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The people of Iceland have spoken to the banksters, and loudly, rejecting the IceSave referendum with 93% voting no.

Voters rejected the bill because "ordinary people, farmers and fishermen, taxpayers, doctors, nurses, teachers, are being asked to shoulder through their taxes a burden that was created by irresponsible greedy bankers," said President Olafur R. Grimsson, whose rejection of the bill resulted in the plebiscite, in a Bloomberg Television interview on March 5.


Are we all Icelanders now?

81%72 votes
2%2 votes
10%9 votes
5%5 votes

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This is my first diary, so be please gentle with me.

We all know Chuck Hagel is Obama's favorite (R) senator. They've worked together in congress. They clearly respect each other. Chuck Hagel is retiring so he doesn't really have much to worry about in terms of backlash. And, of course, Liliburt Hagel has already endorsed Obama.

Now, we have another factor to consider - payback.

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