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The hospitals have been sending the patients with radioactive iodine consumption home with instructions to flush twice.  Don't hug your kids or your dog.  But other than that....

The fact is that our sewers have been receiving radioactive materials for some time.  Consider that patients that can afford to stay at near by hotels while receiving treatment. Down the toilet.  Even at home it is down the toilet or perhaps you have a medical crisis, feel faint, woozy, even while in the tub or shower and let urine pass; what happens to it?  Without any strong flushing action, does the radioactivity stay in the lowest level of the p-trap?  

What if you are living in subsidized housing or a senior high rise tower.......does the radioactive material stay in the p-trap for the life of the material, thousands of years?  Even when the building is torn down decades later the radioactivity is still strong.    

Try finding a site on the net discussing these problems, there isn't one because the blind eye is turned to this problem.  

Why are not patients sent home with a badge notifying the individual of his/her radioactivity?  

One site on the net disclosed that radioactive machinery was dumped into the concrete supply making the frame of an apartment complex and decades later tracked down only to find that the residents of the apartment --current and former---all had health problems.  

We let this problem go undetected due to radiations lack of visibility.  Like radon from our basements, it can't be seen or heard.  Radon was first detected (Wiki) on a nuclear plant worker at the plant only to be tracked down to his home!  

An undiscovered part of our violent history could very well be due to this silent threat.  The human organism is not compatible with radiation exposure regardless of our so-called background radiation exposure.  

If theories of planetary core heating --mine among them---are correct in surmising the heating is due to solar cosmic ray production, it is possible that we being subjected to a bath of cosmic rays that damage our immune system among other tragedies.  


Thu Jul 11, 2013 at 07:49 PM PDT

Tree of Life updated

by katesisco

Science Daily had the most amazing article out in May 2013 about comb jellies and the tree of life.  A lot of effort has gone into drawing the tree of life with its branches that show how each life split off in time; yes, we are there too close to the chimps and a little further away from the gorillas.  
Sponges were supposed to be the bottom, nothing lower.  Sponges are almost not alive but surprise, surprise! they are not the bottom of the tree of life.  Comb jellies, with muscles, nerves, and a brain!  were discovered to be older.  Scientists are baffled!  Does this mean that life began twice?  Heresy!  
Going back to the Edicaran fauna 600 million years ago, those strange creatures of the Burgess Shale, of which we see nothing but fossils, one is forced to ask:  did the comb jellies originate in the Edicaran explosion of life form and its equally rapid demise?  


Actually I understand none of it........ (0+ / 0-)

I strongly suspected the gov of collusion with the bankers when it was revealed that young people --i think it was 28--would be on their parents policies.  Why did I smell a rat here?  Because these ' young people' are probably parents themselves and that means the grandkids would be on the grandparents policies.  
It appears to be another attempt to acquire the paid-for homes in the same vein as the reverse mortgages. Only this is more strongly engineered and sneakier.  The health care debts consisting of not-fully covered doctor and hospital bills would accrue to the individual with the asset, the home owner.  I have read there is a large--very large--component of the economy that owns their own homes outright.  
If the health bill does not at the present have this inclusion for grandkids health care it will very soon.  Consider that the DSM has revised it definition of autism so that defiant behavior is now mental illness.  This revision has long been sought by the educational professionals.  Last year the Ausberger's spectrum was included in mainstream autism which is much more complex, and now it appears that the autism that will be included in the classroom is the former Ausberger's who largely self-teach.  The former autistic child will no longer be in the classroom being defined by the new description in the DSM as mentally ill.  How then will these children receive care if not in school?  Will there be special day care for them?  Who will pay for the placement of mentally ill children who cannot pay?  Will their grandparents policy be the primary vehicle for payment of outstanding charges?  The gov policy will pay only part of the costs.  
The recent maneuverings of the gov regarding the abatement of the business payments sounds like smoothing out of potentially rough waters as to let this sugar-coating of public care slide through.  It may be that members of the public all think they will not be the one most affected. Young working people have expressed their willingness to pay the $100 fine and choose not to participate.  A health plan that allows people NOT to participate?  That lets people opt out?  Then who would stay?  Retired people who may or may not own their own home as they would be expecting the most health related problems.  Young people with no jobs.  And especially young mothers with children whose difficulty making low-paying job ends meet is legion.  
One wonders then where the money would come from to pay the health care for these people?  Not from the business who either now or later plan to opt out.  Not from the working young.  Not from large corps or gov employees already covered.  The early portion enacted by Mr Obama was bankrupt months before expected due to the catastrophic cost for the children/adults with special needs.  So where is the money coming from?  

Could it be that the money issue is taking a backseat to getting the plan underway due to the hidden agenda?  I think that long forgotten item that includes children on the policy of the parents is going to come into play and is the hidden agenda behind this sugar coated opt-out policy we are being anchored to.  And I think both houses know and authored this.  Thank You Mr Obama

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