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Yesterday, Rep. Paul Broun had a townhall in Athens, GA, where he claimed he will not vote to increase the debt ceiling unless Congress agrees to major cuts in federal spending including the abolishment of the Depts. of Energy and Education. He also tosses in that U.S. should return to gold or silver standard.

Check the video:


Thu Feb 24, 2011 at 07:25 AM PST

Bringing the fight to Georgia

by hipyphishy

I strongly believe GA Democrats should not support the framework of a Republican proposal that will hurt kids by cutting early childhood education and barring access to higher education. Yeah, I know I'm not under the Gold Dome or an insider and that I lost my election by an enormous margin. In fact, a whole hell of a lot of Democrats more impressive than me got shellacked all over the country- not just in GA. However, that does not mean the Tea Party has some perverted mandate to destroy all of the great programs our state has adopted. Frankly, a movement to support the framework for cutting pre-kindergarten and the HOPE Scholarship is patently uninspiring. The youth of GA (an unquestionably vital Democratic constituency) do not ask for bi-partisan agreements that create barriers to their dreams and are certainly not inspired by them. Rather, the youth are pleading for HOPE to be protected and are only satisfied by action. Will GA Democrats fight to protect HOPE and pre-K, or be seen as taking it away by playing inside baseball with the GA Republicans? The same Republicans who have put forth perhaps the most shockingly awful legislative agenda in the nation: an unconstitutional AZ-style immigration bill, innumerable attacks on a woman's fundamental right to choose, cuts to corporate taxes, and the list goes on.

Right now, youth in Athens and elsewhere are taking notice. From what I have heard, there is near unanimity of outrage over the accommodating language that has sailed out of Democratic offices. "But this plan will save HOPE" you might hear. Want to really save HOPE? Fight to raise taxes on people who can afford to pay- like the millionaires who have enjoyed a full recovery of the stock market. Fight to create a tiered cap on income to determine HOPE eligibility because no one wants to subsidize the purchase of BMW's for stuck-up brats who get to go to UGA for free. Do ANYTHING except agree to cut the program. If we enable a Republican victory this time, they will not hesitate to fight for more cuts in the future. Make them own the cuts alone, so they can be held accountable come November. Meanwhile, we can build an army of teed-off college students to throw them out of office. We can't do that if Democrats are seen as part of the problem.

Here's where I claim full responsibility. Ultimately, the GA Republican Tea Party will continue its assault on our democratic government until progressives all work and communicate together to demand they stop. That's when GA Democrats will inspire people. That's when GA Democrats will win back the majority.

Our elected leaders cannot and should not shoulder the burden alone. It is up to all of us to answer the call to action to ensure all GA kids have an opportunity to live a life of human dignity. Fight to take early childhood education and the HOPE scholarship OFF of the chopping block. We have the power to make it so.


As a long time lurker and finally a member, I often imagined this day and hoped: they better not think I believe they're an ATM! My name is Russell Edwards, and I'm running against Paul Broun, Jr. (GA-10). It might seem like a tough district for Dems, but several statewide Democrats consistently win it: Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, Ag Commissioner Tommy Irvin, and AG Thurbert Baker. Frankly, many folks are fed up with Broun's antics here in the district which includes Athens, downtown Augusta, strong AA rural counties, and independently-minded mountain folk in the north.  It's time District 10 had a reasonable representative in Washington. It's time to fight to bring jobs back to GA. It's time to support the schools.  I'm a former Netroots Nation Scholar and thank DFA and DailyKos for bringing me where I am today. Jump with me, and hear more about the grassroots fire I plan on lighting in Georgia.


Should we play offense to divert the NRCC and NRC?

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Greetings Kossacks!

Teachers in my local school district found an e-mail earlier this evening directing them to follow strict rules regarding President Obama's highly anticipated education speech on Tuesday, September 8.

The central point at one school was the following:
*The school district was directed from above that the speech may only be shown in social studies classes during the live broadcast, and teachers must send home "opt-out" slips to notify parents ahead of time as to their plans.  
*Teachers outside of social studies may not show the speech, nor may the speech be shown on any date after September 8.

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Sat Aug 15, 2009 at 03:04 PM PDT

Call to Action against Paul Broun!

by hipyphishy

OFA-Athens' health care campaign makes the call for volunteers to come to Ciné at 234 W. Hancock Blvd in downtown Athens, GA, on Wednesday, August 19th from 6pm to 9pm. Volunteers at this meeting will mobilize to enact meaningful healthcare reform. Check below the fold for more info on the campaign or click here:

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I went to the tea party in Athens, Georgia and had an informative discussion with U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston.  It was a beautiful spring day.  I remember reading a diary earlier in the day that said there's no need for someone to get hurt or arrested.  I sometimes get ornery and hope to nail someone in a macaca moment, and without fail, I always end up...  

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Greetings and salutations from Athens, GA!

My name is Russell James Edwards, and I write to invite you to visit the University of Georgia School of Law for a weekend of exciting public interest events.  

The Working in the Public Interest (WIPI) Conference is a two-day, student-organized conference held in Athens, GA, bringing together students, professors, practitioners, and others to discuss ways the law can function in the public interest. This year's conference will be Friday, Feb. 27th, and Saturday, Feb. 28th.  The conference opens Friday evening with keynote speaker Mary Bauer of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Immigration Project followed by an awards ceremony to celebrate outstanding achievements by practitioners and students in the public interest.  Friday's activities then move to a reception in eclectic, downtown Athens with food and drink.

More below the fold...


Public interest work in the Southeast is

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Georgia's Voter Registration application has a critical error which may discourage citizens from registering to vote.  An orange, highlighted field in the middle of the form claims first time applicants are required to submit a photocopy of one of six approved forms of identification to be registered.  Georgia law, however, requires no such thing.  More below the fold...

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Mon Sep 01, 2008 at 11:33 AM PDT

Labor Day party in Athens, GA

by hipyphishy

Greetings and Salutations fellow activists,

I would like to announce a candidate meet and greet that will be held today in Athens, GA.  Bobby Saxon is a fighting Dem' who served proudly in Iraq.  His progressive values show he is committed to changing the course of this country away from disastrous Republican policies.  The fact is, his moderate stance on the issues makes him a perfect fit for this red district.  Overall, Georgia hosts some of the most hateful conservatives in Congress who strive to instill fear in the electorate to hustle votes.  There is no better example of this practice in action than in current Rep. Paul Broun's governing style.  He fanned the flames of anti-immigrant zealotry throughout his term in office by sending out innumerable official mailings which read like campaign propaganda and ended up bankrupting his tax-payer funded office budget.  Bobby would bring a much needed change in Congress by replacing Broun.

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