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... See the Domionionist religious fanatic cultists who have seized our nation in a coup on live TV!!!

Jesus-followers will recall that in high contrast to praying on international TV for all to see Jesus instructed "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.: Matthew 6:6 (New International Version)

The shadowy anti-Jesus Dominionist cult group omininously named The Fellowship runs the "National Prayer Breakfast" and is behind the stealing of the vote in Fraud '04.  See the men behind the curtain!  Watch C-Span coverage this morning.

Madsen: End of Year Update on Investigation fingers Domionists, and other NeoFascist elements in stealing our 2004 election.

Wayne Madsen pointed out to me that the new Scorcese movie "The Aviator" has a character that was one of the early Prayer Breakfast creators. (more below fold)

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I'm not much of a cartoonist, but if I were I'd like to draw a cartoon showing the piratization of the S.S. Security.  Imagine if you will the S.S. Security crowded by huddled masses of poor, elderly and disabled about to be boarded by the Inquisition Armada of privateers, lead by the deadly Skull&XBoners. The well-dressed crew headed by the shrewd evildoer Halibarto Chainey his trained monkey Blackheart Bush, and his lieutenant Trippin' Thomas backed by the notorious gang of Dr. one-eyed Frist, "Hap" Hastert and the ailing but lethal "Ripin" Rehnquist.  The "crisis" is coming as the Skull&XBones' Armada is pulling up along side the S.S. Security preparing to board.  Things look like their going to get nasty!

But lo!  In the distance the dapper and daring Terry McFlynn and The Sea Hawk. Courageous but few in number, will their superior intelligence and the passion for the common folk stop the impending doom? Will they arrive in time to stop the plundering of the S.S. Security???  

A carrier pidgeon arrived with the following missive from Terry McFlynn to rally the resistance...


Will the S.S. Security be saved?

0%0 votes
40%2 votes
60%3 votes

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Jon Stewart is my personal savior. No not my one and only Personal Savior. That would be Jesus. Nor my Personal Lord. That'd be Jesus too. But the humor and perspective of Jon Stewart and Al Franken had a very large role in pulling me through the post-Fraud `04 depression I went through. Funny how my WASPY bacon gets saved by Jewish guys. Again. The Passion of The (rhymes with Christ and synonymous with Jewish comics, and is humorous without being offensive-- need some help here y'all).

A bit of my personal testimony follows...


Who has been the most significant individual that helped you through post-Fraud '04 depression?

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0%0 votes
2%2 votes
2%2 votes
0%0 votes
1%1 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
2%2 votes
14%11 votes
1%1 votes

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Fri Jan 14, 2005 at 05:48 PM PST

Cobb Keynote MLK Day Speaker

by JamBoi

The Universal Human Suffrage Movement has acquired a great hero in David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate.

On Monday, Jan. 14th David Cobb will encourage the UHS movement with a keynote address to the Civics and Service Conference, Monday Jan 17, at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka CA.

           "The civil rights movement is not a thing of the past. The discrimination faced by African American voters in Ohio and Florida in the past two presidential elections demonstrates that eternal vigilance is necessary to protect the civil rights of all Americans," said Cobb.

            Cobb will address the need for grassroots participation in the New Voting Rights Movement to fix our nation's dysfunctional election system.

            "Dr. King left us a living legacy.  His commitment to equality, human dignity, non-violence and social and racial justice is evident in the ongoing work of many organizations devoted to these principles, including the Green Party," said Cobb.

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Fri Jan 14, 2005 at 10:21 AM PST

Swami on Electile Dysfunction

by JamBoi

I had the joy of hearing political humorist "Swami"Steve Bhaerman for my first time at the Rally For the Republic.  He did a marvelous schtick on "Electile Dysfunction" and how to solve it. The original presentation is hard to reade since the formating is messed up so here it is cleaned up and re-presented.

Below the fold: "Curing Electile Dysfunction: It's Time to Take 'Emerge 'n See' Measures" by Steve Bhaerman/swamibe.

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Most excellent news! "Democrats United in Plans to Block Top Bush Initiatives".  Hallellujah! Details below fold.
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I'm mostly away from my computer today so I won't be able to do this one adequate justice, but... I heard on the Al Franken Show this AM a story about how the US military only has about 120 surgeons total availabable for Iraq. Due to the incredible shortage of medical personnel, Selective Service (ie. the US military draft organization) is preparing something I think they called A Rapid Conscription plan to draft medical personnel.

The connection I'm on is so slow that its limiting
the on-line research I can do re: this story severely.  I can't even get to the AirAmerica Blogs to find out the name of the the guest who talked about it.

According to this blog entry there's a NYT article detailing this and maybe its all old hat to y'all but it was new to me, so I'm posting it again.

Here's a DK entry about some of this stuff:

Sorry to blog (inadequately) and run, but I thought the story was worth discussion.


A friend posed the assertion that in her opinion given the similarity of tactics (prominently including violence) between antiabortionists, the KKK and Dominionists.  Call me naive but I hadn't thought of this before so I did some research and the correlation I found was much stronger than I'd been expecting.
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I guess if this were ancient Rome Kerry might be looking to take a legion or two back to Rome to replace the emperor.  As it is, we'll stick to constitutional remedies and impeachment will have to be our next task.

Kerry cheered in Baghdad, decries Bush team's 'blunders'

Once criticized for war stance, he says force alone won't win

DU thread

Article below:

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[UPDATE: a new "Wish List for the UHS Movement" has been added below]

As a Christian Kerry-loving progressive radical Moderate Green democratic patriot for Constitutional government, let me say that while today's display of people-power finally bringing the concerns of Universal Human Suffrage and civil rights to the mainstream is a great step forward, its only just a beginning.

The DailyKos community as well as the entire progressive community will now be subject to the transformation (I mean that in the original real sense not the twisted Rumsfeld-esque sense) that the awakening to our awful situation will bring.  Soon we will be working more and more with Moderates, Centerists, and heaven forbid even Conservatives from all parties to bring the right to vote to all Americans.  We will spread real democracy to America straight from the Ukraine!

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A doctor recently told a friend of mine that Kerry's problem is that he is recieving "Androgen Blockade Therapy" with drugs like Lupron to combat his prostate cancer.  This form of therapy decreases testosterone and signifantly impacts behavior, making patients indecisive.  Kerry's behavior is widely observed to have become noticably indecisive since starting his therapy.  Bingo! [see the update notes that wouldn't fit here in Main Entry just below the fold]
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[UPDATE: Looks like Boxer chose not to take this route and only stuck with contesting Ohio]

David Lytel of ReDefeat Bush spoke at Rally for the Republic at Herbst theatre in downtown San Francisco last night.  There were 400-500 people there!  Very encouraging evening.

I thought the biggest eyeopener of his talk was that ReDefeat Bush is pushing for contesting not just OH, but NM, FL, NV too!

There were several other things he said of particular interest...

[Update: Note that Lytel said the contesting of each state extends the discussion another 2 hours! If I remember right he also said if the decision is not made within 4 days it also sends it directly to the House. At any rate I remember him saying that the rules change drastically at that point. ]

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