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The final tally at the State Department hearing showed one thing loud and clear, folks from Nebraska and all over our great country want President Obama to deny the Keystone XL permit.

•    Over 1,000 total attended the hearing.
•    The crowd was easily 80% against the risky export pipeline. 

•    Pro-Pipeline: 26 total testified with 24 having direct ties to TransCanada, LIUNA, Chamber of Commerce or the oil industry

•    Anti-Pipeline: over 200 speakers from across the country including landowners, moms, young people, retired grandparents, small business owners, teachers, priests, tribal leaders, farmers and ranchers.

The testimonies ranged from off-the-cuff comments from young ranchers like Paul who simply said, “We need good jobs building clean energy. That way labor wins, the climate wins and our futures win.” Or Bob who is an organic farmer and conservative Republican. He explained his certification would be meaningless, as would the years of work to make his operation organic, once a spill happens on his land or water.

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Last night I sent an email to the AFL-CIO Executive Council. I'm not part of the labor leadership. I am though in the thick of the fight on Keystone XL and the expansion of tarsands.

The Laborers are working side by side with Koch funded groups like AFP, ALEC and a new front group they created with TransCanada called Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence.

Push polling, TV ads, joint rallies, echo chamber--its a coordinated campaign all to get the risky export pipeline approved.

As my letter to the AFL-CIO council explains and the detailed research lays out, the Koch brothers are using this pipeline to divide us and where does that end?

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Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 02:00 PM PDT

Stop Tar Sands: Stand with Randy

by janefleming

Randy Thompson is a landowner fighting to protect his legacy, his heritage, his economic activity and his grandkids'€™ clean drinking water.  

Shine a Light On Heineman

He is at the heart of our pipeline efforts in Nebraska and the man behind over 25 locally organized I Stand with Randy events that took place across our state, including one where we circled Gov. Heineman's mansion to "Shine a Light" on his lack of leadership on this issue.

Shine a Light On Heineman

Our water, our heritage and our legacies do not have price tags.

Our number one economic activity in Nebraska--€”Agriculture--does, and it'€™s about $15 billion a year. The TransCanada Keystone XL tarsands pipeline puts all of that at risk.

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Mon Jun 21, 2010 at 11:05 PM PDT

Wimps. Heineman. Janssen. Kobach.

by janefleming

If Heineman-Janssen-Kobach were strong, if they were bold, they would be at the doorsteps of our Nebraska federal delegation and demand they lead on comprehensive immigration reform.

Instead, they are telling us what they just helped pass in Fremont is good immigration policy. Just like they told us denying kids access to college is good immigration policy.  And just like they told us denying prenatal care to women and babies is good immigration policy.

Wimps. Heineman. Janssen. Kobach.

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Tue Jun 01, 2010 at 04:59 PM PDT

Government’s Role in Our Food

by janefleming

The size of government is a hot topic these days.  Whether you think government should be big or small, we can all agree government has a role in ensuring the safety of our food and keeping producers and processors accountable.

As a mom, I don’t want to worry that when I open a bag of spinach or lettuce or put alfalfa sprouts on a salad that my kids might get sick. However, the food-safety laws at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not been updated since the Great Depression, and without significant improvements, the healthy foods I want to feed my children will continue to be at greater risk for contamination.

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Fri May 21, 2010 at 08:50 PM PDT

“Con”servative Bait and Switch

by janefleming

Tonight, my husband got a call from Dick Morris.  Yes, that Dick Morris.

Sure, it was a recorded voice.  But, Dick was calling to let Scott know that conservatives need to stick together to take our country back…and that if he answers just one question, Scott can get a free, autographed copy of Dick Morris’ new book.

Scott, curious to hear how conservatives are framing issues, listens to the 3-minute recording of Dick Morris.

Then, a live operator comes on.

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As I drove to the pipeline hearing in Atkinson, I watched the farmers out in the field.  I watched the birds perched on the prairie grass.  I watched the rivers flowing under bridges.  I watched the cattle sprawled across the hills.  This is our state’s economic activity.  

If Secretary Clinton signs a permit allowing TransCanada to build a pipeline carrying the dirtiest form of oil, we put 85% of Nebraskans’ clean water and 30% of our nation’s food supply at risk—becuase we all know, it is not if a leak happens, its when.  

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Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 08:36 AM PST

Ben Nelson Does It: New Ad

by janefleming

Finally, an ad that tells the truth from a real doctor in Nebraska.

This week, Vote Kids, launched an ad campaign featuringDr.McKinney from Beatrice, Nebraska and bringing some needed common sense to the airwaves.

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On a Fall day in Nebraska a group of citizens and faith leaders gathered to pray for the CEO of UnitedHealth, Stephen Hemsley.  

No, Mr. Hemsley is not “sick” but his business model is...a model that denies care to people in order for UnitedHealth’s bottom line to be bigger.

We visited the local office to deliver a list of demands that we wanted the staff to pass along to the Mr. Hemsley.  Unfortunately, they would not even answer the door.

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It’s clear, the cost of doing nothing will break our family and business budgets.  As Senator Nelson heads back to DC, he can’t stop pushing for reform.

Our Nebraska based group, Change That Works, went to every townhall Senator Nelson held during the August recess.  News reports accounted all of the people opposed to health reform.  Occasionally the media reported on the Nebraskans who wanted reform.

What was missing in the reports were the key moments at every townhall where Senator Nelson stood strong for reform, where he explained that not passing reform is not an option.


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We wrote this article before Senator Franken got seated, we are thrilled he just signed on as a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act which is common sense bill to reform outdated labor laws.  We hope other Senators will also stand with Nebraskans and pass the bill this year....

"All we wanted were safety shoes." This was the answer cafeteria workers gave when asked why they formed a union at their school. The workers had often asked their managers to provide them with safety shoes, and every time they asked they were told no.

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Fri May 29, 2009 at 11:25 AM PDT

Senator Nelson: Wrong Target

by janefleming

In the current debate over healthcare reform, an awful lot of attention has been paid towards Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.  And it's certainly understandable that it should.  

After all, Nelson has proven to be a critical swing vote in the Senate, and as we documented earlier this week with our “24/7 Project”, Nebraskans themselves have a whole lot at stake in this debate.

But in the fights that are still ahead on healthcare, it's important to remember who the real obstacles are.  

Senator Nelson has consistently shown a willingness to listen to his constituents and vote for the real reform that they need, his colleague, Senator Mike Johanns, has not.

This week a DC group launched a direct mail campaign attacking Ben Nelson for his stance on a public option.  But, as has now been documented in the Huffington Post, Nelson has kept his mind open to supporting just such a plan.  

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