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Youtube interviews.

Here are some powerful interviews with people from Baltimore. Martin O'Malley appears prominently in the 2:00 minute and 3:00 minute area. The comments raise serious questions about O'Malley record as mayor and governor. How did he become the progressive champion of this site?

Some transcription below.

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The earlier excellent diary by TeamSarah4Choice pointed out Chuck Todd's blatant lie to the face of President Obama, and demonstrated that he had mentioned Syria four times before Todd said

You've not said the word, "Syria," so far in our conversation.
The NBC New website now has a transcript of the interview up, and it is curious, to say the least.
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Yesterday a diary called "Scholars Acknowledge No Evidence Jesus Existed", spent the day on the rec list, which was surprising and rather embarrassing for a "reality-based" site. The diary was primarily based on a poorly constructed Raw Story article by someone named Valerie Tarico, who, as best I can tell has no real credentials for writing in this area.

The gist of the argument boils down to whether the material about Jesus in the New Testament and other early Christian sources are best described as "mytholigized history" or "historicized myth." The former loosely describes the the understanding of almost all scholars who study early Christian history and its context, except for fundamentalists who insist the material is straight history. The claim that the New Testament is historicized myth is relatively new and held by a very small number of people. Tarico's "growing number" amounts to 3-4, most of whom are marginally credentialed. These few "mythicists" are analogous to the tiny number of climate-change denying climatologists and anti-evolution cellular biologists. They get a lot of attention and sell a lot of books because they take a .1% position in their fields and make claims a lot of people wish were true.


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The scene this weekend may be in a place called Oracle, Arizona, where a protest is planned, according to the Tucson Progressive

While liberals in Tucson are welcoming the children and touting the 250 jobs the migrant shelter and processing center will bring to a struggling part of the city, rednecks north of town are planning a Murrieta-style ugly American protest to greet 40 children who could be housed at the Sycamore Canyon Academy on the back side of Mountain Lemmon.
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Fri Jul 11, 2014 at 03:32 PM PDT

RIP John Seigenthaler

by illinifan17

Local news in Nashville is reporting the death of one of the First Amendment's greatest champions.


We owe you much gratitude Mr. Seigenthaler.

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Mon Jun 30, 2014 at 11:11 AM PDT

Terrible Breaking News from Israel

by illinifan17

Reuters link

Israeli security forces on Monday found the bodies of three teenagers who went missing in the West Bank earlier this month and confirmed them as the Israeli seminary students sought since June 12, Israeli media said.
No politics please.

The case begins with Norman Golb, Ludwig Rosenberger Professor of Jewish History and Civilization at the University of Chicago.  Golb has been a prominent scholar in the controversial field of Dead Sea Scrolls Research. One of his most important contributions was helping to get control of the remaining scrolls away from a handful of scholars who were hoarding them for their own research which was moving at a snail's pace.  By the early 1990's this effort was successful.

Jump for the strange part.

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I hate using that name for it, but it is the one that attracts attention.

If you are not up to speed on the issue, Steve Green (CEO of Hobby Lobby) sponsors a group called The Green Scholars Initiative.

The Green Scholars Initiative allows the world’s leading textual scholars to research and produce scholarship around items in The Green Collection
A related effort by Green concerns developing curriculum for a course on the Bible in public schools.  Here is an earlier diary on this site by ProgLegs with basic facts and links.

I have treated the issue in my own blog here.

A substantial amount of the curriculum is finally available publicly.  See below.

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Perhaps most have read something about the difficulties in South Carolina concerning the adoption of the Columbian (woolly) Mammoth as the state fossil.  The initial story of fundamentalist Christian objections is in this diary.  There is more about the debate, that could not have come on a better day (April 1), in this diary.

Jump the squiggle of suspense that may become the official fossil of Daily Kos.

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Over on the NBC News website, Chucky just asked, "What if all the negative healthcare headlines go away?"  Well, that's a really odd question.

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I have been moderately active on this site for about eight years, and a few here may know that I am a college professor who teaches and does research in the field of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew language.  So, a major motion picture related to my academic discipline came out yesterday, and I felt a need to interact with it.  I have posted a first of three essays on my blog.

The first thing to say about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is that it is acaptivating movie.  When I first heard a Noah movie was coming several months ago I was surprised and did not think anyone could make a movie about Noah that would interest me.  The biblical story has little drama, but movie is surprisingly suspenseful. Two types of elements in the film make suspense possible.
Jump the less-than-ominous orange rain cloud for more.
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For future reference, and because there is a rec list diary based on a satirical news site, below the squiggle of sarcasm is the beginning of a list.  I know the current diary now has a "snark" tag, but it seems to have started out seriously, and there are certainly a lot of comments treating it seriously.  And no, VW is not going to close the Chattanooga plant tonight.

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