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Fri Sep 05, 2008 at 07:45 PM PDT

Obama = More of the same?

by groove2227721

Wow. I'm officially .... just wow.

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I see has instituted a rule against personal attacks on Gov. Palin and her unwed, very pregnant daughter. Wish this had have been instituted for Sen. Obama, when that blog was involved in some rather personal attacks against Sen. Obama as he was defeating Sen. Clinton.

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As a former journalist and someone who was at the Unity convention that John Kerry and President Bush spoke at in 2004, I'm highly offended by this story.

Now, I will admit that the story seems to be well-written and mostly even handed. I will also admit when I was a journalist I wasn't very good at it and left the industry three years ago. So take this criticism for whatever it's worth.

The writer says that four minority organization are "largely Democratic" which, in my estimation, is probably true but he doesn't cite any statistic to back this assumption up. Also I'm glad he interviewed Leonard Pitts, who is one of my heroes, and made the most coherent arguments in the article. I would have put his quotes higher but I realize this my have been an editing decision.

I'm offended by the premise. I mean, just look at this title "Can minority journalists resist applauding Obama?" What the tarnation!?!?

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There's an interesting phenomenon were people who already believe something can even take evidence disproving it and use it to reaffirm their belief. Like I believe in God but I can't see him or talk to him. But that doesn't sway me from my belief. Actually the more stuff that happens to me the more it solidifies my belief in the big Daddy-in-the-Sky. Weird but true.

Well, some people take this to the extreme. Like conservatives. The fact that they took total control of all branches of government and then stretched out our military, implemented policies that may lead to a recession (if we're not already in one) and just basically did a bang-up job of f#$king up royally is not enough to figure out maybe their ideology is bankrupt. No. We've got to become more true conservatives. That's it. Seriously.

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. And he explained why the elitist tag is so shrewd. Full disclosure. I'm a young (relatively young, 31) black male and he's a young white male around the same age.

"It's damaging because even the worst-off white person thinks they're better than a black person. Some of the poorest, uneducated people I know are in my family. They could be livin' on a sidewalk but to their dying day, they still believe they're better than the average black person. Even a well-off one," he said. "To think this black guy thinks he's better than them is a total insult."

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