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How come no one in the media ever reminds McCain of his 2010 Tweet where he declared withdrawal of Troops in Iraq was a "Victory" whenever McCain starts foaming at the mouth complaining that President Obama brought the "last US troops" home from Iraq?

I think John McCain is a liar. I've heard some people say he's just insane, but I think he both a liar and insane.

In 2010 John McCain was psyched that the "Last US Troops Leave Iraq" and he gave Bush credit for enabling the "Last US Troops Leave Iraq."

2014 McCain "anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned"
Earlier this year, John McCain blathered "anyone who declares the withdrawl from Iraq a success should be canned."

The press quoted McCain's insane rant without saying that in 2010 John McCain tweeted and declared the withdrawal from Iraq was a "victory."


On Wednesday, John McCain was one rabid beast blasting President Obama for allowing the "Last US Troops Leave Iraq."  McCain was on CNN and could barely control his anger.

MCCAIN: 'You [Jay Carney], in your role as a spokesperson, bragged about the fact that the last American combat troop had left Iraq. If we had left a residual force the situation would not be what it is today.'
Ummm ... John McCain, in his role as US Senator, "bragged about the fact that the last American combat troop had left Iraq" and gave President Bush the credit.

Does the media have a some bizarre inability to retain factual information?  

Just yesterday, CNN's White House Correspondent, Michelle Kosinski actually had to ask Josh Ernest "who was right" between Jay Carney and John McCain regaring the CNN interview.

KOSINKI: And maybe you heard on CNN last night your former boss get into it with Senator McCain.  And even today on the Senate floor, we heard him saying that it was the Iraqis who wanted a residual force to stay there.  If you heard the back-and-forth, who’s right in this?
"who's right in this" What? Is she so inept at her job that she could not go through CNN historical footage and answer her own question and see McCain was, and still is, lying through his teeth?

Reporters fail every single time they forget factual history and fail every time they don't remind John McCain of his 2010 Tweet.

To answer Kosini's question, in the CNN interview John McCain lied, he told lots of lies.

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What "Terrorist" group will USA create next?

We all know the Executive Branch & Legislative Branch have been creating "terrorists" for a long time.  

USA created Bin Laden to fight the Russians because you know,

USA created ISIS/ISIL in 2004 because the USA invaded Iraq to steal their oil under the script of
While it's true Congress is too chickenshit to fulfill their Constitutional duty and demand the US President get authorization from Congress ... what terrorist group is the USA's new script creating as we plan arm the so-called "moderate" rebels in Syria?  
Run ... hide ... run ... hide ... RUN ... HIDE!!!!! The terrorists that (shhh... whisper... that the United States created) are COMING!!!!

God I am sick of this shit!  I am sick of members of Congress telling us, actually telling us that we should not look at the mistakes we made in the past, we should ignore the past because -- you know -- who the hell wants to learn from the GD mistakes of the past?

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Corporations large and small, LLCs, organizations, individuals get audited by the IRS all the time. In fact, in 1984 I was audited by the IRS.

Now it's Breitbarf's turn to be audited and they are whinning like hell about it. Not to worry though because Ted Cruz sent a letter to the IRS interrogating them about their auditing of Breitbart.

Yeah, Ted Cruz.

Don't they have their own paid lawyer to do help them with this sort of stuff?

Ted Cruz is Senator for Texas and Breitbart is not incorporated in Texas.

News Network, LLC was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Los Angeles, California.  

From California Secretary of State website

Entity Number:                    201122210229
Date Filed:                       08/10/2011
Status:                            ACTIVE
Jurisdiction:                      DELAWARE
Entity Address:                    8383 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 1000
Entity City, State, Zip:            BEVERLY HILLS CA 90211
Agent for Service of Process:    C T CORPORATION SYSTEM (C0168406)
Agent Address:    *
Agent City, State, Zip:    *
Why did Ted Cruz send the letter to the IRS and not a senator from California?

I called Senator Ted Cruz to find out.  The Washington DC office of Ted Cruz said

They did not know if Breitbart called Senator Cruz,

They did not know how many times people from Breitbart spoke with or emailed Ted Cruz,

They did not know if Ted Cruz was being paid,

They did not know how many private companies incorporated within Texas Ted Cruz interrogates the IRS audit division for,

They did not know how many private companies incorporated outside of Texas Ted Cruz interrogates the IRS audit division for.

Bottom line, the DC office of Ted Cruz didn't know crap.

I seriously want to know: Is Breitbarf paying Ted Cruz to be their attorney?  Did they contact Ted Cruz and ask him to write the IRS?


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To put this into perspective, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started July 29, 2014 and, I am more than happy to report that currently the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $31.5 million for ALS research.  Ordinarily, ALS would typically raise close to $2 million in that same time period.

$31.5 million compared to $2 million in donations is astonishingly awesome ... so ... one Catholic Priest, Fr. Michael Duffy has decided to capitalize on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations to pimp and divert ALS donations to his own charity of choice.

From Fr. Duffy's blog:

As the ALS association is supportive of embryonic stem cell research, we as catholics ought not to support it, especially when there are morally acceptable alternatives.  The John Paul II Medical Research Institute is just that, a morally acceptable alternative to the ALS Association.

If you are nominated to do the Ice Bucket challenge, donate to the JPII Medical Research Institute:

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute (JP2MRI) is excited to kick off 2014 with a One Million Dollar Capital Campaign Drive to start the process of developing adult stem cell therapies.


The cost to build and initiate the operation is anticipated to be 1 million dollars. Funds raised from the One Million Dollar Capital Campaign Drive will be used to help build the clean room, lease additional laboratory space, hire scientific personnel and purchase necessary laboratory equipment to develop adult stem cell therapies.

Ok, to me, what Fr. Duffy is doing is grotesque!

Fr. Duffy is trying to guilt people into not donating for research on a deadly disease and, instead, divert those donations so a "clean room" can be built at a Catholic hospital.  How about instead of Fr. Duffy's scheme to divert ALS donations, he simply pick up the phone and call the Pope and ask him to sell one of those million dollar pieces of art being stored in the Vatican's museum?

Here is a spot on comment left by one of Fr. Duffy's blog readers:

Colleen Connell Mitchell • 4 days ago
So are they researching actual cures for ALS? I do not see this as an alternative unless that is the case.
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Hate speech?  Terroristic speech?  Ignorant Speech?  Genocidal Speech?

Andrea Tantaros said all members of Islam need to have a "bullet to the head" and that's not only hate speech it's also genocidal speech.

ANDREA TANTAROS: If you study the history of Islam. Our ship captains were getting murdered. The French had to tip us off. I mean these were the days of Thomas Jefferson. They've been doing the same thing. This isn't a surprise. You can't solve it with a dialogue. You can't solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. Its the only thing these people understand. And all we've heard from this president is a case to heap praise on this religion, as if to appease them.
WTF?!?!?  "You solve it with a bullet to the head. Its the only thing these people understand." Andrea Tantarous wants to exterminate all members of Islam by putting a "bullet to the heads" of all members of Islam.


Genocidal (noun): the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, religious, racial, political, or cultural group
You may be asking yourself: How the hell does Tantaros still have a job after saying that!!!???  

But the real question is: Is anyone surprised Fox News employs a person who wants to exterminate all members of a religion?

By her vile, genocidal comment, Andrea Tantaros is no different from ISIL who behead people who don't agree with their f'cked up ideology.  And, does this supporter of genocide against all Islams aware that one of the part owners of Fox News (her employer) is an Islamist? That's right, Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, is part owner of Fox News and he is a member of Islam.

I wonder what Lewis Alcindor (aka Karem Abdul Jabbar) and Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) think of Fox News allowing genocidal speech from one of their hosts?

(hat tip: mediamatters)

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My observations of Dr. Micheal Baden's preliminary autopsy on the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson:

1) Three bullets entered the inside arm and one bullet entered in right palm: suggesting Brown had his arms in the surrender position.

2) Bullet in the top of Mike Brown’s head was "likely the last of bullets to hit him" illustrating his head was down which supports an eyewitness statement that

"when Brown then raised his arms, the officer shot him two more times, killing him"

and another eyewitness who said

"Brown turned around with his hands in the air and said, 'I don't have a gun. Stop shooting!' The officer then shot Brown several more times, killing him"

and another eyewitness who said

"As he runs the police get out of his vehicle and he follows behind him, shooting. And the kid's body jerked as if he was hit from behind, and he turns around and puts his hands up like this, and the cop continued to fire until he just dropped down to the ground and his face just smacks the concrete."
3) Dr. Baden said the bullet entering the top of Michael Brown's head "likely the last of bullets to hit him" which also supports statements by eyewitnesses.
Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him
4) The autopsy suggests Michael Brown did not, I repeat, did not have control of Darren Wilson's gun because no gun shot residue was found anywhere on Brown's body and that includes Michael Brown's hands.
DR. BADEN: no gunpowder was present on his [Brown's] body.

Baden's statement seems to contradict Chief Belmar who said:

“Within the police car there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon,” Chief Belmar said. “There was at least one shot fired in the car.” At that point, the police said, Officer Wilson left his vehicle and fatally shot Mr. Brown.
Since no gunpowder was present on Brown's hands, and if a "shot fired in the car" was it fired as Officer Wilson was trying to pull his gun to shoot Brown?  Or, was a "shot fired in the car" after the car had left the scene and after Brown was already dead?  

Or, was no shot fired "in" to the car, but rather did Officer Darren Wilson fire his gun at Mike Brown while Wilson was still sitting "in the car" as eyewitnesses have stated?

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So we went from:
Cop to Mike Brown "Get the f#ck on the sidewalk" to NOW suddenly claiming he was "primary robbery suspect" (this smells)
So I guess in Ferguson, Missouri, where you have militant cops:
- using tear gas against journalists,
- disassembling reporters videos,
- bashing reporters heads in McDonald's windows,
- arresting reporters and elected officials

... it is standard procedure to instantaneously yell "get the fuck on the sidewalk" and issue the Death Sentence by filling them with bullets if that person is alleged to be a robbery suspect.

The same police department who requested a "No Fly Zone" over their city are suddenly saying that Michael Brown was a "primary robbery suspect" in a convenient store just moments before he was killed by a cop.

 ... hmmm

Robbery suspect?  

pssst ... Police documents allege that Michael Brown was suspected of stealing a box of cigars that police documents show valued at $48.99 (not even a felony).

The Ferguson police do not dispute that the cop yelled "get the fuck on the sidewalk."  And, Ferguson Police Chief, Thomas Jackson, described the cop's encounter with Brown to the St. Louis Post Dispatch as

CHIEF JACKSON: "routine patrol encounter. It was just a clear-the-road type of incident."

~Ferguson Police Chief Jackson

Notice, Chief Jackson did not even bother to mention Mike Brown may have been a suspect of stealing a $48.99 box of cigars.
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Politico is reporting that Chuck Todd might be the one, already picked, to replace that imbecile, David Gregory on Meet the Press.
The move is an effort by NBC News President Deborah Turness to restore passion and insider cred to a network treasure that has been adrift since the death in 2008 of the irreplaceable Tim Russert.
I am LMFAO! Meet the Press will go from awful to worse.

I don't see how Chuck Todd, who once said 'it's not a reporters job to educate the public with facts when Republicans lie' will possibly be able bring Meet the Press out of it's Sunday morning death spiral.

From Talking Points Memo:

During a segment on "Morning Joe," former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) speculated that most opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been fed erroneous information about the law. Todd said that Republicans "have successfully messaged against it" but he disagrees with those who argue that the media should educate the public on the law. According to Todd, that's President Barack Obama's job.

"But more importantly, it would be stuff [LIES] that Republicans have successfully messaged against it," Todd told Rendell. "They don't repeat the other stuff [TRUTH] because they haven't even heard the Democratic message. What I always love is people say, 'Well, it's you folks' fault in the media.' No, it's the President of the United States' fault for not selling it."

Yeah, I get that it was hard to replace Tim Russert because Russert held his guest's feet to the fire and rarely let rhetoric get in the way of Russert educating his viewers with facts.  
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2014 McCain "anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned" ... Ha! McCain is calling for his own resignation!
That tweet was McCain in 2010. In 2014 McCain said 'anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned'
McCain demanded the immediate resignation of the entire White House national security team, advising Barack Obama that he has been “ill served” by their advice and their decisions. McCain urged that anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned, which would include Obama himself, although McCain stopped short of that demand

~ National Journal Hotair Report

National Journal left out that includes McCain.

President Obama has been trying to get America to start an open dialogue with Iran since he ran for office in 2008. Even though, the GOP have secretly been supporting Iran for decades, the GOP have bashed Obama on his position with Iraq since 2008.

Last year, 2013, during the Republican-led Government shutdown, the rightwing went nuts when President Obama merely telephoned Iranian Prime Minister Rouhani.

Ted Cruz wrote legislation to prevent President Obama from doing that again.

S. Res. 252,
The resolution states that it is the sense of the Senate that before any future meeting between President Obama and President Rouhani, the Government of Iran should affirm the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, and also immediately and without conditions release all United States citizens unjustly detained as prisoners of conscience in Iran.
Today, however, Lindsey Graham, John McCain & their rightwinged Obama haters are openly embracing and supporting Iran's Gen. Qassim Suleimani, who is helping Assad butcher his own people in Syria because they hate Obama that much!

New York Times reports:

In meeting with General Suleimani, the Iraqis are hosting the mastermind of Iran’s strategy in Iraq when Iraqi Shiite militias trained by Iran fought American troops. The general is also the current architect of Iranian military support in Syria for President Bashar al-Assad.
For decades the rightwinged nuts have been able to secretly support and embrace Iran while at the same time spew hatemongering fear about Iran, you know, to keep us afraid, very afraid.

Short list of GOP secretly embracing and supporting Iran since 1980:

1980s President Ronald Reagan (R) secretly and illegally sells US Weapons to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war while openly USA was supposed to be supporting only the Iraqis.

USA put the Sunnis in power when they put the Sunni leader Saddam Hussein in power. Bush and Cheney ousted the Sunnis (via Saddam) and put in place the Iranian funded Shiite to control Iraq.

Notice, when Bush/Cheney put the Iranian funded Shiite in control of Iraq they never, ever, ever mentioned that the Shiites were funded by the Iranians .... shhhhhhh ... it was a secret ... but not really a secret, just a secret that was never openly talked about.

But now, in 2014 the GOP finally have to admit they put Iranian funded Shiites in control of Iraq and are now forced to openly embrace and support Iran by demanding President Obama help ... karma is a bitch!

Last Friday, Lindsey Graham's started condemning Obama by chanting the old, worn-out, rightwinger's fearmongering Benghazi BS.  Rupurt Murdoch's New York Daily News reported

LINDSEY GRAHAM: "I don't see how you stop these people.
"We've got another Benghazi in the making here."
On Sunday Graham said:
LINDSEY GRAHAM: "The Iranians can provide some assets to make sure Baghdad doesn't fall. We need to coordinate with the Iranians. And the Turks need to get in the game and get the Sunni Arabs back into the game, form a new government without Maliki,"
OMG!!!! Graham wants to oust Bush/Cheney's Maliki!!!!

LMFAO ... these rightwinged puke-bags openly love Iran because they hate President Obama that much.

Graham is pathetic, today he shouts "We need to coordinate with the Iranians."

But ... but ... BENGHAZI!!!! ... 9/11!!!! ... IRS ... Fast & Furious!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

But now, the GOP are openly supporting Iran's interest in the Middle East because they hate President Obama that much .... how delicious.

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2014 McCain "anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned"
National Journal is reporting that on the senate floor today John McCain said
"Every hour the options become fewer and fewer as ISIS, the most radical terrorist group alive, sweeps across Iraq," McCain said. He criticized Obama for declaring the Iraq war over and withdrawing troops before attaining "victory."
But, as is seen in McCain's 2010 tweet, McCain declared victory in Iraq and gave credit to Bush.

McCain is so insane he thinks he won the 2008 election and has forgotten that Obama kicked his ass in 2008 and then kicked Romney's ass in 2012.  National Journal is reporting that McCain got on the Senate floor demanding President Obama replace his national security team and put in McCain's picks.

Rightwing Hotair is reporting

McCain demanded the immediate resignation of the entire White House national security team, advising Barack Obama that he has been “ill served” by their advice and their decisions. McCain urged that anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned, which would include Obama himself, although McCain stopped short of that demand:
ooops ... old man McCain, urged that anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned ...from that 2010 Tweet, McCain should be canned as that tweet shows McCain declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success .... a "Victory" in fact.

LMFAO at the insanity and anger pent up inside that old demented man ...

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In 2008, then President Bush said that the Bush/Cheney 'free market' policies caused a depression greater than the Great Depression.

BUSH: "Those of you who have followed my career know I'm a Free Market person until you're told that if you don't take decisive measures then it's conceivable that our country could go into a Depression greater than the Great Depression."

~Bush 2008 on how 8 years of Bush Economic Policies melted down & destroyed the US Economy

According to Bureau of Labor, in January 2009, when President Obama was sworn in, the country lost 818,000 jobs. And, in the months leading up to January 2009, the United States was consistently losing over 700,000 jobs per month, yet these GOP assholes still plotted to do further damage to America and plotted to sabotage our economy.

Pete Sessions solution is create GOP Taliban-style Insurgency:

In 2009, Pete Sessions declared he wanted the GOP to model the Taliban in creating a GOP Insurgency and Kevin McCarthy demanded an "unyielding opposition" to every single economic policy presented even if the policy is a GOP policy.

In February 2, 2009, Politico reported:

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) repeated the request during his own briefing for members Friday — telling Republicans that they need to get over the idea that they’re participating in legislation and ought to start thinking of themselves as “an insurgency” instead.
Just get over it! You're not in DC to legislate! You're in DC to create an "insurgency."

Hal Rogers (R-KY) was disgusted by Session's comment and told Politico it was the most offensive-minded proposal he’s seen during his 28 years in the House.

A few days later, Pete Sessions underscored his desire to create a Taliban-style GOP Insurgency in an interview with the National Journal Hotline:

"PETE SESSIONS: Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban. And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person's entire processes. And these Taliban -- [is] an example of how you go about to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with."

~Rep Pete Sessions, March 2009 to National Journal Hotline

Sessions went further and explained that he wants the GOP to use the Taliban as the GOP model to create a GOP insurgency :
PETE SESSION: "I simply said one can see that there's a model out there for insurgency,"
Sheesh ... Pete Sessions did not want to legislate, he wanted a GD 'insurgency.'

The United States Department of Defense defines "Insurgency"

INSURGENCY: The organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of a region.

~ Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

It should give us all great comfort to know that our elected republican leaders have such admiration for the tactics of our nation's enemies.  

But, what makes this so much worse than just any ole Republican saying that BS, is that it is Pete Sessions who is being hailed as possibly the new number 2 dude in the House saying that BS.

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I think today we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy along with failed candidate for President, Newt Gingrich, and GOP Propaganda Minister Frank Luntz.

Many talking heads today are saying that either Jeb Hensarling(R) or Kevin McCarthy(R) will take the place of Eric Cantor to be the House Majority Leader and possibly, the future Speaker of the House.  But, what those talking heads are failing to mention is that both Hensarling and McCarthy were at that secret meeting in 2009.

According to Bureau of Labor, in January 2009, when President Obama was sworn in, the country lost 818,000 jobs. And, in the months leading up to January 2009, the United States was consistently losing over 700,000 jobs per month, yet these GOP assholes still plotted to do further damage to America and plotted to sabotage our economy.

Here are the Facts:

     FACT 1. In Robert Draper's book, "Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives" Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, "invitation only" meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America's Economy.

      FACT 2: Draper wrote the guest list included:

The Guest List:

Frank Luntz - GOP Minister of Propaganda
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich - Failed GOP candidate for President

These jerks actually call themselves "Patriots." Patriot my butt, more like: H8-triots!

I'd like to know:

1) Why are media outlets continuing to prop-up these vile H8-triots when they literally plotted, in secret, to undermine American families in their plot to sabotage the U.S. economy?

2) Why are no media outlets demanding each one of these GOP leaders explain their involvement of plotting to undermine the US Economy?

3) Why the hell would anyone want either Hensarling, or McCarthy to be Speaker of the House when they literally plotted to sabotage the US economy at a time when America was losing over 700,000 jobs per month?

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