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I posted this as a comment earlier today, and after one commenter suggested I post it in its own diary, I am doing so, with some rewrites.

With some Kossacks feeling Alyssa Douglas, who posted a tweet wishing death on Barack Obama as explained in this diary by therehastobeaway, should be thrown in jail for as long as 40 years, and that her life will, and should, be ruined, I ask you to consider the possibility that Alyssa has actually been wildly successful in achieving her aim.

And it’s not the death of Obama.

Curious about her motivation, I read all other tweets by her that I could.  Since then I have copy-pasted them into a Word file, which I can provide on request, as her Twitter account now no longer exists.

From that reading I concluded some things very different from what other people were postulating about her and why she posted the tweet (assuming it really was her).  Jump the lovely squiggle to read them.

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If you're like me, you feel a kind of desperate horror and frustration as you watch the American health care debate happening right now.  It's like yelling to someone who is obviously desperately searching for something, 'Hey!  Look!  We've got it!  Right over here!' ...and they just completely ignore you and keep staggering around, as if they were blind.

If you're like me, you realize they are being PURPOSELY blinded.  You feel insulted by the endless spew of bullshit about our system in Canada being spouted by corporate-funded mouthpieces -- but, more than insulted, you are horrified that they can lie to their own fellow Americans so as to keep them from receiving what we take for granted because we've had it for 62 freaking years, and you are saddened that it seems to work.

If you're like me, you feel frustrated because you can't phone a congressperson or senator, or sign an American petition, or donate to a politician's campaign fund -- because you are Canadian and as such it's supposedly not your business.


Gonna sign it? / Vous le signerez?

50%11 votes
31%7 votes
13%3 votes
4%1 votes

| 22 votes | Vote | Results

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In a nutshell: 91% of Canadians have never had necessary health care delayed or denied... as opposed to 34% of Americans.

If you don't know what I'm talking about: I had a diary on the rec list yesterday asking Canadians and Americans to vote re their health care experiences.

Votes as of 8:30 a.m. today (percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding error):

Total Canadians: 333
Never had necessary health care denied or delayed: 304 votes - 91%
Have had necessary health care denied: 7 votes - 2%
Have had necessary health care delayed: 19 votes - 5%
Have had necessary health care denied and delayed: 3 votes - 1%

Total Americans: 841
Insured, never had necessary health care denied or delayed: 283 votes - 34%
Insured, have had necessary health care denied: 99 votes - 12%
Insured, have had necessary health care delayed: 125 votes - 15%
Insured, have had necessary health care denied and delayed: 122 votes - 15%
Uninsured: 212 votes - 25%

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I was just reading on the front page about John Boehner blathering Frank Luntz's talking points (helpfully enumerated by BarbinMD) about health care, and gnashing my teeth at the degree of deception in them.  (Kossack Tegrat deconstructs them here.)

Viz: a public health system means denied care (even though at least some private insurers have a 'deny every claim the first time' policy)... delayed care (even though private insurance bureaucracy makes people wait)... bureaucrats rather than doctors making health decisions (though private insurer paper-pushers do this all the time) ... waste, fraud and abuse (like that doesn't happen in the murder-by-spreadsheet industry).

My own experience of the Canadian health care system puts the lie to every single one of these points.  Neither I nor any Canadian I know has ever been denied care, had care delayed, or had medical decisions made by anyone but a qualified health professional.  


Please vote for which applies best to you

25%329 votes
0%8 votes
1%22 votes
0%5 votes
22%298 votes
7%104 votes
9%128 votes
9%126 votes
16%219 votes
1%18 votes
3%48 votes

| 1305 votes | Vote | Results

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As a Kossack since 2003 or so and an online novelist since mid-March 2009, I naturally had Kos come immediately to mind when I was thinking about how to promote my work.  The catch-sig-line "Fantasy fiction for Dems" popped into my head immediately.

I know intuitively what that means to me, but it occurred to me an explanation is perhaps needed.  So here it is.

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The most in-depth story I've found about the Ashley Todd political mugging hoax appeared in today's Pittsburgh-Post Gazette.  The reporters did a nice job of contacting some of this troubled young woman's past associations to get a better idea of who she was and why she might have done what she did.  She has a history, it seems, of telling lies for political purposes.

But what's most interesting to me is the apparent role of her now-former employer, the College Republican National Committee (and yes, she was a paid Republican operative, not a volunteer).

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So I'm bopping around here and there trying to keep track of just how many superdelegates are endorsing Obama... it's enough of a deluge that various web sources are having trouble keeping up.

Right here on Kos, it's still 23.5 on the FP table (as I write), 22 in one diary, 10 in another.  The Obama website has 12 and 16.5 ON THE SAME PAGE.

All right, so I'm burying the lead.  USA Today has Obama at 2123 delegates -- 5 OVER the finish line.  If they're right... it's over.


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Wed May 28, 2008 at 02:09 PM PDT

Help! How much $ for TV image?

by Karen Wehrstein

Hi Kossacks:

I'm enlisting the aid/consultation of the Daily Kos community...  I was just contacted by a Japanese TV production company asking if they could use this image for a TV show.

They asked me what the fee would be and I have NO IDEA.  I've never sold one of my images to a TV studio, in Japan or anywhere else.

Any TV production, admin or management people out there who can tell me what's the "going rate" for this sort of thing?

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So Hillary supporters, and the Clinton campaign itself, are claiming that they've raised... well, some number of millions of dollars in online donations in the last few days.

Others... have doubts.  (I take the word "claims" as expressing a certain skepticism... check the comments also.)

Now my feeling is that just as Kossackswere a significant part of the Obama money bomb... Hillary can't have received such a big online donation total without a big infusion from those among us who support her.


Since Super Tuesday I have donated to the Clinton campaign:

1%3 votes
1%3 votes
3%10 votes
0%2 votes
5%15 votes
0%2 votes
2%8 votes
2%8 votes
1%3 votes
0%2 votes
0%2 votes
3%10 votes
76%217 votes

| 285 votes | Vote | Results

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Reading Bob Johnson's diarycontending that there's a groundswell of disaffection among African-Americans due to one of the Clinton campaigner's "drug dealer" smear of Obama, I could see why that could well be the case.

The diary, however, cited a WaPo article that was not well-sourced.  As a journalist myself, I would never talk about a "building backlash" without directly quoting at least two or three average African-Americans in support of that interpretation, nor would I paraphrase any Obama operatives who said "some African American leaders detect a pattern" without getting names of said leaders and quoting them.

Nonetheless, many commenters on the diary said that there is indeed a backlash growing.  Since we're a big enough community to be our very own demographic, I'd like to measure how severe the disaffection is, at least among Kossacks.  So -- please! -- TAKE THE POLL over the flip.


Please click on most appropriate statement. Considering the implications made by Clinton campaign people about Obama and drugs...

6%10 votes
8%13 votes
1%2 votes
3%6 votes
14%22 votes
14%22 votes
19%29 votes
26%40 votes
1%2 votes
3%5 votes

| 151 votes | Vote | Results

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Go to -- Liveblog #24

Welcome to the fourth day of 24/7 liveblog coverage of the fires in Southern California provided by the DKos community. If you are able to, please include information on evacuations, closures/openings, and fire-fighting progress in your comments.

Are things getting better yet?  The wind appears to be dying down somewhat, which would help the firefighters more than anything else, so that's a good sign.

Please do not post pictures (they slow things down too much) or frivolous comments.  If you are here to mock, gloat, blame the victims or give us your philosophical meanderings about the meaning of wildfires, go play with other trolls.  We've only had to troll-rate one person to oblivion so far, but boy was it fun.

Please use the first comment to post updates. Responses to the first comment should be updates only.

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**PLEASE do not recommend this diary; RECOMMEND Mothership II by Liveblog**.  Mothership I here.

SoCal folks: does it help to know that people as far away as Canada care?  That's where I am... liveblogging knows no borders.

For those who are far away from SoCal, please volunteer to post a liveblog.  Probably you are more well-rested and your Internet connection and power are more certain than people in the area!

This horror may not be over for a few days  Please help!

The Rules:
1. Please do NOT use local numbers and websites, UNLESS you are in the area and are in need.

2. No pictures or frivolous comments in the thread, please. We are here to aid our brothers and sisters in SoCal and provide links and updates for them and the community. Confine your remarks to the SoCal fires and keep them helpful.  Pictures slow down the thread (on a site that's already slow) keeping useful info from getting to those who need it right now.

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