I signed up early on to the Healthcare.gov website. Unfortunately, my first application got stuck in an eternal error loop. I would finish my app, but when I went back in to check if I had eligibility status, it would say I hadn't finished my app. I would finish it again and once again this error loop would continue. I called the 800 line several times with no success. I then started reading on this website that the way out of this was to create a new account with a different e-mail address. And it worked! I had originally been afraid that I might screw things up even worse by creating another account but a helper on the 800 line assured me that creating a new account would not confuse the system. So I finally have made it to the finish line! So if you are having a similar problem, I would simply create a new account and proceed from there. And I also want to add a thank you to this site since it was here that I first read of this possible fix.