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So we know the news. Rice is out. It is what it is and I'm not going to stride into details on that issue. There are plenty of places brewing about that. However, lets proceed along and find the next appropriate candidate.

As the title preludes, you already know whom I believe to be a fine candidate. So lets figure out why.

Well, one sentence ought to sum it up. Scott Brown is the next in line (realistically speaking) in Massachussettes and Richard Lugar is not a Democrat.


The best candidate for Secretary of State

6%4 votes
5%3 votes
74%44 votes
13%8 votes

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“Unions, those despicable freedom participating thugs.” So assumes the Fascisto Walker, the modern father of the Packer's downfall on Monday night and the tarnished result of what is currently the NFL.  Lets be clear, if there were successful unions in early 20th century Germany and throughout Europe, death camps would not hold up in the contract binding with those corporations that dealt so many millions of deaths to it's slaved employees. But of course, not only is that thought hilarious if not for the morbid reality of that whole fiasco, but also unions would have been the antithesis of the Nazi objective where the literal rule of law was in their own words, Corporate Fascism. Remember, this was before fascism was such a bad name.

But, “Hail Mary”, can we have some freedom and democracy for us with no voice.

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Jon Stewart said it. What's been on our minds for years. What we tell the other mate in the room with us everytime another damn episode came on.

Here we are, waiting for the next anticipated show.  'Anticipated' only because we have faith in the network that is becoming the only progressive voice out of the big 3.

But then what happens? FUCKING Lock Up.

Are you fucking serious? Again? Why? Why? Why?


Really. Fucking Why?


Does Lock Up have any constructive purpose in your daily routine?

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3%1 votes
11%3 votes
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77%21 votes

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Mon Oct 25, 2010 at 03:17 AM PDT

My P.R. for NPR

by jreal

I prepared a statement below. I hope NPR would make a similar one. I guess it's just a dream. But then again, it's always nice to dream.

As we all know, Juan Williams was recently released from NPR after making a marginalizing statement regarding Muslims on the Fox News Network (the organization that fought and won in court for their right to lie to their audience).

Well, of course we are hearing that ill-moral characters are already putting NPR on the firing squad. They are going to try and pull another A.C.O.R.N.

NPR should go ahead and put a muzzle on this talk right now.

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Title change as appropriate.

OK, OK. It is time. The memo is out and we must pull up our boot straps, hump our muskets and rifles on our backs, and take charge. This is our moment. This is our battle. And it's blitz time.

Offense is ours.

So much is going on right now. So much has been done. And I have been so busy the past 6 to 9 months, I have not been able to put a the diaries that I wanted. Main reason is because I just don't have time to do the research and put up a formidable diary with proper bibliography and data. I have been putting this off and putting this off because I just don't have time to do the research that backs up all my truths.

However, there is just no more time to waste. There are only less than a few weeks left until show time and the window of good guy motivation is dwindling. This has to get out there. We need this motivation. Absolutely everything is in our corner. All the artillery. Everything except the money bombs. Everything except the foreign influence. Everything except the possible Terrorist liquid resources flowing into Republican war chests. Well they can have their dirty terrorist money. Because 5 to 1 Bitches, 1 and 5, we got the numbers and we're takin' over.

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Some pundits, surely with major oil stock holdings are crying foul about Obama's response.

So I am responding to many article entries in major newspapers, and twisted opinions by pundits on the cables that say in so many words, "Obama doesn't care about oil stockholders". Well, sorry assholes, but we warned you about these dirty industries and you still chose the wrong stock.

So this is your own damn fault. When it comes to gambling, you win some, you loose some. And on this one, you just plain crapped, and for some reason we all now have to deal with your shit.

First came Republicans for Oil Bailouts, and now this.

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Chris Matthews invited Ken Blackwell on his program to discuss the Sestak flap today. Of course it's best to have opposing views on the political spectrum to discuss political matters in the news as Matthews usually does.

Why invite a Crook?

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As Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska spits in the face of her constituents who endured the worst oil spill in our country and were ultimately ripped off by their perpetrators that left the taxpayers to clean up and heal wounds caused by that disaster, she leads her Republicans to continue to support the Oil Company and rail against raising liability caps.

We have already learned about Republican Party leader Mitch McConnell rubbing elbows with the "Too Big to Fail" Bankers after the bailout, and then come back and say that Democrats want to continue a bailout culture after Democrats introduce a bill that will take the taxpayer off the hook on future Bank Bailouts. And we already know that Republican Michelle Bachmann is the Welfare Queen of our nation.

So if Republicans are talking out of one side of their mouth that they are against welfare and bailouts, then why are they speaking of bailouts and welfare for BP and other multi-billion dollar corporations out of the other side of their mouth.

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Wed May 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM PDT

Hard Workers of America Voting Act

by jreal

For the hard working Americans in our country who may not have the physical energy and may be emotionally drained on election day, and for this proposal, the bi-annual national election, there needs to be compensation. Compensation for those who are overworked and fear losing their jobs after standing in long lines at the voting booth. Compensation for those whom are pressured to work instead of vote. Compensation for those whom are drained due to their laborious work, and due to the negative culture of politics.

I propose this legislation in hopes that some member of Congress picks it up and uses it for further enactment. I propose this legislation to give liberty and suffrage to all the hard working Americans who presently do not have the liberty and freedom to take off work and vote, or may be too rushed or drained to vote on Election Day.

So I present to you, progressives of our nation, for the on going liberty and justice for all, and for the fulfillment of equal rights... This legislation... The Hard Workers of America Voting Act.

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