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    Blogging around America just received vindication and respect, as the 9th Circuit overturned a lower federal court ruling yanking away 1st Amendment protections for Blogger Crystal Cox. The 9th Circuit said the issues she raised IS OF PUBLIC Interest and that Crystal Cox is entitled to "Freedom of the Press" protections.

     You can see the background on one of my previous D's here of "Volokh 1st Amendment Motion Defending Blogger Crystal Cox"; which is on the subject and how UCLA Law Professor Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy Blog, along with his co-counsel Benjamin Souede of Alexi Law Group LLC, took on Blogger Crystal Cox's case "pro bono".

     Special interests and main stream media know they are at risk in their dominance and propaganda efforts, due to contemporary social media outlets. - Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc., etc., ARE the real main stream media outlets of modern day.

       Professor's Turley's Blog story "Fed Ct: Bloggers Have Same First Amendment Rights As Journalists" blames POTUS Obama and Senator Feinstein for trying to restrict issues. I take issue with JT's Blog attack upon our POTUS; but I do agree, and have my very own personal bone to pick with Senator Feinstein (who believes "Freedom of the Press" is okay to get her elected; but not to point out her faults as "the elected").


Will Obsidian Retry Crystal Cox?

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47%8 votes

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Wed Dec 25, 2013 at 08:52 AM PST

DOJ EOUST Denies Bain Cap. CoverUP

by laserhaas

    As the Racketeering case of yours truly versus Mitt Romney and his associates continues to what appears to be (finally) a legitimate process, there are several power play issues going on behind the scenes. One issue germane is the fact that the Department of Justice has egg on its face. Instead of admitting such and (finally) getting around to doing their job; a decision upon high has been made to maintain the status quo. With the CoverUps continuing to flow. Hence, the DOJ has denied being duplicitous in covering up Bain Capital frauds.

     On October 18, 2013, I sued Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, MNAT law firm, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Greg Werkheiser and Colm Connolly for Racketeering under 18 USC 1964(c) for violations of the RICO Act. The Court has issued a New Case Order, with specific guidelines on how the trial will progress. As standard procedure, once the parties (defendants) are served their Summons (or waived service thereof) - then they MUST answer.

      Upon my request that the court order the U.S. Marshals to serve summons and such being denied, the Court issued this Dec. 18th "IN CHAMBERS ORDER Denying Plaintiff's Request for Service by United States Marshal". Then, coincidently, the DOJ's US Trustee Executive Office ("EOUST") emailed me a letter (on the 18th; but dated the 16th) denying any duplicity in a CoverUp of Bain Capital Frauds. Below the fold we'll discuss why the contentions of the DOJ is BS and the probable bad faith intent to try to give the Defendants a way out - .

                        The DOJ UST Letter is Suppose to Serve as Romney's Answer

Meanwhile, it just seems fitting that the 60 Minutes article gets inserted here; on how none of the Wall Street rogues are being prosecuted. Oddly enough, CBS is re-airing a 2011 story on failures to prosecute Wall Street Bankers. As if granting me a Christmas present.


Is the US Trustee's being sincere, in saying there's no evidence?

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  I'm pissed this morning, very much, more than usual; because something is seriously wrong. Yesterday I filed a Diary detailing news on the Civil Racketeering case filed against Mitt Romney and his gang. It is titled "Update Romney Sued For RICO: Day 60". Several Kossack's somewhat new to me came out in support; but the band of haters assaulted me right away.

   What is raunchy as all hell about this, is the fact that this case is big, HUGE!

  It doesn't matter if you hate this 57 year old guy, who is fat & ugly. That's not the issue at hand here. What is at play is a real federal District Court case in Los Angeles. I've paid the filing fee, thrown stones at some of the most important people and corporations in our country; and I've sworn to my allegations Under Penalty of Perjury.

That's all the qualification needed to make this a huge reality show.

   War on Error told the story independently and it received proper discussion; back when I filed the case in October 2013. His D titled "Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court: eToys Deal" received proper conversation - UNTIL - the haters stepped in an began their campaign. Still, WOE's D received 11,000 FB likes and was one of the biggest stories on the web October 19th.

Why the Double Standard; especially on important issues?

If one can be banned for doing CT; those making false accusations of such

                                          Should be Ban-able Too!


Who is full of bull here - Laser or the Haters?

32%38 votes
67%79 votes

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Sun Dec 22, 2013 at 11:39 AM PST

Update Romney Sued For RICO: Day 60

by laserhaas

  Well, here we are; it is now past 60 days of the "Haas v Romney" litigation. There are many updates coming shortly. Meanwhile yours truly is about to present Willard Mitt Romney with a special Christmas gift I'm sure he's going to enjoy. But more on that later.

   Willard Mitt Romney is a Racketeer; and yours truly already has provide much proof thereof. In a Civil RICO case, you only need to document 2 felony violations that indirectly benefited a party; to successfully prosecute a Racketeer.

I'm armed with confessions to more than 34 felony violations;
              and Romney bragged he gets millions each year from Bain Capital.

                      Hence, one only need document Bain Capital did Fraud!

   If you haven't had a chance to read Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story "Greed and Debt" - I suggest you do so now; because I'm one of his sources. Michael Glazer is named as a Defendant in "Haas v Romney", along with others in the Gang; because yours truly turned down the same type of bribe that Michael Glazer took. When I blew the whistle on Michael Glazer, federal corruption got out of control.

  Prior to this time there's been a lot of "Legal Horseplay". Whereas bad faith parties in the legal profession tell you I'm full of bull; and bring out brigades of persons to assault this messenger and kill the message. They succeed by ostracizing all who report the facts. You - the reader - would pay attention much more readily, if it was someone else pointing out the truth. A good example of this is War on Error's previous Diary "Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court - eToys Deal". That D by W O E received over 11,000 Facebook likes; because of the purity when someone else tells the tale.

     Unfortunately, even though their lies and all their bad faith by the legal kumquats and their Laser hater brigade bragged failed to be true. Whereas they told everyone that the case would never get docketed, or that the judge would toss it out immediately. Even when that failed, the parties brown nosing your & my enemy (which Romney most certainly is);

They Still Keep the Bad Faith Coming.

     So, I'm going to give the stalwarts all the ammunition they ever dreamed about. Here, below the fold, are 2 items that they are going to foam at the mouth over. They will enjoy dancing on my grave greatly;

But they are going to eat their words and burn the dancing shoes in 2014

                                                      Trust Me!


Do you believe Romney has done wrong?

85%113 votes
6%8 votes
6%8 votes
2%3 votes

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   Before the Gang of Nay Say Tang comes here and goes Aha/ hooray; please be forewarned - this D is pointing out that you guys are the winners of wearing the tinfoil hats.

Re-reporting my blogging in full (simply cause I can) - Here's the gist of the issues of a main stream media gal finding an error in my reporting on the Marty Lackner suicide (where I've previously reported here that he was involved in Tom Petters Ponzi and that Marty was brother to Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney J. Lackner - only to be RIPP'd to shreads by naysayers saying bull [c]hit).

    In the many quests to find fault with yours truly - concerning my Romney Racketeering federal lawsuit (see "Haas v Romney" issues - HERE) I've run into many naysayers and main stream media fault finders. Having talked to everyone from NBC Universal, independents, Ed Schultz's Producer, HuffPo and Associated Press and more; I'm still amazed at the profuse amount of cognitive dissonance and haughty bias. Now one gal said to me yesterday -

"Laser, you're mistaken about your contention on the Marty Lackner story"!

     Of course my back tensed up, my hair stiffened and I got irked at her real quick. Responding to her remark with a quick cutoff of any further banter from her, I simply said "Hush up ma'an, your touting Bull chit"!

                      Both the reporter and I are correct!

                                Go below - if you really want to know!


Is it newsworthy that a man involved in the Petters Ponzi; was actually the brother of an Assistant U.S. Attorney?

20%6 votes
46%14 votes
6%2 votes
20%6 votes
6%2 votes

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            Prayers for a speedy recovery and strength of heart to the Philippines.

   As one who has been called the white Filipino in the Poker Tournaments at Crystal Park in Compton, California. Where, one of the greatest times I ever enjoyed of that sporting; was the Filipino Championship series and our entire 1st table "inner group" of Gus, Raj, Doug and others totally had a blast as we all made it to the final table together.

   To my good friends of the Philippines, their friends and family back home, during these days of great human despair, I wish you & your nation G-d's speed in recovering; and want you all to know that my fellow Kossacks are doing all they can for our kindred parties suffering much in the Philippines.

    Our hopes, prayers, recover quick wishes and donations are already be on the wayr now - and will be for a very long time to come. America helps as many as we can in need including our long term neighbors and friends!

    Please take the time to look at fellow Kossack "Jen Sorenson" Comic about the germane issue of "Legal Horseplay". Whereas, attorneys at law attempt to treat the readers as if we are all stupid. This is VERY important to the case at hand.

    Anyone can sue anybody for Racketeering - you MUST have FACTS or the court can sanction you (fine you everything you own) per Federal Rule of Civil Procedures 11.

    Yours truly welcomes ANY day in court. Because - Thus Far - Romney and his GANG have been able to prevent that from happening. What they are all hiding is the fact that MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub - ALL WORK FOR Bain Capital (when Romney was  CEO in 2001). This is nothing more than LEGAL HORSE PLAY!

             With that being said - life goes on and our eToys/Romney battles continue.

                                        UPDATE on HAAS v ROMNEY -

                              A Civil Racketeering litigation is below the fold;


Is it okay for Romney to get away with Fraud?

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84%50 votes
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3%2 votes

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Sun Oct 20, 2013 at 08:09 AM PDT

Suing Romney: Is Mitt Above the Law?

by laserhaas

   Well, ladies and gentlemen, my big battle against Mitt Romney and his Gang is about to begin. It will be an eventful process - for sure. As reported by 'War on Error' in his D yesterday titled; "Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court: eToys Deal".

      At issue is the fact that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have conspired together in what I'm alleging is an unlawful manner. It started back in 1999 with The Learning Company, then Stage Stores in 2000, Kay Bee in 2000 and eToys in 1999; and federal estate scams by what is known as a "Bankruptcy Ring" of organized attorneys stealing from federal estates.

    In 1999 eToys went public to $85 per share; but the entity only received less than $20. This is a classic 'pump-n-dump' initial public offering ("I.P.O.") scheme; and it was more recently reported upon by the New York Times OpEd via Joe Nocera in his article titled; "Rigging the I.P.O. Game". But one can NOT sue for Racketeering on securities fraud until a party has been found guilty of that beforehand. That being said, we only need 2 felony violations, within 10 years, to succeed in a Civil Racketeering lawsuit; and Matt Taibbi has documented those for us already, in his September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "Greed and Debt: The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital".

      Each of those well publicized articles by the NY Times on Goldman Sachs eToys I.P.O. frauds and Matt Taibbi on Stage Stores federal corruption funding and Kay Bee Toys Michael Glazer $100 million bribery scheme, are details of separate, specific, bad faith acts noteworthy. What yours truly is able to do, is to tie them both together and clearly show how it is Perjury, Fraud and Racketeering.

                                               More below the squiggly...



Is Mitt Romney Above the Law?

23%16 votes
55%38 votes
8%6 votes
5%4 votes
5%4 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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     As many are well aware, yours truly is out to nail Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and their (secret) attorneys for fraud in eToys and related cases. What is a fact about the cases is, yours truly and those who worked with me to expose the frauds are victims of the fraud. What is also true is that this is about White Collar fraud by the Above the Law parties Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and the POTUS wannabe (failure) Mitt (whom I call the Pitts) Romney. You can see part of the story where we already forced partial confessions in the Wall Street Journal July 2005 article "eToys investors find conflict at law firms".

The odds are against U.S. victims; substantially!

     Be that as it may, many accomplishments have been made. The (current) most noteworthy occurrence - no matter who takes the credit - is the fact that Mitt Didn't Make it. Obviously, had Mitt Romney become POTUS and picked the "friendly" U.S. Attorney General Sheldon Adelson desired; it was highly unlikely Bain Capital would ever get investigated about anything. Most likely Romney would have outdone Cheney's Haliburton results of becoming billions richer. And, possibly yours truly would have wound up in a dire situation as a result of my pointing out issues disparaging of Romney and being a proverbial pain in Mitt's arse.

But - Again, it is a fact that the 2001 Bain Capital CEO (Mitt Romney) - Didn't Make it!

    Thus, the chances are better now, then ever before - that we can find justice in our eToys fraud case. Due, in no small part, to the fact of Mitt Romney's hubris and his haughtier belief he could bury the case (and even the particular time era) from scrutiny. It is important to address the issues NOW - because (as it is that Romney lost) - the (secret) attorneys of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are rushing to do a few more crimes to close the New York Supreme Court case and the Delaware Bankruptcy case. Thus, yours truly intends to rush to stop the schemes before my B-day of October 31. If they get away with their schemes, it will assure that Goldman Sachs will succeed in its quest to destroy the eToys public company (see New York Times March 2013 story on Goldman Sachs bad faith {here} and grant Bain Capital its monopoly success over the independent toy retail industry and its ownership of Toys R Us to continue to possess the stolen goods of eToys and other federal estates.

And that ain't right!

    To give you the background on the cases, I'm going to utilize the details by fellow Kossacks "Cordgrass" and's Rmuse. Gordrass's D is titled; "How to Bring Down Goldman Sachs" (which was also posted upon AlterNet - here). That story, along with Rmuse's of online article "Meet the Man Battling Romney & Bain for 12 years" combine to give one a better picture. MNAT represents both Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital; but MNAT continues to lie and hide the facts about Bain Capital; and that's massive fraud!

                                              More Below the Fold!


Should victims of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital let them get away with frauds and corruption?

16%2 votes
41%5 votes
0%0 votes
25%3 votes
16%2 votes

| 12 votes | Vote | Results

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  Former Congressman Don Bailey found himself to be disbarred for daring to say that there are Federal Judges who are corrupt. Don Bailey's website states that he is committed to fair and equal justice for all Americans.

What happened to Don Bailey is not unique, as the system harshly punishes critics.

   One critic of judicial over reach and abuse of power, is Law Professor Jonathan Turley. You can see his opine of Don Bailey's case upon the Jonathan Turley Blog story titled; "Former Pennsylvania Congressman Suspended From Practicing Law Due To Criticism Of Judges"

    Professor Turley is no slouch of the system - as his accolades are many and distinguishable far beyond the norm (see below the fold). The Professor sums up his view on the case succinctly, with the following remark;

  "I tend to favor the free speech values in such cases. In the Indiana, I fail to see how emails criticizing judges should be the basis for discipline. This is a matter of professional opinion. What do you think"?
       As one punished by tyranny, cronyism, corruption and assaulted by "circle the wagon" members of the BAR, on a regular bases; I'm biased more than most about this particular issue. It is easy for me to be a Don Bailey fan. Therefore, I'll quote Don Bailey and provide quotes of the punishing body; and ask the same question of the reader - that Professor Turley hath done;

                                         "What do you think"?


Is there retaliation for pointing out federal corruption?

93%30 votes
3%1 votes
3%1 votes
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    Anthony ("Tony") Ciani is a California native who used to live in La Jolla, California upon the dunes area that is near Mitt Romney's 311 Dunemere Drive home up by the beach. Mitten's has put in a request to the California Coastal Commission to build an extra large home, move his land out further onto (what Tony Ciani claims) is public beach.

    Battles and banters of words have ensued - and Tony Ciani filed an appeal with the California Coastal Commission. The San Diego Business Daily has an article (here); and Tony won the appeal - in a way - because Romney agreed to put off the hearing until later (Set in October).

    Now there's going to be an update story tonight, where San Diego's Channel 10 interviewed Tony Ciani - and also (purportedly) - Ann Romney.

                               This is the local "Lo Jolla Light" story (here).


Will Romney get his way to own more beach?

33%29 votes
32%28 votes
16%14 votes
17%15 votes

| 86 votes | Vote | Results

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 Warren Buffet's team announced that Berkshire Hathway is set to have a 2.91 stake in Goldman Sachs; from options provided during the "bailout" era. Reportedly, Warren Buffet isn't putting in another cent. According to Market Watch story (here) - Buffet is profiting $2 billion from a $5 billion vote of confidence. Not to shabby a dealing for Mr. Midas.

Parachutist Fly By Goldman Sachs

    In contrary news bizarre, the New York Police are investigating a strange fly by around Goldman Sachs. Where - purportedly - two parachutists did a mystery jump and fly by Goldman Sachs at 3 a.m. in the morning (see Wall Street Journal Metropolis story - HERE).

SEC Attempts to go after Mark Cuban - AGAIN

    In 2008, a judge dismissed the SEC's quest to tarnish Mark Cuban. Evidence surfaced that the SEC staff were guilty of bad faith remarks against Cuban; but the SEC OIG says the SEC wasn't "that bad" (as if the SEC knows the difference between who to prosecute and who not to). USA Today has a story (here) with remarks by a "purported" expert who says Cuban should have settled.

    HEY - SEC, how about the schemes of Bill Cawley and Steve Cammack?

    Years ago, when the Tom Petters Ponzi case was in full scam, scheme gear, yours truly informed the SEC of Palm Beach Links Capital, Bruce Prevost & David Harrold (partners with Frank Vennes). Arrests of Prevost & Harrold resulted in their guilty pleas; but the bigger fish of Bill Cawley and Steve Cammack got away (thus far) 'SCOT FREE'!



Is the SEC out to get Mark Cuban unjustifiably?

52%12 votes
17%4 votes
4%1 votes
26%6 votes

| 23 votes | Vote | Results

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    A friend of mine, who works in health care (Burn Unit) just learned his mom is dying. When I tried to console him, he said "it's okay, she's going to go sing with Zach". When I asked him who Zach was - he replied a teenager who learned he had months to live - and lived a lifetime of music with one song for all our souls.

     Zach Sobiech is one to be forevermore remembered. When he was facing a life threatening cancer (see Wikipedia details - here); he buckled up and wrote a song, embracing life's harsh blow with a smile and music endearing.

     Several celebrities, including the Breaking Bad star did this tribute for Zach brought to us by Soul Pancake's YouTube channel.


Rest In Peace Zach Sobiech -

100%19 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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