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Seems crazy, right? The other day I was reading through diary comments here when I came across this little nugget of "information":

MLK was assassinated. And it wasn't by some lone nut with a gun. He was assassinated by gov't forces, probably CIA.
Okay, this is obviously conspiracy theory nonsense, but the poster (I am not going to name names, as I do not want this to be a call out diary, but you can see the comment in the hiddens section) decides to double down on the nonsense:
P.S.  If what I posted is an HR worthy CT, then why in 1999 did a jury find that a conspiracy involving the gov't did kill MLK?  Look it up.
The poster then goes on to "move the goalposts" about his bold claim and like normal conspiracy theory garbage, everything falls apart.  

So, why did I feel the need to bring this up? Well, I'll explain below the fancy fold.

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Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 02:30 PM PST

"Remember Benghazi, Find the Truth!"

by kefauver

That was the phrase I saw on a bumper sticker yesterday while driving in Lexington traffic. I thought, "Wow, they have now taken their manufactured outrage and emblazoned it on a bumper sticker!"

It's amazing how far the faux scandal has gone to end up on a bumper sticker here Lexington, Kentucky, but not too shocking considering that Kentucky went overwhelmingly for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. A large majority of Kentuckians really do despise President Obama.

But what I find most intriguing is the fact that so many hard-line conservatives and Tea Party types are so invested in a scandal that never was. They are so hell-bent on "finding the truth" about an event that led to the deaths of four Americans and seven Libyans that surely they are even more concerned about past US security and foreign affairs failures, riiiiiiiiight?

Join me below the fold, won't you?

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Seriously, if I read one more comment or diary obsessing about President Obama's debate performance or that PEW Poll that seems to have every one so very, very scared, I'm going to puke!

It's October 9th, the debate was on October 3rd. We get it, President Obama had a crappy debate. Now let's move on! But, but, but the PEW Poll!!! It's scary!!! Yeah, the PEW Poll wasn't a good result for Team Obama, but then again, any poll that contains results from October 4th and 5th, the days Romney's numbers spiked, will show a favorable result for Romney. Anyone who is freaking out about polls needs to take two aspirin and read Nate Silver's Advice.

I am seriously shocked at how off the cliff some of the users here have become after last Wednesday night and people logging on to DKOS to post the following is not only counterproductive, it's flat out wrong:

so many working hard and Obama shows up unprepared. The worst was that it was not even clear if he wants to be president for another 4 years. Does he? So many are working hard for the campaign, donating the little amount of money they can spare and Obama shows up unprepared. Ok, yes this can happen to anyone as busy as Obama, but can we please see two very different next debates? Obama's dreadful performance has been demoralizing for many of us. If he does not want to fight, why do we?
So people are ready to give up on the guy because of one bad debate?! Wow, with supporters like that . . .
Nope. This chair really was empty. See, many later winners have lost their first debate before, but never as badly as Obama lost this one. Very damaging.
Wow!!! How inspiring!!!
Looks like the tide has turned thanks to Obama's total failure in last week's Presidential debate, and from what I have seen from the Obama campaign since then, it doesn't look as if he will recover.
Okay, that was from an actual troll diary today, but not much different from hundreds of comments that have been posted here by regular users.

So, is all of this handwringing for days helpful? No, not at all. It's not constructive criticism and it's not going to help motivate people to get out the vote.

However, if you are like me and are sick of indulging in non-stop defeatism, erm, "Constructive Criticism" at DKOS, join me over the orange squiggle to find out what can help.

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