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There's already a lot of speculation as to President Obama's second term cabinet. This diary is only in part intended to add to the speculation. It is also that but my aim really is to round up some of the names floated for different positions and come up with a coherent picture. I wanted to create a cabinet that both represents all facets of the United States of America of 2012 - making it half female and including the first LGBT cabinet member - while at the same time making sure that each and every person is more than qualified for the role I assigned him or her.

While this very much is an imaginary cabinet, it is not necessarily my progressive dream cabinet. I've tried to come up with realistic, qualified, yet diverse choices for these positions. Being realistic also means that it is likely that the President will include people with a business background and one or two Republicans. My choices below reflect this. I've also decided not to include any sitting Senators or Governors after last time around (with Sen. Burris and Gov. Brewer; and Blago in jail). Therefore, I did not include Senators Kerry and Durbin or Gov. Patrick even though President Obama might choose to do so.

My proposal for President Obama's second term cabinet with further individual explanations is below the fold:


What grade would you give my cabinet proposal?

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Now, I know this title may be hard to take after waking up to last night's disaster but bear with me. For several reasons, last night may have been the best thing that could have happened to us.


Your thoughts?

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Last night I received a fundraising email from the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign stating that 15% of online donations will go to the Sacramento - Sierra Red Cross to help the victims of the Angora fire in South Lake Tahoe (which is in California's 4th congressional district).

Now, for those of you who don't know it, Charlie Brown has done something similar before. At the end of the previous fundraising quarter in March he pledged to give 10% of contributions to local veteran aide groups. The donations were distributed to the Sacramento Stand Down, Nevada County Stand Down, and Sierra College Veterans Club in mid April.

This is in stark contrast to the actions of Congressman John Doolittle who's practise it was to give 15% of all contributions to his wife. Charlie in contrast is giving money to the community in his district.

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The race between Republican Congressman Jon Porter and Democrat Tessa Hafen in NV-03 (the suburbs of Las Vegas) has been one of the closest in the country with 48.46% for Porter and 46.57% for Hafen and Porter winning by less than 4,000 votes. Therefore, it's not surprising that Democrats, both in DC and in Nevada, are looking for another serious challenger to Porter after Hafen, a former aide to Sen. Reid, declined to run again. Last week, another potential contender, 2006 gubernatorial nominee and State Sen. Min. Leader Dina Titus, took herself out of the running leaving the field with one announced candidate and two others seriously considering.


Who should take on Jon Porter?

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So the Democratic Majority in Congress caved to Bush yesterday. We're clearly all pissed and rightfully so.

However, I'd like to take a step back from this and see how this plays itself out in the media. For this reason, I've taken a look at news headlines (and headlines only, not the substance of the reports) of the Bush administration's unreliable ally on the Iraq war - Germany. I've compared this with US headlines.

The result: striking. Follow me below the fold.

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Bill Richardson has the impressive resume and - with his official declaration to run for president today - he has a website to match his resume.

Looking at the websites of the all eight candidates Richardson's is the best - hands down. There are several reasons for this.

Let me go into detail:


Who has the best website?

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Nationally, many pundits and bloggers didn't take Nevada's 2nd district too seriously in 2006. It was too safe a Republican district to be even slightly competitive, so the argument went.

Well, we all know that Dean Heller in the end won his election against Democrat Jill Derby. Against expectations though, his result wasn't very convincing. The man who was elected Secretary of State of Nevada three times, barely won more than 50% of the vote in a district that doesn't include Democratic Las Vegas. So today, I ventured out in search of Republicans who won their districts in 2006 and did worse than him. Turns out that there weren't that many.

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America's worst governor has now been discovered by NBC News "Senior investigative correspondent" Lisa Myers. Why this late? Probably because the corruption of Republican politicians only get interesting for the media nowadays when you have something saucy, like, say, photos of a drunk politician dressing up as a pseudo pirate and allegations by an FBI witness of bribes in the form of casino chips.

Here's an exerpt of what Lisa Myers reported on the "Today Show" this morning:

The new governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons, is being investigated by the FBI because of alleged gifts and payments from Warren Trepp, a defense contractor whose Nevada firm received tens of millions of dollars in federal contracts.

That's the main allegation in a nutshell. Now for the juicy part.

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Tue May 01, 2007 at 06:56 AM PDT

Democrats can win in the rurals

by jedinecny

When talking about trying to win the 2nd congressional district in Nevada, which encompasses almost all of Nevada except for the heavily populated parts of Clark County, you almost always encounter one argument: Democrats cannot win in the rurals.

Now, at first look that might be true, statewide Democratic candidates often lose the rural counties and often by a large margin. One reason for that might be that statewide Democratic candidates most often hail from Clark County and might not campaign too much in the rurals.

However, when you take a closer look you might come away shocked. Why? Because Democrats actually get elected in the rurals on a regular basis.

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Cross posted from Turn Tahoe Blue

You did it! Everyone of you who voted for Charlie Brown in the DFA Grassroots All-Star contest helped the campaign out in a major way. Not only did Charlie get a $2,000 contribution from Democracy for America, after he won the contest a fundraising letter will be sent out by Jim Dean to all DFA members asking them to contribute to Charlie. Here's the letter:


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After giving up his seat on the House Appropriations Committee yesterday, Congressman John Doolittle today had the audacity to compare himself to the Duke lacrosse players during a press conference:

I have been an effective representative for the region and shall continue to be one despite this situation. Finally I will just say that if there is anything we should have learned from the Duke lacrosse case, it is that the destruction of the reputations of innocent people can occur when the government, the press and the public jump to unfounded conclusions. I ask everyone to withhold judgment until the all facts are known and the truth can prevail.

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Cross posted from Helluva Heller

After being hit on his Iraq stance by the ad of Americans United for Change, Dean Heller went on Bill Manders radio talk-show last night. That in itself is to be expected. However what is not to be expected is that a conservative talk show host and a sitting Congressman care about some little blogger from Germany. But apparently they do.

Listen to this clip (this is the second part of their talk).

Here's the transcript:

Bill Manders: "What do you know about this guy named Sven Stromann?"

Dean Heller: "Uh... Some guy from Germany."

Bill Manders: "Well, actually he's an exchange student in Nevada."

Dean Heller: "Yea, I think he was at one time..."

Bill Manders: "And he's got a, I guess they've got a website. They're attacking you,   they want to defeat you in 2008.."

Dean Heller: "Yes they do..."

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