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I recently attended this conference:
at Berkeley on March 4, titled "Envisioning the Future of Global Energy".

The conference content was entirely about creating an energy future that reduces or eliminates carbon emissions.

My extended notes are here:

and they capture these speakers and topics:

  1. Keynote, John Bryson, founder, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
  1. Panel, "Energy Storage Integration Hurdles"
  1. Keynote, Philip Moeller, FERC Commissioner
  1. Panel on Smart Grid technology
  1. Panel on energy efficiency startups

The notes should be fairly accessible to a non-technical audience -- I'm not in the energy industry, this wasn't an operational conference for power engineers, and in general the content is accessible to anybody who has a basic understanding of what a kilowatt is and who knows about various types of energy generation.

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A Postmortem Analysis of the California No-on-8 Campaign
With suggestions for better campaigns in the future

This writeup is a rewrite of an extended series of comments that I originally emailed, post-election-day, in early November 2008 to a few no-on-8 campaign leaders.  More recently it's become apparent that a better writeup of my notes/analysis would be helpful, so I've done that here.  I've also added a Recommendations section, not part of my original email comments, which offers some suggestions for future pro-marriage (equal marriage) efforts.

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