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Class warfare is claiming that tax cuts for 1% do not need to be offset in spending, while also claiming that payroll taxes must be paid for. Rich people generally get their money in ways other than paychecks.

GOP is currently opposing extending the payroll tax cut without cutting spending to offset the cut, for fear of adding onto the debt. Which might be a good point if they also aren't the party that fights attempts at doing away with the Bush tax cuts by saying tax cuts don't need to be paid for-only spending increases need to be paid for.

But to the great surprise and shock of nobody, when it comes to tax cuts for ordinary Americans and not the uber-wealthy, suddenly tax cuts must be paid for. But just those tax cuts! Leave the wealthy alone! Sob. Leave Britney–er, the wealthy–alone!


Tue Nov 29, 2011 at 10:20 AM PST

Drug Test Newt

by jedidiah

Since Newt Gingrinch calls to drug test all recipients of any kind of federal aid before they receive the assistance, I call to drug test Newt.

Newt Gingrich is once again demonstrating the level of compassion that led to the Capitol Steps calling him the Gingrinch back in his Speaker of the House days and joking that his heart was three sizes too small. He has followed up his call to repeal child labor laws and have kids put in full days of work (instead of school?)  by calling to drug test anyone seeking any kind of federal assistance, such as welfare, unemployment, and presumably even things like college loans.

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There are an increasing number of government actions which Republicans claim are unconstitutional because they are not explicitly mentioned in the constitution as being within the government's purview (nevermind the Supreme Court's 1819 ruling in McCulloch v. Maryland that acknowledged the Constitution implied powers necessary to carryout a functional national government).

The latest volley? Fired by Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia who argued that federal funding for the Smithsonian is unconstitutional because the Constitution only gives Congress the power to protect artists creations and "not to actually fund it."

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May 13, 1939. German transatlantic liner, the Saint Louis set sail from Hamburg, Germany bound for Havana, Cuba. There were nine hundred and thirty eight passengers on board, almost all of them Jews fleeing the Third Reich. The bulk of the Jewish passengers had applied for United States visas and had planned to only be in Cuba until they could enter the United States. When they arrived in Cuba, however, all but twenty eight passengers were denied entry.

As the political turmoil and uncertainty of the passengers' destination unfolded, the children among the passengers on the Saint Louis played a game later related to the world by ship captain Gustav Schroeder Children created a barricade of chairs along one of the ship's corridors. Two children served as "guards" as the other children formed a line in front of the barricade. As each child approached the barricade, one of the guards would ask, "Are you a Jew?" If they said no, they were admitted past the barrier. If they said yes, the guard would shout, "Jews not admitted." The child would then plead, "Oh please let me in. I'm only a very little Jew."

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Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain advisor, posted a blog entry called "Obama's daughters huge Jonas Brothers fans. Keffiyeh Koincidence" Apparently, there's a photo of the Jonas Brothers wearing a scarf of some sort, and similar to the inane Rachel Ray scarf debacle, some loonies on the right wing are calling it a keffiyeh and are going insane over it. Since there's a random story about Obama's daughters liking the Jonas Brothers, Eisenstadt is drawing a link and calling it a national security threat.

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Mon Oct 16, 2006 at 05:16 AM PDT

Governor Romney Go Home!

by jedidiah

It was bad enough when two consecutive Republican governors decided that their job and responsibilities to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was not important enough to them, and left the corner office for attempts at bigger and brighter things.

Now, however, things are worse, as Governor MItt Romney has decided to abandon his responsibilities to the Commonwealth and attempt for bigger and brighter things, but still keep his title and paycheck while doing so. He has abandoned his duties as governor, leaving most of them to Lt. Governor Healey, and has traveled around the country bashing Massachusetts in an attempt to show that he isn't really one of us, and that he would be a good presidential candidate. Well, he's right about the former, at least.

This morning's Boston Globe contains an article by Maria Cramer ( describing Governor Romney's most recent Massachusetts-bashing, which he decided to combine with good ol' fashioned gaybashing at Boston's Tremont Temple Baptist Church.

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Sat Aug 05, 2006 at 10:23 AM PDT

Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Don't BS!

by jedidiah

One might think that given the war on terror, America's interests in the Middle East, and the general world scene, that Arab language specialists might be important to the U.S. Army.  And thus, it is with great puzzlement and concern that I note the honorable discharge of 30-year-old Sergeant Bleu Copas of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg.

According to the Associated Press, an anonymous e-mail was sent to the 82nd Airborne's All-American Chorus's chorus director, stating that someone in the chorus was gay.  The chorus director's response was to call everyone into the hallway and ask who was gay. Sergeant Copas complained to the platoon sergeant about the questions violating the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. The platoon sergeant responded by asking if Sergeant Copas was gay. So much for the "don't ask" part of the policy... [continued below the fold]

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