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Read you're aware of what's really happening in places like Colorado and Virginia, Florida and Ohio.

The Obama campaign is doing fantastic work. But these numbers don't look so hot.

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There's a rumor going around the internets peed out by Fox News Corp alum Major Garrett in National Journal that according to Plouffe, Obama is "circling wagons" around four states -- Ohio, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire -- and giving up on Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

The deal: NOT TRUE...

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Has Team Obama learned anything from their flop in Denver? I hope so. But where's the evidence?

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Wed Nov 25, 2009 at 08:04 AM PST

Democracy sucks.

by joemcginnissjr

Democracy sucks. All these "elected" people from
various parts of the country and with all sorts of competing industry/financial backing pushing and pulling them in one direction or another makes things pretty sticky.

Even with an intelligent relatively progressive President, with his "big tent" party controlling the Senate and House, winning consensus during a horrific recession not of his making is hard. If not very, very hard.

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I hate us all -- the "progressives", the "left", the "media" -- Keith, Krugman, Maddow, Arianna.

8 is Enough. 8 months is apparently what DialyKos and the previously mentioned give you if you're a newly elected progressive president.
8 months beginning with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression to undo 8+ years of neglect, corruption, waste and dysfunction. 8 months to figure out how to end and/or proceed with two wars. You tell me -- what the hell is your answer in Afghanistan? Pull out now? Then what? Solve it. Now. Right? That's what you expect from Obama -- right?

You and they (the holier-than-thou purists -- the columnists and talking heads) want it all -- and now -- because you and they deserve it...not over time, not in a couple of years (doesn't real and lasting change take time, isn't democracy in a capitalist economy messy and complicated? Aren't all major policy shifts multi-layered, affecting so many different segments of the economy and population?), but NOW! And if not....

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Thu Jan 22, 2009 at 09:45 AM PST

1-20-09 [Dispatch from DC]

by joemcginnissjr

8:40 a.m.

The warm bus, standing-room only, turns people away at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Wisconsin. We pass by the National Cathedral, Dick Cheney’s old house, Joe Biden’s new residence, the Naval Observatory. We’re on our way, hurtling past the South African embassy, a breathtaking Muslim prayer center, toward DuPont Circle and our final stop: Rhode Island Avenue and Connecticut, maybe 10 blocks from the National Mall.

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No more reacting.


McCain puts out 3 attack ads in 24 hours (sex ed, lipstick, wolves) and Obama -- zero.

Inexcusable. Obama is always reacting and defending while independents and women move to McCain.


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Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 02:34 PM PDT

Palin: Enough!

by joemcginnissjr

Sarah Palin is a bright shiny object. Ignore her. We have 60+ days to win an election and make history, beating the longest of long odds. Don't be distracted by the latest Rove/Schmidt/McCain gimmick. Stay focused on what you can do to help win this election.

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So they've gotten this far. Inspired so many, achieved so much. They may go all the way.

But Team Obama is on the verge of making the most collosal of mistakes and there's nothing we can do to stop them.

Greek Columns?!?!?!

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A few weeks ago, Kos made a bit of a stink about some stances taken by Barack Obama that didn't sit well with him. As a result, he posted something of a diatribe about Obama not earning his donation and claimed he wouldn't donate $2,300 for the primary (and the subsequent $2,300 for the general election) until Obama earned it.

Time is running out. Primary donations are due. The deadline is September 1st, I believe. It seems petulant, self-centered, childish and downright foolish to withhold financial support from Obama at this late date if you can afford to give.

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And something tells me...after November and into winter and then on into spring...if things go the way they should...he'll have only a slight head start on a whole new generation of Obama-babies.

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It's the kind of day in washington, dc that reminds one that summer is here and it's going to be a long one. It's the kind of soupy, airless afternoon that makes you take the day for granted, knowing all too well the heat and humidity of this Sunday afternoon will be here next week and the week after stay inside, what's the hurry, checking the calendar you see that summer hasn't officially begun.

So sitting here sweating -- the a/c broken -- the world cup between matches and the dog passed out, giving in to the heat -- a Washington Post story catches my eye.

It's about Barack Obama and whether he should run for president in 2008. Some say yes, others no. Some say he's new and fresh and just what a party filled with been there-done that figures needs. All typical talk. All the stuff we've heard and debated back and forth.

But then this line -- two sentences about three quarters of the way through the story leapt off the page. It was about an airplane and the young senator and a cloudy afternoon. there was a mention of Paul Wellstone and fluke of fate. Planes crash.

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