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There is no way that President Obama can win a second term after screwing every single volunteer that worked for him.  He screwed us on healthcare and we lost the Congress.  He screwed us by backing Joe Lieberman in 2006 and hiring Rahm Emanuel to be COS.  Add to the list....

The Republicans took one half of the legislature and wrestled control of the entire U.S. Government from a very weak or very out of touch president.  Perhaps the saddest thing is that the Republicans have not even taken control of the U.S. House.

It is time to turn the page and Draft Feingold (sign the petition) or Bernie Sanders to run for President.  You can urge Bernie sanders to filibuster the "deal" here.

Mr. President, fight or get out of the way.  America needs a leader.

Please rec and weigh in.  We need to talk about this.

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Fri Sep 04, 2009 at 06:51 PM PDT

Bring the Public Option to a Vote

by John Laesch

So, I'm watching Markos and Keith pontificate healthcare and I think that their strategy is basically wrong.  They seem to be suggesting, through the media, that liberals and progressives will walk away from the Democratic Party if we don't get a public option.

Keith and Kos are at least trying to do something, but this is a very smart White House.  They know that liberals will come running back to the Democratic Party once the Republicans start with the hate mail.

I honestly believe that the netroots and progressive organizations should be demanding that Reid and Pelosi bring the public option to a vote.   Read on.


What should Democrats do on healthcare

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13%7 votes

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This Holiday season was spent like most.  My wife Jennifer and I spent Christmas day at both my parents’ house in Newark, IL, and her parents’ house in Plainfield, IL.  

On  Dec. 26th, we spent the day at Hesed House, a homeless shelter in Aurora, IL.

I would like to use my weekly blog to draw attention to some of the similarities and differences that I have noticed in the two worlds, the two Americas. John Edwards spoke of them in 2004.

I will also be sharing some of the stories and suggestions that the Hesed residents had for me.

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Many of the Fermilab community who volunteer for John Laesch for Congress contacted our office On Tuesday, Dec. 18, to alert us of the devastating cuts to high energy physics that came in the House Omnibus Appropriations bill that was passed on Monday, Dec. 17, 2007.

They were rightly concerned because the bill slashes $90 million in funding for High Energy Physicis projects, including $62 million at Fermi National Laboratory (located in IL-14). You can get details by reading Fermilab’s internal newsletter, Fermilab Today.

The $555 billion bill gives George Bush another blank check worth $70 Billion to continue the occupation of Iraq.  Sadly, there was no accountability or a specific timetable attached to the additional Iraq occupation funding.

I guess lawmakers will be returning to their districts this Christmas break with lots of pork while our soldiers serving in Iraq are enjoying sand and MRE's.  

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Sun Dec 16, 2007 at 07:47 AM PST

A Parallel Peace Movement

by John Laesch

A good friend recently invited me to attend an event in Chicago hosted by the Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago (CIOGC).  Following the tragic events of 9/11, many Muslim Americans experienced increased levels of Islamophobia; ranging from airport strip searches to acts of violence.

I had the opportunity of meeting Abdul Malik Mujahid, at a Greater Chicago Caucus event, but it wasn’t until last week’s CIOGC event that I started to understand his vision, drive and passion for forwarding a new message.

I also met Omar (photo), who is considering a run for Congress in Illinois' 4th District.

I will put a few details below the fold, but for the most part, I recognized that the entire room was filled with like-minded people who wanted social and economic justice.  

More below the fold...

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The rumor that Dennis Hastert will soon retire is alive and well in Illinois' 14th District and tonight I wanted to bring you a brief update on the first Democratic debate that was covered by, the Daily Herald.  Lisa Smith wrote:

But it was Laesch who won the crowd; the Newark carpenter's remarks garnered more applause than that of the other two 14th District candidates combined.

A former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst who served in the Middle East, Laesch repeatedly lashed out at President Bush and the Iraq war. Starting a war with Iran, Laesch said, would cause "World War III."

"If you think Iraq is a mess, Iran would be a complete and utter nightmare," Laesch said.

Laesch pushed Stein and Bill Foster, a scientist and businessman from Mill Creek, to say whether they'd immediately cut funding for the troops in Iraq and whether they'd authorize going to war with Iran. Laesch pledged, if elected, to cut funding for the Iraq war and to vote against going to war with Iran.

In response, neither Foster nor Stein would commit to vote "no" on going to war with Iran, saying they would need to study the issue further.

More below the fold...

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I would like to introduce Mary Schneider to the blogosphere.  Schneider is a fantastic candidate for State Representative in Illinois' 50th district.

Mary has already earned national media, Chicago media, local media and had her story used on the floor of the United States Senate by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois).

Mary has a fascinating story to tell about her son, Ryan. Ryan Schneider had cerebral palsy at an early age until Mary persistently sought a medical solution.  I am not a doctor so I will let Mary describe the procedure that essentially allowed stem cells from Ryan's cord blood to be infused back into his system.  It cured him and Schneider has not stopped advocating for more stem cell research since then.

Below the fold for more on Bush's veto...

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Aurora, Illinois has become the battleground for reproductive rights.

About a week ago, I attended an informal meeting at Planned Parenthood Aurora to learn more about the brewing controversy over a women's health facility.  About 50 people attended the meeting and about 25 anti-choice activists paraded along the streets.

I had the opportunity to speak with Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area CEO, Steve Trombley.  Steve let me know how important the fight in Aurora is.

"This has now become the ground zero battle in the nations' abortion battle.  We need everyone's help in the fight to open the health center because facilities like these are where reproductive choice becomes a reality for women and families." ~ Steve Trombley

While this is a local issue over an occupancy permit, we should all recognize that what happens in Aurora happens to all of us.  Please read below the fold to find out how you can help.

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When I tell people that I am running against a Blue Dog Democrat and why we need a Progressive, I now have a recent case – FISA.  As a former intelligence analyst, I could use this diary to talk about FISA, but I’d rather talk about a greater danger – the politics of fear

I fundamentally believe that there are only two kinds of politics – the politics of fear and the politics of trust (courage, hope and love in my lingo).

On page 43 of Al Gore book, The Assault on Reason, Gore quotes Senator Ed Muskie of Maine the night before the 1970 election.

There are only two kinds of politics.  They’re not radical and reactionary or conservative and liberal or even Democratic and Republican.  There are only the politics of fear and the politics of trust.

Read on and chime in if this discussion interests you...

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It’s been a busy few weeks in the Laesch for Congress camp.  I announced my candidacy for the Illinois 14 on May 26. Since then we have had a few Democrats toss their hats in the ring and several Republicans have created exploratory committees. No word from the Hastert camp on his rumored retirement, other than he will let us know soon. I’ll get to all the political stuff in a moment.  First, I have a very special announcement I want to share with all of my friends at DailyKos.

Jen and I remember meeting so many of you at YearlyKos last year and now we are looking forward to seeing you again in Chicago this August.  For us, the big difference is that we are now Mr. And Mrs. Laesch.

I swear there is some politics below...

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For those watching the race in IL-14, you might want to read this rather long post. It shows some promise for the district and why Rove is worried about a Hastert retirement.

The most prominent, informed and unbiased Blog in the district that is covering this race is Hiram Wurf’s Wurf While.  

This Diary includes 6 Full sections:

  1. Success from JDL 2006
  1. IL 14 – Going Blue
  1. Will Hastert Retire?
  1. What has John Laesch been doing?
  1. John Laesch – Changes from 2006-2008
  1. Poll – "We The People" Theme

What should Laesch for Congress do with the campaign logo?

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Tue Dec 19, 2006 at 06:44 PM PST

In Memory of Doc Barnes Part 4

by John Laesch

In Memory of Doc Barnes – an Army medic in Vietnam – a legendary advocate for Veterans thereafter:

Immediately following the swearing in of the new Congress and the Speaker of the House, I urge Speaker Pelosi to dedicate her service to this country to the following men and women.  These people, of course, are all of those known to have died in Iraq.  I urge the Speaker to yield to the newest members of the House first and work up through the ranks to the most Senior Member each being given an opportunity to add names.

I believe that not one single order of business in the next Congress is more important than this.

As BarbMD pointed out in her diary today, Harry Reid appears ready support an increase in troop strength in Iraq.  PsiFighter37 pointed out in his excellent diary the folly of that.  This killing must stop now.  

ImpeachKingBushII offers some perspective in "Iraq: 2941 KIA to date," with some suggested actions.  I offer one of my own.  I ask that you copy this list and e-mail one to your own Congressman – no matter what his or her stand is on the War in Iraq.  Over the next week there will be more action to take.  

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