! - Cancer sucks! #fuckcancer
Cheers! - We knew & loved Cedwyn, and she's alive within our hearts, minds, and memories forever!
I suspect there's so much more people can say...I'm done. I primarily wanted to post this for two reasons - first, to share the opening and closing images in honor of Cedwyn, hopefully comforting her as well as those who know her; and second, to give more people an opportunity to catch up on how she's doing, and - more importantly - to share their Cedwyn tales with each other, so as to allow more of us to share her life in honor of the spirit with which she shared it with us.

Good night. And goodbye, Cedwyn...

Boston Kossacks logo, 550x100 pixels.
Three days ago, I posted a short diary with a poll asking folks in BosKos & New England Kossacks to chime in to pick a date that worked for them.

We got one vote for the first Saturday, one for the first Sunday, two for "None of these dates work for me" and a couple comments stating that any of the dates worked.

I know a few BosKos people who didn't see the diary, tho, so I'm reposting it here with a few additional options for dates.  

Please vote in the poll if you're a part of either group or possibly in the area, and share the diary among others who also qualify, so we can nail things down.

Thank you!

There is nothing below the fold.

What's your preference ?

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18%2 votes
9%1 votes
9%1 votes
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54%6 votes

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