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Mon Mar 09, 2015 at 06:43 PM PDT

No true Scotsman

by happymisanthropy

If "nerd culture" is having its moment of triumph, where the fuck is my Jolt Cola?


Mon Dec 29, 2014 at 06:24 PM PST

Major OFA initiative!

by happymisanthropy

After getting five or six emails with subjects like "This is on us" and "I need to know you'll be there," from people with names like Barack Obama, I decided that they must be serious this time.  What aggressive agenda are all these issues rallying support behind? Well, here's the link, see for yourself.

Inspiring, innit?


Should OFA consider more inspirational goals than expanding its own mailing list?

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47%10 votes
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Sun Oct 05, 2014 at 03:25 PM PDT

Cascade foothills photo diary

by happymisanthropy

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(Assuming your name is Bibi Netanyahu)
(Actual timeline may vary)

1) Pick up telephone and call Mahmoud Abbas
2) Allow Abbas to take credit for cancelling the latest settlement expansion
3) Announce the opening of serious peace talks with Abbas and the PA, with no preconditions on either side, with both sides agreeing to short term and long term confidence building

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There was a diary posted this morning to which I feel the need to respond.

I'll assume the diarist had good intentions.  However, she framed her diary such as to blame a possible 2014 election loss on the voters and not on the candidates.

Sorry: If customers aren't buying your product, change your product.  Don't blame the customers.

There's more, in the usual place.

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I used to get heaps of fund raising emails from various candidates, generally with no idea how they had gotten my address.  So I unsubscribed to a bunch, and the rest mostly end up in my spam folder.

Below the mating snails is what some folks have sent me during the final week before the Washington primary elections (or at least what made it through the spam filter).  Bear in mind that with the "top two" primary system, insufficient Democratic turnout can mean that no Democrats make it onto the general election ballot.  So getting out the vote in the primaries is a bigger deal than it is elsewhere.

I'm posting this because some "grassroots coordinators" and "social media consultants" might be wondering what impact their product has. There is no moral to this story.

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Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 10:27 AM PST

AP lie du jour

by happymisanthropy

Obama, Senate spar over new Iran sanctions threats
By BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press
(This won't be much of a diary, but as long as they keep shitting them out I'll keep flushing them down)

Best metaphor for this:

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This might be my first disorganized stream-of-consciousness rant diary, but sweet FSM this is fucking pissing me off.

rant below.

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Mitt Romney's reaction to recent events overseas should not be viewed as a gaffe.  They are an excellent illustration of the way Mitt Romney and his neoconservative policy advisers view the world, which is fundamentally different from the way liberals look at the world.

In brief, liberals view the world as a global neighborhood where diplomacy is used to amicably resolve disputes among equals, and where force is reserved for preventing harm when diplomacy has already failed.

Neoconservatives view the world the way a bully views the playground.  There are no sovereigns with equal rights, there are only objects to use for one's own interests.  Diplomacy means threatening to beat people up if they don't surrender their lunch money, and force is acceptable "as a last resort!" any time "diplomacy" as thus defined fails to get other people to give up and do what we tell them to.

The fundamental beliefs that an administration brings to the table are likely to prejudge the decisions that that administration makes in time of stress.  With the same fundamental worldview as the Bush administration (not to mention many advisers recycled from the Bush administration...) we can expect a repeat of many of the same mistakes.  Especially since they still don't see them as mistakes.  

Let's take a look, shall we? (more...)

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Apparently we need to talk about guns.  While murder rates are declining, clearly we'd all prefer this to happen faster.  So, guns.  This diary has only two purposes: to examine the premise that it's impossible to talk about guns here, and also the premise that pro-gun people never offer solutions and are completely closed-minded when it comes to reasonable regulation of firearms.

Since July 30, there have been a number of diaries regarding guns.  If they weren't tagged accordingly, I probably missed them.

Arguably, we're already talking about guns.  What fraction of the talking about guns is saying that we need to talk about guns more?  Hey, this is Daily Kos.  The meta is below the noodle.

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We're already hearing that the 2012 election is going to be the most important election ever.  Before that, the 2010 election was the most important election ever.  Of course, the 2008 election was clearly the most important election ever, and I'm pretty sure I remember the 2004 and 2006 elections being described as the most important too.

How can this be?  How can every election be the most important ever?

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(This is a draft diary I didn't publish from two years ago... and now that community standards no longer exist there's nothing to protect you from my sense of humor.  Consider yourself warned.)

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