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Sat Feb 15, 2014 at 10:10 PM PST

Jordan Davis: Justice Denied

by karanja

I have sat in front of my laptop contemplating this article about the cold blooded murder of Jordan Davis and subsequent trial which resulted Saturday 15th November in a mistrial on first degree murder charges of Michael Dunn, his killer. It is mind boggling to me that the jury in finding Dunn guilty of attempted murder, somehow thought he was guilty of trying to murder Jordan’s friends, but did not murder Davis.

The verdict is as schizophrenic as the pathology that allows that black boys are a danger to society even as they repeatedly fall victim to the very society which claims to be afraid of them.

I remember watching news of the cold blooded killing of Trayvon Martin and thinking, as I’m sure did many other African American families “god forbid this could be any one of my young relatives, or children of friends”. For Ron Davis, Jordan Russell Davis’ father, tragically, that day did come, merely months after Ron Davis had remarked on how much his son resembled Trayvon Martin when Jordan Davis had donned a hoodie.

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Tuesday April 9th Kenyans inaugurated the 4th Kenyan president, the recently elected Uhuru Kenyatta since the country gained independence.

The young republic that is Kenya is celebrating 50 years of independence, its Jubilee year as a nation free from its former colony the United Kingdom. It seems fitting then that when recently Kenyans went to the polls, they elected the Jubilee coalition into power led by Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto. Uhuru the son of

Kenya’s first post-independence President, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta named his eldest son Uhuru which is Swahili for freedom, in his anticipation for and excitement over the impending independence that would follow two years after Uhuru’s birth in 1961.

There is therefore no shortage of seeming poetry in this saga that has seen Uhuru ascend to power. He is the first Kenyan elected President in my adult life that has openly and actively pushed a clearly nationalistic agenda in his campaign, shunning western influence over Kenya, and even inculcating some anti-western sentiments among the Kenyan public.

Raila Odinga has been the west’s choice to lead Kenya, not only during this election but in the previous election in 2007 which he lost to the current President, Mwai Kibaki. It was at the urging of western powers that Raila ascended to the position of Prime Minister in a deal that resulted in a coalition government of national reconciliation after the post-election violence (PEV as its referred to in Kenya) that rocked Kenya after the 2007 polls.

The deal would also see two deputy prime minister positions established, and Uhuru Kenyatta would be the beneficiary when President Kibaki picked Uhuru for one of the two positions in which he would emerge as a close ally to the president.
The recent elections were in effect a repeat of the 2007 race in the sense that almost all of the same players were in somewhat of a repeat race, but this time, Kibaki who was barred from running by term limits was replaced by Uhuru, his right hand man, while Raila was still on the opposing side.  William Ruto, who in 2007 was an ally of Raila’s would join forces with Uhuru to be his running mate.

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Below the fold I am posting verbatim, a letter that Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA has sent to their members Thursday morning urging them to stop the Obama Agenda of gun registration blah blah blah lies lies lies...

Importantly however it lists the 20 Senators that the NRA is urging it's members to flood with calls, indicating that they believe that these senators are either vulnerable, persuadable or both. We have to do our bit to make the calls to this same group to ensure that these senators hear from our side of this super important discussion!

Full Letter posted below the fold.

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Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 09:05 PM PDT

I am joining the boycott

by karanja

Quite simply because I agree with the fact that there is intolernace of views coming from Black people with regard to race.

I saw some real ugliness in the aftermath of Prop 8, and I actually had my own boycott since then, and I only recently returned to find it's gotten even worse!

O.K so I'm a bit late to the start but I had to contribute!


We have been called "Obama haters", and we've been accused of "magical thinking" all the while when, I must remind those "name callers" that we were the very ones who canvassed, made calls, fund-raised, knocked on doors - sometimes in hostile neighborhoods and environments and registered voters for the historic campaign to elect our first Black President, and yes, what we thought at the time was our best Democratic hope.

We have been accused of ignorance of his record, and even of lying about and maligning the President, to what political, emotional or otherwise end, I cannot even begin to fathom.

So I wish to make it very clear that my frustration with the President stems primarily from the fact that I think his centrist/moderate Republican ideas are a) not only bad for me, the economy, for left wing ideas but also indeed for the country and b) also will cost him his re-election, cost us a loss down ticket as well and that will be definitely tragic for us all, cuz I honestly believe that Obama was elected at a historically opportune time with a mandate to provide new left wing ideas and I argue that he still indeed has time!

The President himself implied that we do not understand or care about deficits, when he stated, - and I paraphrase - that we "liberals ought to also be concerned about deficits" and I just want to point out that I am indeed concerned about deficits. I just happen to believe that the way to resolve the deficits is not through painful cuts to essential services especially at a time of such dire economic straits when the government needs to be the spender of last resort, but rather to end ALL of the Bush tax cuts and not just the upper level cuts for millionaires and billionaires as reversing these alone would not be enough. I argue for reversing all of the tax cuts because the extra one or two thousand going to the average American family simply cannot cover the cuts that the current tax cuts have resulted in.

We've been accused of not being capable of being pleased by anything that Obama would do or has done, and expecting or requiring that anything less than total socialism would make us happy, or god knows what, cuz I'm sure we are not all Socialists (I am just for the record).

That is not at all the case... Please follow me after the jump for a small list of practical proposals that I know would definitely make me happy and I believe many other of his critics, but also would re-motivate me and encourage me to work for and do all the same things I did for this President in '08.

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I am sitting here watching President Obama for whom I still have some affection, and facing up to the fact that not only has my disappointment with his lack of any progressive ideas to at least try and turn around the economy reached a climax, but that my feelings are not in any way shape or form isolated.

My brother and I seem to evolve at about the same pace with regard to our political and socio-economic views and I was rather surprised to hear him recently say, "fuck Obama" especially as I had just recently found myself saying the same thing when watching or listening to the President.

I think the turning point was after watching the President capitulate on the unnecessary debacle that was the debt ceiling... ...well, debacle and the President going back to basically rehash his same old rhetoric for which he has never once fought and I thought "give me a fucking break!"


Will You be working and fundraising for Obama in 2012?

25%50 votes
1%2 votes
3%6 votes
9%18 votes
60%118 votes

| 194 votes | Vote | Results

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Since the recent Iranian elections, most people here in America, and I’m assuming all across the west as far as I know including all of the news channels and every single anchor without exception have been hailing the demonstration marches as a noble fight for Democracy against a tyrannical and dictatorial ruler in Ahmadinejad. I would certainly caution against this kneejerk reaction, even though I seem to be in the huge minority, along, with President Obama apparently, who cautioned that a Mir-Hossein Mousavi Administration may not represent the turnaround that most people have jumped to the conclusion that it would be. Bob Baer, a former CIA operative in the Middle East, in his article in Time on Thursday June 18th, Don't Forget Mousavi's Bloody Past pointed out that Mousavi was the Iranian Prime Minister from 1981 – 1989, and alleges that he, Mousavi, bears the blood of Americans on his hands. Not that the CIA is my go to for the truth, but it is worthwhile to note that there are dissenting voices on the faultlessness of Mousavi.

Cross Posted on GBMnews, My Blogspot

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Following the term limits debacle whereby Christine Quinn helped push through term limit extensions refusing to heed the wishes of 89% of New Yorkers for a public referendum on the issue, Speaker Quinn now finds herself in a precarious situation in New York City. She faces a serious primary challenge from Maria Passannante-Derr for the Democratic nomination for City Council, but further, she continues to complicate her situation by refusing to commit to backing the Democratic nominee for Mayor, which would anger Democrats in City Hall, and in particular the Black Caucus if, as is likely to be, Comptroller Bill Thompson is the Democratic nominee. This would put her Speaker position possibly in jeopardy as she would lose the votes of the black caucus in City Hall, even if she were to win, but she may not even get that far.

She is already starting to see an erosion of support, and if her current credible challenger, Community Board Member, Maria Passannante-Derr starts to pick up City Council endorsements, from members of the Black and Latino Caucuses in City Hall as is likely to happen, Speaker Quinn may very well lose in a Democratic Primary.

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And lest we forget, the only way to get around Arizona is by small private plane! Well, according to Cindy McCain anyhow. Yes, I know this has been widely diaried, and exhausted on other blogs, but I rather think it fits right in with not only the McCain's camp's out-of-touch-ness, but also the republican Party's with their totally out of touch policies (unless you are a multi-billion dollar multi-national conglomerate!
It should absolutely be part and parcel of the new attack strategy, although I know in keeping with Obama's tack of integrity and keeping spouses out of the attack line, I know it will not be. sigh one can but hope!

The infamous quote

Huffpo Coverage


Please do not confuse this to ambulance chasing. I do not at all in the least celebrate that dozens have been killed in Iraq by four suicide bombers  in order to prove a point.

However, the sad reality, and what pisses me off about the Obama campaign, by turning over and playing dead - on the question of the surge - among other issues, is that "the surge has worked" is a myth in the fantasy land that was Iraq of the garden of Eden, but certainly not the Iraq of July 2008. Sadly the media has not only allowed this untruth to fester unchallenged, but they have continued to perpetuate it. This morning's headlines only highlight this lie, and it would be nice to say "I told you so", except, it is actually the lives of real human beings that were involved and that were destroyed in today's tragic incidents!

Suicide Bombers Kill Dozens in Iraq today

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(I re-edited this in a hurry as I hold my stomach about to throw up, but read on, I think it is now coherent - despite my rage!)

It makes me sick to the stomach to read about the stupid press people at camp Obama reiterating how both McCain and Obama both love the troops, support the troops, and all that bullshit. This stupid press department did the same during the primaries, leaving me wondering exactly which candidate they were working for. While the primaries involved battling against fellow Democrats, and a delicate balancing act indeed that was, particularly when battling a woman, this is the general, and the Rethugs need us never, not once be their spokesperson for any of their virtues (if there are indeed any)
cnn's skewed coverage

This staying above the fray will just never work with Rethugs, and this is the perfect example of why this should never have been allowed to happen! I honestly don't know that the Obama candidacy can survive this onslaught!

I have no idea who came up with the brilliant idea of covering up for Condi, Gates, Bush and Co! I can just picture the Clintons and all Clintonistas now saying, "I told you so! He couldn't battle the Rethugs and this is an example! "

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Mon Jul 07, 2008 at 06:56 PM PDT

Why I trust Obama on FISA

by karanja

I am taking the liberty to quote Gregg Heackock in his post below due to the seriousness of this matter. I am also cross-posting this Blog or variations thereof across several blogs starting of course with, as well as but not limited to Daily Kos. I felt strongly about the furor over FISA, not so much because I am in such blind adherence to each and every word and policy position of Obama’s but rather because the argument is particularly harmful for several reasons. Read Gregg’s post in full below, followed by my own two cents on why I created this group, and more about what it is specifically that bothers me about this purist egomaniacal nonsensical protest, not least of all being that if we are indeed supposed to judge men by their actions, and not just their words, Obama has proven that he is a leader for the people, who listens, and who espouses true progressivism. Get involved and to help spread the word, so we can increase our membership, and rid the mainstream media off their current meme regarding the "so called grassroots Obama supporter revolt"! So read on my fellow Obamaniacs, and get inviting. Let’s grow this group!


The so called dissent is much ado

11%8 votes
13%10 votes
13%10 votes
25%18 votes
23%17 votes
1%1 votes
11%8 votes

| 72 votes | Vote | Results

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