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There are confirmed reports that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 (Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur) just went down over the region of the civil war in Eastern Ukraine. The plane was likely shot down. There are no survivors. This is a dangerous escalation of an already bloody and senseless conflict.

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40+ people dead in Odessa (mostly pro-Russian activists, and at least some of them burned alive), helicopters shot down over Slavyansk, casualties during the storm of  Kramatorsk. Links below the curlicue. Trigger warnings apply, some of the photo galleries are pretty graphic.

I sort of saw it coming, but to the last moment hoped it wouldn't happen.

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Several contributors here wrote diaries about neocon involvement in the events in Ukraine. These diaries share two common misconceptions, and both of these misconceptions are glaringly conspiracy-minded, Americo-centric, and anti-progressive:
1. Everything that happens in the world happens because some force in the US made it happen.
2. Reading a popular article (or several) in the US or (at best) English press makes you an expert on a mad rat's nest of regional conflicts that predates the US by several centuries.

Rant below the fold.

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There are recent rumors that part of the Crimea (a Ukrainian province) is now under control of Russian military. I am trying to piece together what's going on from Ukrainian news... and Russian, and what my friends tell me. Some of the news sources I link may not have 100% accurate information.

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In the last half hour or so, it appears that somebody created a tag team of six (perhaps more) zombies, and set them loose in the epic meta thread launched by Kos. It also appears that said zombies have also been neutralized. Details of zombie-crushing action follow, along with some questions.

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Legitimate issues are raised, but there is also a bunch of stuff that's just over the top - hilariously and sadly at the same time.

 photo t_roll-smoll_zps2133236d.gif

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Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 11:28 AM PDT

"North Colorado" to secede?

by kalmoth

It's not from The Onion, it's for real. Weld County in Northern Colorado has put a vote on the ballot this November to secede from Colorado and to "pursue becoming the 51st state of the United States of America." Apparently, because the state government is too repressive on... wait for it... guns and fracking.


Best name for the 51st state?

18%10 votes
53%29 votes
11%6 votes
14%8 votes
1%1 votes

| 54 votes | Vote | Results

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Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 08:27 PM PST


by kalmoth

There's just too much stuff going on at this site that I have no desire to be a party to, sorry: the virtual pie fights where people try to score cheap points over a real tragedy, the internet tough-guy threats and counter-threats of violence, worst of all, at least one person exploiting images of dead children (once again, to score cheap points).

The site administration's stance on the matters (or lack of such thereof) does not help either, in my humble opinion.

The DailyKos community is normally a great place. It is hurting now. I do not feel I am disciplined enough to contribute much to its healing, but at least I can choose not to do harm.

Until later.


Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 11:10 AM PST

VERY good news from the Middle East?

by kalmoth

Avigdor Lieberman, the Foreign Minister of Israel, is finally forced to resign after being  haunted for years by financial scandals and accusations of money laundering, bribery, and so on.

Why it may be really good for the Midlle East - below the squiggle.

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Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 11:42 PM PST

Regarding trolls and paid shills...

by kalmoth

This post is about a major breaking scandal - several prominent bloggers have just been revealed to be paid trolls...

Background and breaking news - below the squiggly.

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...and STILL cannot keep up with the negative feedback.

Here's a little sampling...

--- You have crossed a line of credability of your mission with conflicts of moral & religious lines, Shame is on your CEO...Bold face liar with a page out of Communist dictators raming lies down peoples throats...NO more donations of time and money for Susan G...
--- Shame on you!! Due to our current state of financial woes, several women I personally know have used PP for their breast cancer and reproductive cancer screenings. Your decision to pull funding from PP may cause irrevocable harm to thousands of financially-strapped women. You won't get another hour of my donated time or a dime out of me. }:[ Angry Daughter of a Cancer Victim.
        2 hours ago · Like · 3
--- ‎"According to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions, a driving force behind the move was Karen Handel, who was hired by Komen last year as vice president for public policy after losing a campaign for governor in Georgia in which she stressed her anti-abortion views and frequently denounced Planned Parenthood."
--- You have done a disservice to all women that have no insurance or cannot afford private health care. I have participated in "Run for the Cure" and supported friends who have been involved in your organization but will not continue in the future.
--- I am now donating my money to the cancer sad that you have lost SO MANY of us who have supported Komen for the cure since it began...THIS is a travesty!!!!
        2 hours ago · Like
--- Shame on you....
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
--- Every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer and SGK is deciding who they shall be - Doesn't everyone count? Is cancer political and religious?
11 minutes ago · Like
--- Sorry, you've lost me with this decision. My donations will go to Avon and ACS
5 minutes ago · Like
--- Seriously,SGK folks. Shame on you. Way to sink good charitable work for the sake of a doomed-to-fail political cause.
2 minutes ago · Like

 More under the curlicue (with screenshots).

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According to Japan's Prime Minister,

the crippled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have been successfully brought to a state of cold shutdown.

The state is a target in the second phase of a timetable established by the government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company to bring the plant under control.

At a meeting of the government nuclear disaster task force on Friday, Noda declared that the reactors are now stable and that the second phase is complete.

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