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Last month Tacoma, Washington held their first gun show in 23 years. Last night the Tacoma City Council made background checks mandatory for gun shows held in city facilities. The measure was passed unanimously.

There is a huge venue in Tacoma called the Tacoma Dome. It was the cite of the first Tacoma gun show in 23 years. Of 152 vendors, 140 were licensed firearms dealers, (FFL), and 12 were private sellers. One particular dealer plans to host several huge shows there yearly, 1000+ tables, they boast. Under federal law, private sellers can sell guns without running a background check of the buyer. That practice is referred to the private sales loophole. When private sellers are given booths at a gun show it is called the gun show loophole.

Remember the DC snipers? Tacoma is the city where they hung out 'plinking' in the backyard before moving to the east coast. Tacoma is the city where the chief of police murdered his own wife before killing himself. A Tacoma suburb is where four police officers in a coffee shop were gunned down before they could draw their weapons.

It is a beautiful city, and it deserves to be protected. The Museum of Glass alone is worth the trip. The people of Washington and all of you who may come to visit are safer today because elected leaders in the Tacoma City Council took action.

Thank you Tacoma!

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In Plaster Rock, New Brunswick; gee I love eastern Canada.

Anyway I'll post a couple links, maybe someone can get the eerie glowing sky pictures to embed, or have an alternative post

Anchorage Daily


Thanks, have a great day


Thu Sep 13, 2012 at 07:20 PM PDT

hey occupy guy

by i saw an old tree today

Hey, Occupy guy, you didn't need to scream at me, and then keep screaming at me. Jack booted thug. I only want the young man to live and be re-united with his sweet young dog. He's worth it, and he's so much better with her. Looked like epilepsy to me.

Come on. You screamed, "Where were you people when I asked you people to call 911?"  You never asked me to call 911. I was 40 minutes too late? Please quit screaming at me. I had tried to get help by that point "in time," and I am so thankful to the person who did call 911.

Where were you yesterday? Eh?

You said, "You scare me." Good. Quit screaming at people, occupy yourself. I pray {whatever} they can be re-united, and I'm willing to work for that, as are you I believe, thanks for that. I'm really thankful to the Olympia Fire Department, they saw right though it.

You don't scare me. You really don't get it.


Update 7/11, crosspost to excellent diary-

     The Successful Drowning of local and state government

About the pledge to drown us, wow, good job diarist

     "And here we all were just worrying about ALEC."

In the diary I wanted to call attention to the link to state-by-state office-holders who signed 'the Norquist pledge', it's just that there are so many of them, take names, that's what I say

Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform Pledge

1,244 Legislators as of Wednesday, June 13, 2012
13 Governors, 4 Lieutenant Governors, 4 Attorneys General, 3 Secretaries of State,
3 Treasurers, 1 Auditor, and 1 Board of Equalization Member from Norquist's site

Just the words Board of Equalization are scary, that's in California

Update 7/11 - Roger Fraser (MI treasury) is having a hayday on his shopping spree, was he as bad as Ann Arbor city administrator as it sounds? How did he end up in the state treasury? Doubling the city debt, then getting to go on a bonanza?

The city of Ann Arbor has seen its total primary government debt more than double from $107.6 million to $248.2 million while Fraser has been city administrator, city records show.   and then they give him 100 more cities ...

And announced today, working on his next acquisition, Allen Park

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley appointed a six-member financial-review team Tuesday to examine the City of Allen Park's finances under state Public Act 4, the emergency manager law.

The team includes Deputy State Treasurer Roger Fraser and Frederick Headen, the director of the Michigan Department of Treasury's Local Government Services Bureau.     emergency man comes to Allen Park

(end update)

________   original ________

Weird how some places are losing their local governments to ... private managers, sometimes by declaring "emergency management", sometimes other creative ways

Since getting canned from my job I’ve had time to become intrigued with the “emergency manager” struggles in Michigan. Learning that I needed to learn a lot, and thanks to the ‘emergency manager’ and ‘emergency management law’ tags, and Eclectablog, I ended up learning it is indeed passing, or morphing, in other states (caveat, when I say passed I mean it has passed at least one vote, or, ahem, enactment/declaration)

So in addition to the great peoples of Michigan's fight-

It’s passed in Indiana
Eclectablog, January and March 2012
It’s passed in the Senate in Pennsylvania, two weeks ago
It's now law in North Las Vegas as of last week
Stockton seems to be on the brink, Burlington, not good (doesn't mean we'll lose them as towns, but I can almost hear Midas counting his gold)

The above I got from only recent news, and thanks to the

As an aside when I learned on DailyKos yesterday that North and South Carolina banned the cities from being their own ISPs, I would suggest there's something afoot, they are actually preventing local government recovery in order to... force... bankruptcy... maybe, just a possibilty

And here's a twist! get rid of the governing body altogether!

The prospect of more Sandy Springs (GA)-style incorporations concerns people like Evan McKenzie, author of “Privatopia: Homeowner Associations and the Rise of Residential Private Government.” He worries that rich enclaves may decide to become gated communities writ large, walling themselves off from areas that are economically distressed.
And just today's Snyder first veto special for the beleagured Michiganders - nope no transparency for you! how dare you cooperate

Thanks for your patience in my newbieness on Diaries, I'm not leaving the thread, I'll be back in a few hours.


Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 12:48 PM PDT

mostly started by guns

by i saw an old tree today

or people shooting guns, wherever they feel like it, whenever they feel like it

i don't intend to respond to my own diary because I am not into arguing with you gun-shooting folks, but get a clue

the vast majority started with guns

blah blah blah keep googling if you don't like it

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Wed Jun 27, 2012 at 03:00 PM PDT


by i saw an old tree today

a lot happened there in the last 24 hours, I'm sorry and I want to say 'solidarnosc'

     Snyder eliminated energy programs giving them to a 'strategic fund'

and this is it $49 billion in your money, I'm inclined to add, so says Rick Snyder

     49 billion... heat your house with that then

how you folks there suffer, WI, MI, IL, and thanks for doing what you are doing, it's a cold wind that blows


The west. Yeeha.

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Sat Dec 12, 2009 at 05:37 PM PST

6 days without water

by i saw an old tree today

well running that is, here in the Pacific nw... so i have big ol donkies and other sweet rescues, complain complain

(record highs (111F) and record lows (6F), withhin 6 months of one another, golly)

one plumber said 'hopefully this thaws by Christmas'(well pipes as buried by code up here in never never land)

looks like the whole neighborhood's pretty well frozen... (wait maybe this happens on gravel morainne... no, wait 3 record consecutive lows this week... must we talk about last july)

my first post

here's to Hopenhagen

and Xhrisymas


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