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This is an oldie but goodie..Not sure if been posted here…BILL O'REILLY LIES ….LIES …LIES!!!!!

VIDEO link below..ENJOY this all time classic!!!

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"The incident was caught on a hotel elevator surveillance camera in Vancouver last month. Desmond Hague, of Stamford, Connecticut, is the CEO of Centerplate. The company services the Florida State Fair and several sports venues including Qualcomm stadium and the new Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, new home of the San Francisco 49ers."

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                                      Just got home from my 12 hour shift at the hospital and checked in with my email. Low and behold I have an email from my sister .My sister and I  have argued politics for years and I know she is on the Right .....But ...... wait for it........ SHE HAS FALLEN INTO THE ABYSS.....Maybe its the recent dire warning from Mr. Chuck Norris about the 1000 years of impending darkness.....but she has gone BATSHIT CRAZY.......... READ THIS :

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Sorry if this has been posted .My search turned up nothing.You gotta love this headline and from Alabama no less.

With Alabama’s March 13 primary looking more and more important, Rick Santorum leads the rest of the Republican field in a poll conducted by Alabama State University. Santorum leads with 28 percent of likely GOP primary voters, while Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney trail with 18.9 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively. Texas Congressman Ron Paul was not included in the poll except for a choice for “other.”

I mean the Republican field is the laughing stock of the country.Great times.:)

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             It's been a rough few weeks at my job as politics is the main topic of conversation.I work at a large Medical Center in New Jersey in a red county(yes we have red areas here in blue jersey). My co-worker Joe, Age 63, a Former Marine who fought in Vietnam until asthma permanently ended his military career, is retiring in 3 weeks. We have talked politics through out the years and Joe is left of center. Today Joe had a revelation.He wants to REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE FIRST TIME. My reaction ,after asking over and over are you sure you never voted before? His answer was NO,NO NO everytime..... LET ME HELP YOU!

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                  I've been around this site for many years and mostly lurk and add a comment here or there so forgive me if you disagree. But we have been SUFFERING UNDER KING BUSH for the last 8 friggin years and did I hear 1 major callout last night on this rotten administration....NO...No and more NO....

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               You know I really loathe Fox News, so anytime I can get in a dig it makes me feel good! Anytime I get to see Bill O'Reilly blow a gasket it makes me pump my fist in the air! Watching Olbermann rise in the ratings and continually having Fox News personnel as Worst Person's In The World must be making Roger Ailes eat everything in site.

               Poor Alan Colmes, how long can you be the patsy for a right-wing NOISE machine. I guess the money is worth it to him?

               So while Perusing the internets today I came across this delightful Sunday showcase piece from the Longview Ailes is Lord

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Sun Jun 17, 2007 at 09:24 AM PDT

To a father i still don't know...

by jerseyjoew

            I've always wondered why a father, my father, would abandon his children. Five in total, 4 daughters and myself, the little boy bringing up the rear. Through my 39 years of existence it has been a constant, I'd say almost daily reminder that my father left my mother right around the time of my birth. That I've grown up all these years without a father, a father who is STILL ALIVE but couldn't care less about 5 children he helped create.

            It's a strange puzzle, that will probably will never be solved.

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Wed Jan 10, 2007 at 06:14 AM PST

Tim Johnson's condition WORRIES me.

by jerseyjoew

                Let me start off by saying that i hope Sen. Tim Johnson makes a full and speedy recovery and soon will return to his job in the Senate.

                I have been working for 18 years in the healthcare field as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, where i have taken care of hundreds of patients on ventilators. The story from yesterday reports his condition has been here for the latest  follow below...


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                       I love watching Countdown on MSNBC as Keith Olbermann has been the Hammer driving Nails through the bullshit of the Conservatives. Well lo and behold there has been lots of talk lately how Keith's show is improving in the ratings, out comes mondays ratings courtesy of Tvnewser

One reason i post this: O'lielly's past claims that CNN and MSNBC combined don't even come close to his ratings. *NOT ANYMORE BILL* Let's take a look shall we:

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                  It appears former Senate contender and now Attorney General candidate has gotten herself in hot water. She has come a long way from looking like a deer in the headlights from her infamous speech where she lost the script and couldn't come up with an original thought.APPARENTLY NOT!

                  WNBC in New York is reporting she don't like cheating husbands It would her appear her candidancy for Attorney General is pretty much Kaput, not like she had a chance anyway. She is under investigation by six different federal agencies!

                  To top it off our old friend Bernard Kerik
was involved in helping catch her bastard husband. Apparently the FEDS have it all on tape as we all know Mr. Kerik has been under a federal investigation.


more on the flip

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                  Today i started reading through my local paper, the Asbury Park Press, and stumbled upon a disgruntled Crosby,Stills, Nash & Young fan's letter to the editor.must have missed the bush memo Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11

Two months ago,I purchased tickets to see Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel. I was waiting for the four of them to tour again, as i have always been a big Neil Young fan

                   So far i'm with him. I also love their music and have enjoyed their concerts over the years.


Who attacked us on 9-11?

94%51 votes
5%3 votes

| 54 votes | Vote | Results

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