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Mon Apr 20, 2015 at 07:08 PM PDT

Intolerant Jackass Act

by hobie1616

When dealing with morons it's best to treat them in a humorous way.

A proposed state ballot measure that would authorize the killing of gays and lesbians infuriated one woman so much that she filed her own measure with the state attorney general’s office: the “Intolerant Jackass Act.”

The proposed ballot measure — yes, that is its actual name — by Woodland Hills author and activist Charlotte Laws would require anyone who proposes measures calling for the death of gay people to attend monthly sensitivity training and to donate $5,000 to “a pro-gay or pro-lesbian organization.”

You'd think that the "Sodomite Suppression Act" is a joke.  It isn't.
Laws’ proposal is directly aimed at the so-called Sodomite Suppression Act, a proposed initiative by Huntington Beach attorney Matthew McLaughlin that authorizes the killing of gay people by “bullets to the head” or “any other convenient method.”

“It was done as a statement to make fun of Mr. McLaughlin,” Laws said of her proposal. “I wanted the world to see that California is a very open-minded state and that he is a lone voice, a minority voice, and that my ‘Intolerant Jackass Act’ actually reflects the sentiments of Californians.”

The "Sodomite Suppression Act" author apparently does't like the glare of the press spotlight.
McLaughlin has avoided the media since his initiative was made public. Calls to a phone number listed for him with the State Bar of California went straight to voicemail on Monday.

McLaughlin’s proposal has tested the limits of California’s normally liberal attitude of putting even the most extreme ideas on the ballot if enough signatures are collected.

Not much is known about McLaughlin, whose listed address with the state bar is a postal box at a Beach Boulevard strip mall in Huntington Beach.

An online petition at calling for McLaughlin to be disbarred had collected more than 132,000 signatures as of Monday.

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Sat Feb 28, 2015 at 10:16 AM PST

Think ISIS is bad? Try the US.

by hobie1616

Carl Hiaasen: Racial lynchings, our own history of terrorism

Their fingers were hacked off and given out as souvenirs. Next their ears were chopped from their heads. A mob beat the man while a crowd of hundreds watched.

A large corkscrew was then used to mutilate both captives, who were tossed onto a fire and burned. While all this was happening, the onlookers — which included women and children — were served lemonade and deviled eggs.

Read more here:

They carved out his eyes before ramming the poker down his throat, castrating him and “burning him alive over a slow fire.”
In 1904, a black man in Reevesville, S.C., was lynched for knocking on the door of a white woman’s house.
In 1919, a black soldier named William Little returned from World War I to his home in Blakely, Ga. He was lynched after refusing to take off his Army uniform.
In 1940, in Luverne, Alabama, a black man named Jesse Thornton was lynched because he didn’t use the word “mister” when speaking about a white police officer.

Fri Jan 16, 2015 at 02:38 PM PST

Whale Watch

by hobie1616

I took some friends out whale watching this morning.  We cruised around for a while and finally ran across three whales lazing about and spouting occasionally.

One of the 65 foot tour catamarans showed up so I decided to reposition my boat so we could get better pictures.  The law says you must maintain a minimum of 100 yards between the whales and your boat.  If they decide to get closer you should put the engine in neutral.

We gave the whales a wide berth and were almost in position when another whale surfaced about twenty yards off our stern.  I shifted to neutral.  This apparently was seen as an invitation as he cruised right over and started to rub up against the boat, dove underneath and circled us for over ten minutes.

Here's some of the pictures I shot.

I never realized how big pectoral fins were until I saw it this close.  It's about the same size as a Piper Cub wing.


Mon Jan 05, 2015 at 08:19 AM PST

GOP Straw Poll

by hobie1616

Help the GOP select their presidential candidate for 2016 at Straw Poll.

This is serious business so no foolin' around.  ; )


Thu Dec 11, 2014 at 12:26 PM PST

I Miss W

by hobie1616

About  a year ago I got on a GOP mailing list that primarily spams my email with either fund raising requests of offers to buy GOP branded crap.  Things like George H.W. Bush socks or camo hats.  The funniest, in my opinion, are the I Miss W t-shirts.

In light of this week's Senate report on CIA torture I believe this might be more appropriate for sale from the GOP.


Tue Nov 25, 2014 at 03:57 PM PST

No Boats For You Vlad

by hobie1616

France has decided to delay delivery of two Mistral high-tech amphibious assault ships to the Russian Navy.

President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that delivery of the first ship, the Vladivostok, scheduled for this month, would be delayed until "further notice."

The statement from the Elysée Palace came after Russia threatened serious repercussions if France refused to honor the $1.65-billion contract that is opposed by Washington and by Russia's neighbors, including the Baltic states.

The French president determined that is would not be appropriate to make the delivery with the current situation in Ukraine.

These must be some pretty effective weapons systems.

The 590-foot, 22,000-ton Mistral can carry 16 helicopters, four landing craft, 60 armored vehicles, 13 tanks and between 450 and 700 soldiers for up to six months.

Among French military personnel, the vessel is known as the "Swiss army knife" of ships for its multiple attack capabilities and use as a command center and hospital.

In 2008, Vladimir Vysotsky, head of the Russian navy, said his forces would have been victorious in Georgia "in just 40 minutes" if his aging Black Sea fleet had been equipped with the Mistral.

Shortly after Vysotsky made his remark, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a visit to Paris: "I can assure you that if we purchase this armament, we will use it wherever deemed necessary."

Full article

Back in April I wrote about Sophia, one of my junior sailing team kids,  who was accused of cheating on a test by her high school science teacher.

Really High School Science Teacher?!?!

I also wrote a follow up article.

Really High School Science Teacher II

Last weekend we held the Disnmoor Trophy Regatta for junior sailors.  We had a total of thirty-seven boats with forty-three kids participating.

It was a great event.  The wind ranged from good to nuclear.  Some of the old timers said it was probably the best regatta ever held on Maui.

Sophia and her skipper Kai took first in their class.  Their point total was low enough that they were awarded the Keith Dinsmoor Perpetual Trophy.  Pictured below are Sophia, Kai and the namesake of the regatta, Keith Dinsmoor.

The science teacher?  He'll probably never know of Sophia's accomplishment as he's no longer employed by the school.  Hardly surprising.


A few weeks ago I posted a diary about one of my sailing team kids and how her science teacher accused her of cheating on a test about wind.

We came up with two ideas to convince him that she had some experience with using the wind for power.  One was to bring in a guest speaker from The America's Cup winning team Oracle Team USA.  The other was to give him a picture of her and other junior sailing team members with the Cup that, by coincidence, was making a visit on its way to Larry Island.

She asked her teacher if he would allow her to bring in a guest speaker.  His response was, "Hell no!"

So we went with plan B.  She took the below picture of some team members, a coach and the Cup into class.  Remember, this is a guy that stated he knows all about sailing.

When shown the picture he asked, "Why would you have your picture taken with a hookah?"

When informed that it was the America's Cup he sheepishly admitted that maybe he didn't know as much about sailing as he thought.


Thanks for the two-fer on the original post.  Rec List and Community Spotlight for one diary is pretty cool.


Sophia, one of the kids on our junior sailing team told me an interesting story yesterday.  She's taking a physical science class in high school.  She describes herself as a average student getting B's and C's.  That was until there was a discussion about wind.  

Continue Reading

Rolling Stone recently interviewed Bill Gates.  They covered a number of subjects including global climate change.

We're heading for big trouble, right?

Absolutely. That's why I happen to think we should explore geo-engineering.­ But one of the complaints people have against that is that if it looks like an easy out, it'll reduce the political will to cut emissions. If that's the case, then, hey, we should take away heart surgery so that people know not to overeat. I happened to be having dinner with Charles Koch last Saturday, and we talked a little bit about climate change.

And what was the conversation like?

He's a very nice person, and he has this incredible business track record. He was pointing out that the U.S. alone can't solve the problem, and that's factually correct.

"He's a very nice person..."  Come on Bill, I thought you were smarter than that.

Sun Mar 09, 2014 at 12:58 PM PDT

Cultural production of ignorance

by hobie1616

The LA Times has an excellent article concerning the production of ignorance.

Proctor came to the study of agnotology through his study of the Nazi scientific establishment and subsequently of the tobacco industry's defensive campaign.
Early in his career, he told me, he asked an advisor if Nazi science was an appropriate topic of research. "Of course," he was told. "Nonsense is nonsense, but the history of nonsense is scholarship." As part of his scholarship, Proctor says he "watches Fox News all the time."
Cultural production of ignorance provides rich field for study

Sun Feb 16, 2014 at 09:05 AM PST

Newt On Maui

by hobie1616

Newt and his helmet headed wife will be signing books today at Barnes & Noble in Lahaina at 2PM.

An alternative, and much more satisfying event, will be a fund raising whale watch at the same time.  The Lahaina Yacht Club Boomvangers are putting on a whale watch to fund their annual Keiki Christmas for the kids at the local homeless shelter and their scholarship program.  Last year over $3500 was spent on toys and necessities for the kids.  $8000 in scholarships were awarded.

Meet up across from the Pioneer Inn at the Lahaina Harbor at 2PM.  $32.

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