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...but your drive to cement that status quo by ineptitude, ego and greed has me too heartsick for humor.

I'm 18 years from Medicare, pay several thousand a year for a shitty family policy that doesn't kick in until I've blown $5000 (and there's a separate family deductible of $10000, so the total is actually $15000 - each family member has another $5000 deductible on top of that) and have a child who's not quite 15 who is going to be unratable on any individual policy because she had some atypical cells in a biopsy on a birthmark we had to remove.  

In other words, she starts her adult life as someone who is uninsurable, so she can forget any form of self-employment or small group employment - her choice has already been mapped out for her by 40 years of progressive pony seeking and industry message massage.

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Everybody remember how Dear Sarah had to bail out of CPAC so she could go and earn some chips in front of the Teabagging Hootenanny in Nashville?

Palin’s aides and conference organizers won’t comment on financial arrangements, but documents obtained by POLITICO reveal the going rate for the former Alaska governor: $100,000 a speech, with a discount to $75,000 for West Coast appearances. Palin has reportedly waived the fee for some charitable events, but what’s billed as a meeting of the grass-roots conservative movement is not among those.

Tickets for the Nashville event run $549, plus a $9.95 fee, while separate tickets to see only Palin cost $349. Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee are also scheduled to speak at the three-day conference at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center.

Palin’s speech will be closed to the press. Conference organizer Sherry Phillips confirmed to POLITICO that, unlike some of the events with other speakers, reporters will not be permitted to be in the room.

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Caribou Barbie (aka Bible Spice) is

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70%181 votes
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Get your white hot True Conservative on True Conservative on True Conservative porn here.  Beck and O'Reilly make the mistake of saying things that seem critical of Dear Sarah (Caribou Barbie didn't do well in her outings with them, surprise surprise).

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...then you know it is really bad.

Pat, the Bigot's Bigot, is offended.  So is Joe Scarborough.  Some things just make you do a double take.

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Sat Dec 26, 2009 at 03:01 PM PST

Close this Account, Please.

by high bitrate

Reason Number 1:  Meteor Blades is on a progressive roll on airstrikes, which means he's full of feverish overhyped, overdramatic bullshit.

Reason Number 2:  Jane Hamsher's HR brigade has taken over the place.  They're dishonest, coordinate via twitter, and she's a complete, unadulterated "C" word.

Reason Number 3:  Progressive activists are a joke.  They screw up everything they touch, and have been on a downward track for 40 years.  If they were interested in working and governing as opposed to preaching to the choir on how superior they are, then something could be accomplished.

Reason Number 4:  Kos is more interested in being on TV than he is in operating the website.  This interface is clunkier than hell, besides, and needs a friendlier set of software upgrades.

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Its here, its here!  Festivus is here!

Time to pull out the holiday pole, break out the meatloaf and box wine.

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I'm really impressed by the level of commitment to ideology that leads commenters to insult Al Franken on an Al Franken diary for not being progressive enough and for calling him a "douche".  I'm going to thank Jane Hamsher and the entire paid firedoglake crew for stirring the activist pot and being willing to accept another 20 years of unsustainable status quo in order to proclaim "ALL OR NOTHING - DIE, POOR DIE", and thereby creating an atmosphere where people can proclaim that Al Franken is not doing enough.


Does Rahm pay me enough?

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Occasionally, when I want to go into a fit of blind rage, I'll still listen to the bloviating gasbags of wingnut radio.  It elevates my heartrate and blood pressure without any of that pesky  time consuming exercise, and I can flex the muscles of my fist without getting one of those stupid rubber balls.

Anyway, my latest foray found a theme which I find to be a disingenuous piece of shit, so I have a challenge for wingers like Michael Medved and Rush Limbaugh, as well as sociopathic assholes like Joe and Hadassah Lieberman.

It is a simple challenge, really -

Voluntarily Forego Preventive Care

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A new offensive has been waged by the enemy in the War on Christmas.  Fresh off the decade long battles of Walmart, Target and Home Depot, Conservatives must now extend the skirmish line from the schools and courthouse lawns to the White House itself.

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As a service to Kos users, I offer up this handy dandy template for the times when that chip on the shoulder gets unduly burdensome.

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They're enraged over a war that ended 64 years ago - this is confirmation of the postulate that Conservatism is a mental disorder.

The euphoria and impairment of judgment is obviously a side effect of abuse of cheeto dust while exposing onesself to excessive light from computer monitors.

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I've been a little puzzled - in the arguments over Afghanistan, people look back at Vietnam and talk about how that could have been won with different tactics and troop commitment levels.

Given the current state of Vietnam, would an American win there in the 70s have produced anything that looks as positive and forward thinking as the place is today?

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