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For stupid head McAss!

They try and try, lies upon lies, but nobody is listening to them...The loud sounds you hear right now are pukes heads exploding all over the country...I hope someone reminds the MSM of the FACT, these numbers don't lie!

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She just said the Clinton camp has known for two hours!!!


And she also said, the campaign is out of money!


Is the big bad monster dead?

47%589 votes
52%643 votes

| 1232 votes | Vote | Results

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Hillary, McCain, campaign strategists...etc.  Politico, Drudge, MSNBC, all other pundits are the idiots!!!  

Do they really think this?


I think all pundits think it is about what THEY THINK!

96%355 votes
3%12 votes

| 367 votes | Vote | Results

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Mark Penn isn’t the only Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter on the wrong side of the Colombia trade agreement.


Glover Park Group was arguing the same position on the free trade agreement as has Penn, the contentious Clinton strategist and Burson-Marsteller chief executive who lost his campaign job over the weekend after The Wall Street Journal revealed that he’d met with Colombian officials to plot strategy on the pact.

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I watched MTP this morning, and there was an exchange between Tim Russert and Gov Rendell of PA that obsolutely stunned me!!!

Gov. Rendell argued that Super Delegates should overturn the people's choice in favor of Clinton!

Even if it means "some Democrats" may not come out to vote in November? Basically implied that it doesn't matter if some decide to leave...etc.

Tim had asked him a specific question about Blacks: elected black delegates...etc.  Rendell said it doesn't matter!!!  

Can the Democratic Party afford to NOT HAVE the black support? Elected or regular black voters?

Transcript and link below...

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I am furious about Hillary deciding to go ahead and damage the Democratic Party, and now most recenly yesterday, calling her own meeting with two reporters to let them know that:

She plans to stay until the convention in August!

Don't get me wrong, I know she has the right to stay as long as she likes, and I realize that nobody has the right to ask her to leave...etc.  But, why should she deserve some kind of arrangement by the party bosses? That, I don't get...

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I have had it with these people.  

This is so low, I can't believe she comes back to this, to side with Hannity and Fox, attacking Obama for something his pastor said.

Hillary Clinton can never EVER earn my respect again!

She has proven herself to be the lowest form of human filth!  

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First and most importantly, PLEASE get this guy more secret service protection.  This news is making me really sick.  For some reason, I don't trust this to be good news, nor non-political.

Second, remember that the Clintons still have strong ties inside the government.  There is no reason to think that this is a Condi Rice, Bush, and Cheney issue.  I am not trusting anyone on this.  At least not until we learn much much more.

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Hillary needs to get 62-65% of the delegates, NOT the votes.

In order to get 65% of the delegates in TX (the larger state with more delegates tonight), she needs to win with 70% of the votes.  Not gonna happen, not gonna happen!

Get it? ok, pass the word.

I am not sure why pundits do not mention this fact.  I honestly think real delegate counters type people at the networks have been silenced by their masters in the MSM.  

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I know HRC may have had a favorable news cycle today.  But Obama came from all the way back, over 20 points back just two weeks ago...All of this MO is not stopping tomorrow.  Whatever got us here will carry us forward.  Flip down under the thing...


How much do you agree?

26%76 votes
19%56 votes
23%69 votes
10%29 votes
8%24 votes
4%14 votes
3%9 votes
4%13 votes

| 290 votes | Vote | Results

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This is very interesting.  WHile Hillary was always ahead in the early polls, the more people saw and learned about Obama, the more likely they were to vote for him.  This is from the latest CNN poll.  

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