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Patrick Cockburn writes a must read article about the surge in Iraq. "Iraq: Violence is down- but not because of America's Surge". He destroys the Republican talking points.  S.Palin mocked Obama about not wanting "victory". McCain threw a tantrum because he wanted Obama to admit the "surge" was working. And Bush has launched propaganda to convince us that things are much better in Iraq because of the surge.

Three questions come to my mind. Have we lost the war? Has the killing settled down between the Shia and Sunni? Will McCain's ignorance ignite another civil war among the Shia and Sunni?

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Tue Jul 15, 2008 at 09:20 PM PDT

CSIS Interrogation of Omar Khadr

by isabvella

Here is a video of Omar Khadr, the 16 year old, being interrogated.Canadian officials didn't want to release him to the US because they knew of the harsh interrogations in Guantanamo. PM Stephen Harper was adamant to return him to US.

Read the Timeline.

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Finally we have a House working in bipartisan for the better of the people. When they make up their minds, they can do their job in 30 minutes. Wow!  The revision to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) passed by the House. It  includes immunity for telephone companies that aided President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program after Sept. 11.

McCain, Nancy and Steny. Steny, Nancy, McCain.  United at last. Finally working together. What friends.

But did you know...

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I don't like to write. I mostly read your posts but someone has popped one of my progressive and idealistic balloons. I just read that  Obama's new national security advisory group includes Anthony Lake, Lee Hamilton, William Perry, Warren Christopher, and Madeleine Albright.

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Obama people, I know some of you are extending your hand in peace, but you better watch out. It's gonna get bitten.

Her testicular fortitude failed to drop and Carville's cojones were shrunk by some voodoo magic. Ouch!

Beware. Carville promises a "knife fight". Clinton's aides will bring on  a nuclear option in Michigan and Florida.

She's NOT QUITING. Hillary's website has changed the magic number of
delegate and plans to fight to the end no matter what obstacle.

My friend, a Hillary diehard, plans to stick with her because she rather vote for "a woman with horns, than a man with a halo." Besides it's "her turn".

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Fri May 02, 2008 at 01:43 AM PDT

At a Crossroad

by isabvella

I'm a young baby boomer. When in my teens, I remember feeling sorry for Russians. The media was controlled by the government.(I found this appalling.) The gov. lied to them. They couldn't travel. If they wanted to travel from one place to another, they had to show an ID. They even printed erroneous maps and placed rivers where they didn't belong. They were brainwashed with propaganda. I remember the rosy cheeked children, with their clear blue eyes and fair hair.It scared me to death; these beautiful children would be brainwashed like in a science fiction movie.

In high school, I read a book in which the author said the US and Russia had much in common and the US was looking at itself in the mirror. Of course I though the idea ridiculous.

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Hillary and Bill remind me of those two dancing guys from SNL that would bump a girl in between them like a ping pong ball.If Brack Obama doesn't watch it, he is going to get caught in their trap.

Bill Clinton has abandoned the African American community,but he has found his people. They are white, rural,medium to lower income and conservative. They may own guns, and are not too fond of "elitist, uppity," educated blacks telling them to change.  These are the folks who are in denial of being racist ( not saying all are). Bill is playing the racist card.

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Tomorrow Pennsylvania votes. I don't mean to be cruel but if they vote for Hillary- they deserve her, Bill, their lobbyist, and NAFTA. And it's worse to vote Repubican.

When Bill Clinton (and Hillary) approved NAFTA they said the US would be the big winner. THEY were the BIG winners because he opened the doors to  work money deals with corporations all over the world. While he was making the big bucks with Mexico,China, ect what happened to jobs in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania?
Clinton's Golden Voice

What happened to jobs in Mexico?

The US was inundated by illegal aliens. The biggest losers were the Mexicans, particularly the poor, uneducated and farmers. They face greater unemployment and poverty and inequality. The rich in Mexico got richer. Few jobs were created in Mexico. "You either become an illegal alien, join the black economy or become a criminal."wrote Bob Chapman in Secret Agreement To Almalgamate US, Canada And Mexico.

While we worry about our candidates tomorrow, who is watching George Bush?

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Sat Apr 19, 2008 at 09:26 PM PDT

Obama's website has been hacked

by isabvella has invaded homepage. I'm furious! When I click "view blogs" I get her homepage!

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