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Mon May 04, 2009 at 10:10 PM PDT

My Friend Went to Prison Today

by KarlTheKnife

I will warn you up front that this diary will not have anything to do with Democrats, Republicans, Arlen Specter, SCOTUS, Gopasaurs, or even pie...  delicious pie...

But it is a story about justice - or the lack thereof - in America.  Today, my friend of fourteen years (half our lives) was sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit.

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With all the raging debate right now about what's to be done with the dirtbag Lieberman, the point is often raised about fairness to the people of Connecticut, or our level of culpability for sending the SOB back to Washington.  I thought perhaps it would help to explain exactly what our relationship is with Joementum and how it came to pass that he continues to represent the Great State of C-Town, home of U-Conn women's basketball.

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Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 09:06 PM PST

Meditations on Prop 8

by KarlTheKnife

I have to admit:  I have been depressed all day.  Last night I remember being filled to the line with feelings of excitement, joy, and - what was that weird one?  Oh yeah, pride in my country.

It all evaporated this morning when I read about the Propositions that passed last night.  (I will not bother going into the added disappointments of Bachmann, Tubes, Chambliss, and all the other goons to whom we failed to deliver their comeuppance.)  Yes, here in CT we did a kick-ass job, and the best possible person will be our next President.  But seeing human beings stripped of their rights by the whim of 51% of their fellow citizens put a whole new perspective on the glory that was yesterday.  It left me asking:  How far have we really come if California, the supposed National Bastion of Liberalism (I know much of the state is Red, but it has produced a lot of the countries Bluest actions), can grant rights to chickens but actually take them away from people just because it makes them feel icky?  I am a hetero vegetarian, but I KNOW something is not right about that.

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While California's Proposition 8 has assumed the national spotlight as far as ballot initiatives go, there are other ballot questions in other states that are getting less attention than they should.  We are currently facing one such question in Connecticut.

Now, those of you who are super-savvy on the subject of state laws may be saying to me via the computer screen, "Wait a minute, Connecticut doesn't have ballot initiatives!  What gives?"  This is true.  But what gives is that there is a clause in our state constitution that requires the question to be posed on the ballot every twenty years:  "Should there be a convention to amend the state constitution?"  The option has never been exercised since the ratification of the constitution in 1965.

However, there is now an urgent matter that has befallen Connecticut due a serious flaw in our state's most important document that MUST be addressed immediately, even if it requires the most draconian of means, lest our children and our children's children forever pay the consequences.

You guessed it:  We forgot to ban gays from getting married.

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