So remember how Insider Michigan Politics said they were releasing a poll, but nobody could find it. Well I called and it was part of the members only news letter but the really nice people there sent me a copy and said I could let other people know the numbers, so I shall share them with you all.

Pollster: IMP/PPC
Method: IVR
Sample Sizes: 2000 (in each district)

There are no undecideds in each of these races, however, most polls have been showing few undecideds so that is in line with everyone else.

State Senate District 12-Incumbent Jim Holperin (D)
46.3% Simac (R) 53.7% Holperin (D)
State Senate District 18-Incumbent Randy Hopper (R)
45.3% Hopper (R) 54.7% King (D)
State Senate District 32-Incumbent Dan Kapanke (R)
43.0% Kapanke (R) 57.0% Shilling (D)

They also polled how Walker would do in the event of recall in each of the three districts.
State Senate District 12 (58.4% Walker Nov 2010)
Redo: 46.6% Walker 45.2% Democrat
State Senate District 18 (54.4% Walker Nov 2010)
Redo: 43.0% Walker 50.0% Democrat
State Senate District 32 (50.3% Walker 2010)
Redo: 39.7% Walker 50.9% Democrat

Very pleased with these numbers, lets keep up the good work!

There have been questions about where the poll is coming from. I found out about it originally on twitter yesterday from following @iMIpolitics. I had been following that twitter feed starting in summer of 2010 because they where tweeting about the Bernero/Dillon primary and polling it as well. When the tweets came in about the poll yesterday, I was wondering where it was but couldn't find it.

So I went to their website:

Called the phone number on the website

and was e-mailed a copy of the PDF of the newsletter containing the poll

The pollster is Practical Political Consulting, Inc

Here is their website