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Reposted from Pain Patient Empowerment by mettle fatigue
This diary is in direct response to a diary republished earlier in our group as well as multiple comments on posts here in our group such as SlightKC's.

    The topic of addiction came up and there are so many incorrect beliefs when it comes to addiction. Some people think that everyone who takes pain medications will become addicted, my dad is a great case in point. I had a cousin in law who got in trouble with pain meds and totally screwed up his life. However I have been on them now for over 5 years with no addiction issues. These type of people believe that these medications are evil and should be banned. They say it ruins people's lives and destroys families. That is their opinion. It may have happened to a close friend or relative. On the other hand we have millions of people who are taking these medications daily, without becoming addicts. They don't abuse their medications. They don't divert their prescriptions to sell on the street. They use these medications to return to some functionality in their lives. They see these medications as fantastic and wish they were able to get stronger medications so they could do more in their lives. Hard stuff like going to the grocery store, playing with their kids, gardening and yard work, their golf game or family functions.

    So who is right ? Are these medications evil and should be banned ? Do they ruin lives and destroy families ?  or are they fantastic and without them millions of people couldn't function as they do now in society ? The honest truth is both are right up to a point. Their is an addiction epidemic here in America but just because you are put on them you will not become an addict.  Teenagers are abusing prescription drugs in record numbers. The latest stats I could find were from an organization called Foundation for a Drug-Free World so and for 2007. They state 2.5 million teens abused prescription drugs for the first time, up from 2.1 million the year before with prescription pain meds being right behind alcohol. However puts it 3rd after marijuana and alcohol. Either way it is a growing problem in America. The foundation for a drug free world says 2500 teens abuse prescription medications for the first time. drug free world

   So we have a definite issue with people abusing prescription medications and not just pain meds. However we don't see all the hype and scare tactics being used to make the others harder to get for legitimate patients. It is only the pain meds that are being singled out for this type of tactics. The DEA just announced another huge bust in multiple southern states. DEA Scares More Doctors. So what can we do ? We need to educate the public about a few things. That is a huge task. Society sees all these busts by the DEA and flies into a panic. They don't understand that it is a very small percentage of doctors who are doing this and not every single pain management clinic. As of now if you were to ask the average person on the street what they thought of when they heard pain management I could bet and win they would answer "Pill Mills" Thanks to the DEA going all out to publicize their efforts against these few doctors ( Few when compared to the millions who are not pill mill doctors. ) The public thinks the problem is huge.

    Then we have the public's perception that all opioid pain medications lead straight down the path to addiction and that anyone on them must be an addict. They do not get the major distinction between addiction and dependence. Heck even some doctors aren't that sure of the difference. Both addiction and dependence can have physical effects on the body but addiction is mainly a brain thing. That is where the "craving" starts. From there it triggers a need in the body and the brain over rides the logical portion of the brain allowing addicts to "justify" their actions to get their fix to themselves. They will do all kinds of stuff they would not normally do. We have all read the stories about the little old lady who was arrested for stealing from her church to feed her gambling addiction or the stories about people who lose their families to alcohol. The same thing happens with drugs but the effects are amplified. People might turn to prostitution to feed their habit or other crimes like burglary or even robbery and armed robbery. They lose all sense of what is right and wrong and the only thing that matters is getting their fix. Now however with dependence their is no psychological craving for something, it is 100% physical. Doctors can wean patients off opioid medication and there is no physical or psychological issues other than the persons pain level going up. Yes the body depends on the drug and the person depends upon it to allow them to function. The statistics show that roughly 75 to 80% of pain management patients are legitimate patients who do not divert their scripts to sell the drugs on the street or use them to get high. Yet this 75 to 80% is being forced to pay the price for the 20 to 25% that are addicts. Doctors are being held criminally liable for not detecting patients that have lied to them and that is insane. There is no fool proof way to detect when someone is lying and yet doctors have gone to prison because they couldn't tell when someone was lying. That is what the DEA is expecting from doctors. That they know 100% when someone is lying to them. So is it any wonder that pain management doctors treat all of their patients as junkies, drug addicts and the scum of the earth. Even when we prove time after time that we are legitimate they force us to continue to prove that at every freaking visit. So we suffer, those of us who are legitimate pain patients. We suffer from under treatment at the hands of scared doctors who refuse to adequately prescribe because of their fear of the DEA. We suffer because doctors have been made to pay an overly high price for being taken in by addicts who flat out lied and admitted they lied time after time to doctors and yet it was not the addicts who went to jail but the doctors. We also suffer from the DEA and their war on Pain Doctors, the invisible war that they insist is not being waged. More over instead of focusing on the addicts and treatments for them which could and do costs a lot of money, they have focused on a much cheaper and much much more lucrative enforcement technique. Going after doctors. They get to seize a doctors assets and then make him fight for them to get them back. That in itself is pretty scary. Seems like the DEA has truly forgotten this is America, where you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. To the DEA though you are guilty until you can prove your innocence and even then your reputation is in ruins.

Reposted from Kansas & Missouri Kossacks by Chris Reeves

The situation with Kansas mental health care providers has continued to grow more problematic. Over the last four years, I've written about continued cuts, Staffing Shortfalls, as well as concerns by those who treat the mentally disabled.  Today, the Topeka Capital Journal looked behind the scenes of the situation on the ground in our health hospitals.
According to KDADS, Osawatomie State Hospital is supposed to have 501 full-time positions. Currently, 189 of those positions are vacant. The numbers represent a nearly 40 percent staff vacancy rate. KDADS said aggressive steps have been taken to reduce the number of patients at the facility, and that while there are vacancies, patients are receiving appropriate care.
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Sun May 24, 2015 at 08:31 PM PDT

KosAbility: Taking a Step Back

by postmodernista

I need to let y'all know that I've got some personal stuff occurring right now and coming up that, over the next couple or three months, is going to require a great deal of my time and small stores of energy, enough that I won't be able to be a reliable moderator of KosAbility. I'll always want to read the diaries, but I have to step away from the moderator role and keep things that don't follow schedules together in real life, so I hope this gives y'all as much lead time as possible.

Several of you will be seeing permission changes in your inbox, which will also show up in the KosAbility inbox. Hopefully that will include enough people for y'all to be able to decide what/how you want next.  I'd like to ask you to contact each other and work out some division of responsibilities that reflect your skills, interests, and time/health constraints. I've learned from past experience that all of those are likely to be moving targets, and will probably need adjustments over time, and more people involved rather than less may help balance things out.

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Sun May 24, 2015 at 04:00 PM PDT

KosAbility: Pain 101

by studentofearth

Our experience with pain is very personal in our journey through life. It can have an effect our physical disorders, emotions, social interaction and personal economics. This diary will focus on understanding and qualifying pain with minimal information on specific treatment options. When giving examples of altering pain the emphasis will be on non drug/herb therapy. Since these techniques may be used to augment or replace drug therapy and drug information for treatment is more readily available. I am happy to answer drug related questions in the comments.

As our healthcare becomes more fragmented into specialties, individually we become more responsible in coordinating care and making choices for the total body and mind. We all do Selfcare to varying degrees.

Healthcare profession will provide treatment options and referrals within their specialty norms. If you want to try something outside their norms you will need to seek those options on your own. Depending on the healthcare professionals practice setting they may not be able to easily coordinate with your other providers. For example, if you are seeing a Pain Specialist for peripheral neuropathy, at one clinic, and Internist for diabetes, at another, they may not see each others notes or treatment plans. Who should be told first, you are experiencing increasing numbness in your hands and feet? One is more likely to address pain control and the other blood sugar control as a first option.

a block of nine abstract depictions of disabilities
KosAbility is a Sunday 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific volunteer diarist community of, by & for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more about the issues. Our use of "disability" includes temporary as well as permanent health/medical conditions, and small, gnawing problems as well as major, life-threatening ones. Our use of "love someone" extends to cherished members of other species.

Our discussions are open threads in the context of this community. Feel free to comment on the diary topic, ask questions of the diarist or generally to everyone, share something you've learned, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about your situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered. If you are interested in contributing a diary, contact series coordinator postmodernista.

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Fri May 22, 2015 at 08:04 AM PDT

KosAbility Schedule Update

by postmodernista

May 24
  Pain 101 - studentofearth

May 31 - open

June 7 - Open Thread Potluck: Your favorite summer food, and possibly sharing the recipe for it.

All other June dates are open


Thu May 21, 2015 at 02:14 PM PDT

Community Quilt for Gordon20024

by Sara R

Reposted from Community Quilt Project by rebel ga

CelticLassie's quilt.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts...

It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer.  Gordon20024 recently learned that he does.  He is a person who is always there for others, as many Kossacks in several groups know well.  So now it is time for us to be there for him...  We can do this with a community quilt, full of words of love and support, that he can take with him to treatment or use anytime at home as he heals.

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Tue May 19, 2015 at 12:56 AM PDT

Chronic Illness: Yay or Nay?

by BFSkinner

Reposted from BFSkinner by mettle fatigue

Just a simple poll question tonight.

I often wonder how many people out there have what could be labeled as a chronic illness, as told to them by their doctor.

I apologize for the shortness of the diary....but it is a pretty basic question:

"Have you ever been told by your MD that you suffer from a chronic illness?"

I do not know what proportion of people in the US suffers from such an illness, though I am sure someone more awake than I could get such an estimate? I am just curious as to our local community here, at the Great Orange Satan.


I've been diagnosed with a "chronic illness"

75%86 votes
21%25 votes
2%3 votes

| 114 votes | Vote | Results


Tue May 19, 2015 at 12:37 AM PDT

Sometimes, Life Intrudes...

by SlightKC

Reposted from Pain Patient Empowerment by mettle fatigue

I apologize for my somewhat running train of thought below, and this wasn’t what I’d intended to write tonight.  But sometimes, life just intrudes, you know.

There are times when the chronic pain makes life seem overwhelming.  Times when you know you can’t handle one more thing, and then you’re hit upside the head by something entirely new and scary

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Reposted from Kerry Eleveld by mettle fatigue
A new 113-page report from the Human Rights Watch has found that almost two thirds of service members who report being sexually assaulted face some form of retaliation. Worse yet, whistleblowers are 12 times more likely to experience retaliation than their attackers are to be convicted of a sex offense. In some cases, victims said the retribution they faced for reporting the assault was harder to weather than dealing with the assault itself.
“Survivors have little recourse if they experience retaliation and few of those who retaliate are held accountable,” the report said. “While reporting rates have improved dramatically in recent years, the positive trend won’t continue if victims see that those who report their assaults experience retaliation and that no action is taken to address the problem.” ...

A female member of the Coast Guard said she was assaulted by her supervisor during her first deployment in fall 2012, and suffered retaliation at nearly every stage of the reporting and judicial process. At first, she said her peers shunned her and believed a superior had encouraged those in her unit to alienate her. Later, superiors countered by lodging sexual assault charges against her, which, while ultimately dismissed, resulted in action to discharge her.

“I think that our service, the way they treated me, it definitely pushed me to the very brink,” she said. “By trying to do the right thing, I put myself in this situation.”
While the report showed that rates of reporting were up, Human Rights Watch only found two instances in which retaliators were punished for their actions.

Great, the military is inviting people to risk their careers but doing nothing to protect them once they do—in fact, the Pentagon released data earlier this month showing that incident reports had risen 11 percent since last year. The DOD report also revealed that retaliation was a real problem for victims, though the military seems to have little idea of how to remedy the situation.

“We’re not making enough progress on countering retaliation,” Mr. Carter said. “The report makes it crystal clear that we have to do more.”
Reposted from rebel ga by rebel ga

Images For Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana-Home*

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana by State


Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana by Kevin B. Zeese, Esq

The Single Seed Center
Frequently Asked Questions

High Times Magazine Online
Medical Marijuana

23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC Laws, Fees, and Possession Limits

Images 2015 Maps States Allowing Medical Marijuana

They say, write what you know! So here I am.

When Smoking Marijuana, (or other smoke-able herbs)-Please Do Not Use a butane lighter. They're for cigarettes.

Butane lighters are not meant to be used with a fine, light, easy to combust smoke-able like cannabis. You're sucking in a ton of butane gas, by lighting up with it. Use Matches! (Whether your using, a pipe or joint and even some vaporizer pens).  

Better Yet, Electrically, Vaporize!
Vaporizing 101

Juicing Raw Cannabis

Cannabinoids are what give you that strong feeling like you can walk 40 blocks.

Although the THC is an important ingredient too, imo, Cannabinoids are the best part of the plant.

Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized Nationally, and  Federally, Now!

"Politics is the art of controlling your environment. " ~ Hunter S.Thompson

Vaping Tobacco Is Much Less Harmful Than Combusting And Smoking It!

Cigarette Smoke Affects Your Body

Tobacco Facts Videos

Call For Free Help to Quit!

Burning tobacco generates a smoke that is a toxic cocktail of chemicals that affect not only the smoker, but others as well.

Chemicals in tobacco cigarette smoke

    Acetaldehyde: suspected carcinogen.
    Acetone: irritant: can cause kidney and liver damage.
    Acrolein: extremely toxic.
    Acrylonitrile: suspected human carcinogen.
    1-aminonaphthalene: causes cancer.
    2-aminonaphthalene: causes bladder cancer.
    Ammonia: raises blood pressure.
    Benzene: carcinogen.
    Benzo[a]pyrene: mutagenic and highly carcinogenic
    1,3-Butadiene: suspected carcinogen.
    Butyraldehyde: damages the lining of nose and lungs.
    Cadmium: a heavy metal and highly toxic
    Carbon Monoxide: decreases heart and muscle function.
    Catechol: causes respiratory tract irritation and dermatitis.
    Chromium: heavy metal and carcinogen.
    Cresol: causes upper respiratory, nasal and throat irritation.
    Crotonaldehyde: thought to interfere with immune function.
    Formaldehyde: carcinogen
    Hydrogen Cyanide: lethal poison
    Hydroquinone: affects central nervous system effects.
    Isoprene: irritates skin,eyes and mucous membranes.
    Lead: causes brain damage
    Methyl Ethyl Ketone: depresses the central nervous system.
    Nickel: causes bronchial asthma and is a known carcinogen.
    Nicotine: increases in heart rate and blood pressure, addictive element
    Nitric Oxide: linked to Asthma,Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  
    NNN, NNK, and NAT: known or possible carcinogens        
    Polonium - radioactive*
    Propionaldehyde: skin, eye and respiratory system irritant
    Pyridine: causes eye and upper respiratory tract irritation
    Quinoline: causes genetic damage and is a possible carcinogen
    Resorcinol: skin and eye irritant
    Styrene: carcinogen
    Toluene: linked to permanent brain damage.

Peace, Love, And Justice

Honky-Tonk Bud jailhouse poem

God's Love We Deliver, is the tri-state area's leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

♥Just The Links Man ♥New And More Social Services Links For Civilians And Veterans♥

The United Sweets of America

Marijuana States of America
Reposted from Monday Night Cancer Club by mettle fatigue

I didn’t really think I’d be rich either, except for a very small part of my brain that thought I’d be rich and famous when I grew up. Like, you know maybe I’d grow up to be a band.

I guess I thought I’d be middle class like my parents. My dad was a fireman and on his off days he had a house painting business. I don’t know what they do now but when I was a kid, firemen worked 24 hours a day. Work a day, off a day, work a day, off 3 days, so most of them worked another job as well. My mother was a secretary.

They did ok. We had a nice house, my parents each had their own car, we had a housecleaner and we went on vacation every year. That was with 5 kids.

Things haven’t worked out that way for me, I’m poor.

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Haven't given it much thought untiil lately, but having gotten off to what some might consider a rough start as a wee person, I have managed just fine in the grand scheme of things. Here's the story. I swear it is true.

a block of nine abstract depictions of disabilities
KosAbility is a Sunday 4PM leftkost/7PM east volunteer diarist community of, by & for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more about the issues. Our use of disability includes temporary as well as permanent health/medical conditions — from small, gnawing problems to major, life- threatening ones. Our use of love someone extends to cherished members of other species.

Our discussions are open threads in the context of this community. Feel free to comment on the diary topic, ask questions of the diarist or to everyone generally, share something you've learned, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about your situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered. If you're interested in contributing a diary, contact series coordinator postmodernista.

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