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We were many!  The true believers and patriots!
It's been a while since The Invisible Woman, or I (Mister Fantastic) have posted.  But given the new, but expected jackassery in Wisconsin, it is time to post anew.  Enjoy!

To the strains of Bruce Springsteen & The Dropkick Murphys, supporters of the working people of Wisconsin (and by extension, those EVERYWHERE) gathered outside the capitol building and in the rotunda to voice their opposition to the Fitzgerald/Walker/ALEC right to work legislation. More after the jump!  See the Pics!!

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You might recall us... Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic, the lovely couple from Wisconsin that kept the teeming masses of Kossacks up to date relative to Walker's union busting (that's disgusting!) malarkey here in the dairy state. We would often post such updates using the comic book The Fantastic Four as a literary fulcrum, and received plenty of laughs and recc's for our hard and zany work. We then disappeared into the Negative Zone of the lurker. However events warrant an election night diary.

Tonight as we enter into the final battle with the ultimate shape shifter, Mitt Romney.. the Super-Skrull, we wish to discuss a topic of great importance following Mitt's drubbing.  Follow us after the orange, thing-colored squiggly for a brief message about...



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It's true. Your favorite dynamic duo got down and dirty with some real hogs yesterday. But, by hogs I don't mean the rich republican "piggy" type of hog.  Those porkers scare the living bejeezus outta the Invisible Woman...and that's saying something.  No siree.  By "Hogs" I mean HARLEY DAVIDSONS!

Yesterday, in the parlance of transportation wonks, was a multi-modal day of exercizing both the physical badger body and of the larger body politic! If intrigued, I beseech you (and when was the last time you were "beseeched", dear reader?) to read more after the fold!

And allow your flexible friend MF assure you that you won't be disappointed as we offer yet more evidence that Operation: Badger Justice is a thriving entity; both stubborn AND voraciously hungry.... like Galactus himself.

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Ah the glorious smell of democracy in action...even if that odor is courtesy of the mingled scent of laptop-generated heat, pizza with an undertone of sweat-borne passion and determination... it smells WONDERFUL.

Let Mr. Fantastic explain:  You may have noticed that IW and myself have been laying kinda low lately (and if you haven't I say, "HMPH!"), the reasons are twofold:

1) We have eliminated ATT wireless from our home in the Baxter Building (a secret location on the east side of Madison) as ATT is a donor to His Majesty, Scott Walker, and have yet to replace it.

2) We have been partaking in tasks which are akin to not only making the proverbial democracy sausage, but verily grinding the meat as well.  We have been in the field gathering recall votes (more on that later) but more importantly, we have been volunteering our time with the WI Democratic party, assessing and entering data from recall petitions filed by Republicans AGAINST the eligible democrats, looking for mistakes and outright jackassery.  

There is plenty of both in abundant and loopy display, let me assure you. More after the fold... =)

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Hey You!  Yes YOU!!!  You with their chin hanging lower than Wile E. Coyote's after watching that bastard Road Runner escape his latest genius-borne trap. And you... the lady or gent who might well be thinking with stiffly contained tears of rage dancing on the edges of your eyelids that the turn of events in WI means that even when we give it our best... we STILL lose.  AND YOU... the individual who is considering the recent events as an indication that our Neo-Progressive Movement is perhaps flawed, mortally wounded, or even dead in its tracks; LISTEN UP!

Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman want to take you on a journey of the logical mind and the open heart.  A wee trip down memory lane to remind you all...from the bemused, but bitter to the desperately destroyed... that not only is all not lost, but also that the spirit and structure of the movement we call "Operation: Badger Justice" is as intact and as vital as it was 3 days hence!

Sp pull up a chair, call your therapist and tell her you'll be a bit late, and/or put down that bloody mary that contains just barely enough mix to add color and READ the words after the fold written by your friends Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic.


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Today, constant reader, the lovely "invisible woman" and the not-so-lovely "Mr Fantastic" will be pleased as proverbial punch to provide the particulars of polling in our perfectly proud and patriotic city.

Lord how I loves me some alliteration.

I am overjoyed to report that if the old adage of high turnout favoring the challenger is true (blue), then the Walker/Koch sycophant known as David "the turd" Prosser will be folding faster than Superman on laundry day. As quantification I offer not only word of mouth observation, but also personal experience.

News is around town that as early as 8:00 a.m. the lines around many City of Madison precincts were extending down the blocks of their specific sites. Moreover, consider the following:  when yer pal, "MF", voted in the disastrous November mid-term, he was voter #42 at approximately 9:00 a.m.

Today at 8:45 a.m., "MF" was voter #257.

Can turnout be that high? Could it remain at about 6 times the rate of November all across the state?  I very much doubt THAT, but consider this: If the voters can achieve a turnout rate of 65% in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Wausau, and Steven's point...barring some sort of devilish Koch-brother's action pulled from a truly fetid bag o' dirty tricks... she will win.

"IW/MF" heard on Saturday night, via a tea-party-esque acquaintance that he knows Prosser will likely lose.  He claimed that one of his friends works for a GOP Assemblyman, and that this friend was saying that Prosser's internal numbers were "dismal".  What's more, Prosser blames the usual suspects (rather than his own flaws and Walkoch's dramatic political overreaching) for his potential loss.  You know, the "liberal" (WTF?) media, the unions, and 3rd party ads that Kloppenburg won't demand be removed.

So... we will keep you updated.  Look for updates after the jump!

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Zombies? Yes, today there was an anti-Walker pro-union zombie rally at the capitol.  Many zombies carried pro-union signs with zombie-like slogans.  While Mr. Fantastic didn't so much like the idea and the theater, I feel that it brought out a different, normally non-voting group of people.  In my view, many of them were younger than the average protester without being students from UW Madison.  In fact, when I mentioned it to people at my workplace, they didn't think it was the kind of scene they wanted to be a part of.  Many teachers don't like the idea of dressing up like zombies and limping down state street.  

Slogans included
"unions keep the firefighters undead"
"This zombie prefers neo-con brains"
"zombie slob against walker"
"this zombie will starve :  there are no brains in the capitol"

For this reason, I think the idea was genius.  I stood at the side of the street with a Kloppenburg sign.  I do wonder if this rally will turn into votes at the ballot box?  Your guess is as good as mine.  

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From Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman comes this sweet tidbit of joy, courtesy of Wispolitics:

Bargaining bill restraining order remains in effect; DA rests case

Judge Maryann Sumi's temporary restraining order against the implementation of the collective bargaining bill will remain in effect indefinitely.

The plaintiff in the case, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, rested his side of the case this afternoon, but Sumi said she could not set a date to take more testimony because the GOP legislators named as defendants in the case are still covered under legislative immunity.

Assistant AG Maria Lazar had asked for the restraining order to be vacated, arguing the hearing could not conclude without the participation of defendants Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Senate President Mike Ellis, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder.

But Sumi said that just as those lawmakers are entitled to their day in court, they are also not entitled to the suspension of the current restraining order.

"It remains in effect until further order of the court," Sumi said, adding that she doesn't know when that will be. The judge said the defendants in question could waive their immunity, allow their attorneys to move forward without them or wait until their immunity expires.

Bob Jambois, attorney for Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, responded that if those lawmakers "find this to be an inconvenience," they would still be able to pass the bill again with 24 hours notice of a conference committee hearing and legislative sessions.

Sumi requested briefs from both sides on seeking declaratory judgment, the nature of indispensible parties in the case and time limits for service of process while immunity is in effect. That brief is due April 25 for the district attorney's office, followed by defendants' briefs on May 16 and a reply from the DA on May 23


More post-fold


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No words of wit or wisdon by your loveable diarists Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic are needed to increase the smile quotient of this entry.

As it happens, former Governor and State of Wisconsin Icon Patrick Lucey (R)... that's right a REPUBLICAN... has resigned his role as David Prosser's Honorary Co-Chairman and has endorsed Joanne Kloppenburg!  

Details after the fold!

.... and they're JUICY!!!  (Lucey Juicy, that is!)   :)

NOTE:  I apologize.  Patrick Lucey was a democrat... BUT a conservative democrat at that. A number of his WI policies as Governor were hailed by the GOP.  That's what I was recalling.  FACT IS HOWEVER... he was HONORARY CO-CHAIR of Prosser's now (hopefully) sunk campaign!  Again, my apologies!

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There is no end to Scott Walker and his cadre of (now criminal?) would-be kings' need to spit in the face of the separation of powers, if not democracy itself.

Lord how I wish Al Gore would have simply decided to simply take the oath of office in 2000 when the Florida "court" ruled for Bush.  Said with apologies to EJ Donne.  

The latest horror! From Wispolitics. com

Huebsch: Collective bargaining changes are now law

DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch says his legal counsel and the Department of Justice continue to believe Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining changes are now law.

But he said late this afternoon that so many questions remain over a Dane County judge’s temporary restraining order that the situation is unclear.

Huebsch said Judge Maryann Sumi made clear yesterday she intends to prevent further implementation of the act, but said the temporary restraining order fails to to be specific enough.

“In fact, Judge Sumi declined a request to declare that Act 10 was not lawfully published,” Huebsch said in a statement. “It is unclear how she can issue an order binding non-parties to a case who have not had their day in court.”

Huebsch adds DOA will continue to monitor court proceedings and will work with legal counsel and DOJ to determine an appropriate course of action.

The statement didn't address whether DOA would continue with the changes it’s made to the payroll system for state employees to begin withholding more for their health care and pensions while no longer collecting union dues.

More after the jump with analysis.

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BREAKING!!!  They are goingto defy Sumi AGAIN!!!!!

Click Here...Walker is a Peerless Douchbag

Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman have much to report, and should get right to it; but first indulge us in a wee parable that sets the tenor for today's update:

The thing is this. We recall a really REALLY stupid story that was told to us as kids about a truly morally challenged farmhand who dug a hole in the middle of a field in an attempt to find water or oil or something. Predictably, a donkey fell into the hole.  Rather than try to find a way to help the donkey get free, the jerk called a few friends over to help him bury the donkey alive...both to cover up his stupid mistake and the loss of the valuable donkey. However, the donkey was smarter than the assholish farmhand and his buddies. With every shovel full of dirt that hit his back, the donkey shrugged it off and took a step up, until he was able to leap out of the hole and get the fuck out of the reach of the farm hand and his pals.  

After a few weeks, the donkey came up behind the farmhand and bit him.  

The moral after the jump and the promised update!

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Republican Attorney General JB VanHollen's request to withdraw his appeal of the TRO against publishing the "Budget Repair Bill" has been denied, with a seeming beyotch-slap.

You might recall that VanHollen maintained that the appeal was no longer needed as the law was legally published. Luckily, there are more reasonable and more highly trained members of the Wisconsin Bar available to interpret laws than JB VanHollen.  More after the jump, including a link to the .pdf.

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