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Reposted from Jeff-Lewis NY Orange Action Group by winkk Editor's Note: republished -- winkk

If you're not yet familiar with our very own navajo-inspired Connect! Unite! Act! Diary series, then you need to be.  It is, in my less-than-humble opinion, a big orange chunk of what this Daily Kos blog is about: Organizing at your state and local level.
And, what better place to Meet and Greet with your fellow state Kossacks to help build and organize your state's Orange Delegation than NN14 in Detroit?  Sure, we can do that as easily Online, maybe, but there's something about attaching a face and voice to the Kos user name that changes the dynamic.
navajo has kicked some serious ass getting this Connect! Unite! Act! thing off the ground and running!  The diary series - and local Events as a result of that series -
is a great starting point to get your Event off the ground!  The annual Netroots Nation events can be the place to solidify those efforts, meet with those in your state getting
it done, and share Organizing tips to better our efforts.  (and, if we could extend the annual NN event to local Quarterly events that would be even better, but that's for down the road).
So... I propose we do just that.  Find a space - restaurant, hotel room, whatever - to Meet and Greet with NN14-goers from your state, share some Skittles and beer, and exchange Contact info so you can find each other once you get home and back here
on the Great Orange Satan.  How do we find each other at NN14?
List your User Name and State in the Comments and I'll repost your name in the body of this Diary.  If there's enough interest we can repost every few days.  Wear a Name Tag with your state - MI or whatever - on the tag so others know you're from there.
Got other ideas?  Post away in the comments!  And, thank navajo for the hard work!

winkk  - NY   (find me on Radio Row at NN14)

navajo  - CA

Reposted from by gizmo59

During the Republican National Convention, I went to get a haircut because I was going to be appearing on an internet feed the next day and I was looking a little scraggly.  When the middle-aged woman who was cutting my hair realized that I was a Democratic consultant, she began telling me stories.  She was a registered Republican, she told me, because years ago her mother informed her that she needed to register as a Republican if she ever wanted anything from a politician.  I laughed and said, "Yeah, that used to be true."  She admitted that she had 'dated herself' by telling me that, and then proceeded to rip on the Republicans and their convention for the remainder of my haircut.  

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Reposted from Vetwife by Vetwife

 Nothing left to say about Republicans and Romney and all those wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and for those pro lifers out there....Life just doesn't mean as much as the green does it?And send this to every person who claims faith and hates this healthcare. You tell them those liberal with faith are praying for them and may God have Mercy on their souls.

Reposted from Vote4Obamain2012 by gizmo59

I love My President and I am super enthusiastic about supporting him this year ! However, we cannot, we must not overlook the importance of down ticket races. I cannot emphasize too strongly how important these down ticket races are.

Please follow me below the squiggle :

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Reposted from Netroots Radio by winkk

That's right, we're bringing Live coverage of the NASA Curiosity Mars Landing directly to
the Daily Kos community tonight on the tubes via Netroots Radio.  I know, right?!  Yawn...
But, if you're a science geek or space geek you may want to tune in, as we're having space scientists from around the global IRC-Chat community helping us out with the geek speak
during the broadcast, filling us in on the 411, so... watch the event on your teevee and tune
us in for the convo.  Better yet, get in on the convo by bringing what you know to the live coverage by calling the show!  More info on how to do just that in our regular "Get on the
radio!" Diary as that diary is posted at Midnight tonight, Eastern, 9pm Left Kos Time.

Reposted from AnnieJo by Cedwyn

I was pleased to see Puddytat's Tuesday diary about former State Senator Van Waangaard finally conceding his voter-fraud disinformation media blitz loss to John Lehman in the Wisconsin State Senate recall election over a month ago.  Finally, the recall election is over, and the Senate is in Democratic hands!  In a sense, this means the end of Fitzwalkerstan, as Lehman will be sworn in on Monday and the balance of power in the Senate swings to the Democrats, knocking Scott "Big Fitz" Fitzgerald out of the position of Senate Minority Leader (while his brother "Little Fitz" Jeff, who has been Speaker of the Assembly, will not be running this fall due to his floundering run for US Senate.)  

The election is finally over, so on to the election!  Believe it or not, we're barely a month away from the August 14 primaries.  This diary grew out of a comment from rosarugosa on Puddytat's diary, requesting a list of worthy Assembly candidates "where the election might be close and a little cash could make a big difference."  I'm going to take the opportunity to look a little more generally at the Assembly picture, and then list a few races that fit the criteria, plus a few more that don't but are worthy of support anyway!

Follow me past the cheese curd for more...

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Reposted from Cedwyn by Cedwyn

Much ado was made (and rightly so) about the Supreme Court upholding the central tenets of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; unfortunately, not all of it was celebratory.  Tucked into the 5-4 decision declaring the Act constitutional was a nasty, if subtle, piece of work from Chief Justice Roberts:

In the ACA decision (PDF), the chief justice struck two blows against progressive values: (1) he gained five votes for a theory of limitation of federal power under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution; and (2) he gained seven votes (two of them quite shocking, from Justices Breyer and Kagan) for the novel proposition that states have a constitutional right to federal funding from existing programs without condition (or "coercion" as the Court termed it) of the federal government.
In the wake of the decision, too many Republican governors have already pledged to reject the Medicaid expansion contained within ACA:
Nevertheless, South Carolina's Nikki Haley, Florida's Rick Scott and many of the same GOP governors who brought the suit against the Affordable Care Act have said they will reject the new dollars from Washington. The result, as the Christian Science Monitor and the New York Times each reported, "The poorest adults -- primarily parents and other adults working for low wages -- will be left out in the cold":


"We are concerned many states will choose not to expand coverage," Bruce Siegel, president of the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, said Thursday in a statement released following the court's decision. "In the 26 states that participated in the federal lawsuit, more than 27 million people have no insurance," he added, and many of those who would have been eligible for Medicaid in 2014 "might no longer have that option."
I, for one, am baffled by the GOP's commitment to having extended tantrums over PPACA.  It's been over two years now and they still can't get over it.  How did Boehner react to the SCOTUS decision?  By crying into his martini, yet again, and pledging to, yet again, vote on repealing the ACA.  Then there are the aforementioned governors happily telling millions of constituents to go take a long walk off a short pier.  I have no idea what the GOP expects to reap from this * ahem * strategy, but they are right about one thing:  it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  Just not to them.  As Seneca Doane put it:
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Reposted from sawolf by Cedwyn

Now that redistricting is complete, I've had the chance to update my House of Representatives Race Ratings.  These ratings, like DailyKos Elections' own, are based on the likelihood each party has of winning each seat and are subjective and speculative, but based on polling, district dynamics, candidates, and campaigns.  Since there are so many races to cover, I'll provide some brief commentary for the 50 most competitive races and a few others.  Let's get started.


How many seats will Democrats pick up?

8%11 votes
11%15 votes
21%29 votes
31%42 votes
14%19 votes
3%5 votes
3%4 votes
5%7 votes

| 132 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from atdnext by Cedwyn

(Also at Nevada Progressive)

Now that we talked about the Senate, it's time to check on the Assembly. Oh yes, that's right. We also have new #NVLeg race ratings there as well. And now that the primary is over, we have a better sense of what to expect this fall.

When we last checked on the Assembly in March, it looked like plenty of change was in store, even as the partisan numbers weren't. So has that changed since then? We'll find out below.

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Sat Jun 23, 2012 at 06:17 PM PDT

Daily Kos Radio Podcasts

by winkk

Reposted from Netroots Radio by winkk Editor's Note: republish of an earlier diary with added podcast -- winkk

I have no idea if this will work in a Diary post, but what the hell...

  NN12 060712 1032 by Daily Kos Radio

Hell, yes!  Okay, a bit low tech, but better than no tech.

This is a podcast from NN12.  This is our first broadcast from there, and unfortunately I forgot to flip the "Record" switch while KagroX was interviewing our very first guest, Meteor Blades.  [dammit]  So, BiPM is the first guest KagroX can be heard interviewing here.  Turns out, as funny as BiPM is in his blog posts, multiply that by 5 live in person.  

Just getting warmed up here.  There will be more of these to follow...

And, you can DL these for later listening by clicking the black arrow
pointing down on the right side of the Player under "Info"

Okay, here's another one...

  NN12 060712 1401 by Daily Kos Radio

This is with Joan McCarter handling the titanium microphone.
Eat your heart out, Rush!


Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 06:02 PM PDT

Herding Cats in all 438

by winkk

Short and sweet, just a short discussion live on the radio tonight 9-10pm Eastern, 6-7pm for those on the Left Kos, to kick off our effort to herd progressive cats this election season. Got any ideas chime in. And, I know, I know... "it's not really radio."
So be it.  Chime in if you're so inclined.

Just click the Play button to listen in

Call the show at 315-779-4720.  Enjoy!
Reposted from StellaRay by Cedwyn

This is something I've been thinking about for awhile.  Like many here, I'm keenly aware of our vulnerability in the senate.  While the presidential campaign tends to suck all the air out of the room, and is responsible for a great percentage of the posts here, the fact is that if Obama wins, but the GOP keeps the house and wins the senate, it will be a very hollow victory.  A worse nightmare than we've already lived through, since 2010.  Far worse.  Trumped only by the GOP sweeping the house, the senate and the presidency.

I don't think that's going to happen.  I think Obama is going to win, but I'm not sanguine about it, or convinced of it.  And I think it's VERY important that we all put as much time and money beneath his wings as we can manage.

But after that, we can do more.  And I've been thinking that I'm not seeing any unified or focused fight here to keep the senate, beyond all of our own passions to do. Follow me beneath the fold to discuss and vet this idea.

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