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My niece's husband rails against people who want any kind of gun safety regulations.  He also has a shotgun.  And a two-year-old daughter.  I once nicely asked my niece, who, like her husband, is all about "gun rights," what sort of training she's had on the shotgun that's kept in the house with her and her toddler.  I never got a response.  

Anyway, her husband posted this picture on FB a little while ago:

Numbered, so at least it's easy to know where to begin.  A rarity these days.
He wrote:  "I'd like to see someone disprove what is stated here."

Well.  As the kids these days say:  

Just because I'm in my mid-40s, that doesn't mean I'm too young to look pathetic when I try to do what the kids these days are doing, so here's a rage face.  Because memes!  And I'm not aging!
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Okay, a Facebook exchange isn't exactly like staring down the Klan in 1960's South (and by "isn't exactly like" I mean "not even remotely like, and even putting the two in the same sentence is rock freakin' stooopid").  But a small win is still a win.

A Facebook friend posted this picture, saying, "Couldn't resist!  LMAO!"

(And because the exchange started with the picture, I guess I have to post it.  Sorry about this.  It's below the orange sherbet swirl.)

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Mitt's Lament

Where is she, someone tell me
Can anyone dispel me
Of this notion that she's lost
No object to me, the cost
Whatever I must pay
I'll withdraw it from the Cay-
mans bank; and glad I'll be
When at last I finally see
A woman who'll vote for me
(Who hasn't suffered a head injury)

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Disgusted by what's happening to your country?  Don't like high taxes?  Don't think everyone should have access to health care?  

Don't want Obamacare because of nightmare visions dancing in your head of long wait times?

Willing to spend money so you can... um... save money?

Well, has this Facebook commenter got the place for you!  

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Context?  I got yer context right here.  What you didn't see:  

* him showing up at my back door one alarmingly hot summer day, skinny, dirty and panting.

* him trying to get in the house every time I'd open the back door.  

* him following me around every time he saw me outside.

Finally, you didn't see me give up a week later, take him to the vet, get him checked, tested and cleaned up, and take him in.

And you definitely don't see how he goes from gentle head-butting sweetie to hissing violent psychopath whenever he sees a stray outside.  Hypocritical bastard cat.

I love him, though.

But now he has a minion.  I am afraid.


Did we need this pootie moment?

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Have you made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking?  Welcome!  

Many of you have a plan.  You’ve set today as your quit date, you’ve read books and websites telling you what to expect, and you’ve psyched yourself up for this.  You’ve got a great support network around you.  Maybe you’ve even got a workout plan, including distracting little exercises you can do at work when you feel a craving coming on.  You’re happy, positive and looking forward to the new, healthier, non-smoking you.  Well, you know what?  You’ll be fine.  You’re well prepared to handle the ups and downs that will come your way.  You’re going to beat that nico-demon!

So I’m not talking to you.    

Okay, now, the rest of you.  The ones thinking: “‘Nico-demon’?  Oh, Christ, this is another one of those ‘you can do it, li’l camper!’ pep talks.  I hate those f---in’ things.”

So do I.  When I quit smoking, my method was heavy on bitterness and sarcasm.  I embraced the hell and owned the hostility, and so can you!

GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are appreciated. We avoid discussion of political issues. If you are quitting or even thinking about quitting, please -- join us! GUS Library at dKosopedia is organically evolving, and stocked with free-range information: quit-smoking links, helpful GUS diary writing tips, and the GUS buddy list.
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