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Mon Sep 29, 2008 at 08:44 PM PDT

Pastors Endorse McCain from Pulpit?

by jcassens

I read a story on MSNBC about a group of pastors nationwide who included an endorsement of John McCain in their sermons this Sunday ( They are potentially in trouble with the IRS for endorsing any candidate from the pulpit, and of course they're defiant against the bad ol' guvmint. John McCain stands for America, after all. Well, their America. The one that thinks it's bad for two men to love one another, but it's okay to dump your wife for a younger, richer model. The one that thinks the 2nd Amendment is the only part of the Constitution worth worrying about. The one that still thinks they hate us for our freedom (not for our interference in their countries, or our hypocrisy in saying we support democracy but align ourselves with some pretty harsh dictators).

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OK - be easy on me; this is my first diary after being a lurker here for quite some time.

I received an invitaion today to watch a video at a website called 'The Gratitude Campaign' (, which demonstrates an arm gesture to say 'thank you' to our servicemembers when you see them at airports, on the street etc. The message is that we need to be grateful to our military for protecting us from those terrorists who want to come over here to kill us.

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