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Sun Nov 02, 2014 at 04:21 PM PST

All you need to know about Gamergate

by lawnorder

A lot of the pro Gamergate people aren't sending death threats and they will tell you they are well intentioned and wish to debate a serious issue. Is it true ?

Here is all you need to know, about the honest, well intentioned, non harassers members of the pro Gamergate movement:

1) Targets:
You will notice no one in Gamergate is going after EA, Valve, IGN or other large companies, just the opposite, they are all targeting minorities, indie gamers and people from youtube/ academia (Anita), So even the "good ones" at Gamergate are focusing on little fry while letting the big fish on corruption of the media act freely

2) Timing:
Even the Gamergate "normals" who aren't doxxing or harassing anyone personally are giving cover to the harassers, by picking this exact time to "wake up" about game industry coverage. Let's face it, it has been happening for years and waiting 6 months to discuss this would not be the end of the world. Why now ?

3) Allies:
Accepting help and linking to  people from AEI (Sommers), which pays people to write articles denying global warning and whose owner  famously edited a video to make a person seem to be saying the opposite of what she said and then telling us they worry about Ethics in Journalism is like accepting help from the  Ku Klux Klan to make your pro racial integration videos

People who say they are pro Gamergate have harassed and threatened  people and caused real harm to women's lives, in the name of "Ethics in Journalism". This is an undeniable fact. So why are "good people" joining them ?

Details, cartoons and links below the spaghetti monster

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Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 09:03 AM PDT

Obama's own state...

by lawnorder

I live in Chicago. And I'm seeing red. And I'm blue.

# Mark Kirk (R) takes Senate seat for GOP

# IL-11: Kinzinger (R) defeats Halvorsen (D)
# IL-14 Randy Hultgrin (R) defeats Bill Foster (D)
# IL-17: Schilling (R) defeats Hare (D)
# IL-08: Bean 48.2, Walsh 48.5 99% reporting

If those results don't show you something is very wrong with Obama's message, nothing will. This is his state. IL has been solid Democrat for generations. And Dems have been trounced here.

Why? I think I have a clue:

Seniors account for 1/4th of 2010 votes

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Reading this curious case of the first "Iraq war memories" book that comes to market that the Pentagon wants to burn

In a highly unusual move, the DIA is now negotiating with the publisher, St. Martin’s Press, to buy all 10,000 copies of the first printing of the book to keep it off shelves

made me do a double take. Tony Shaffer is the author. I knew his name from my extensive writing about Able Danger in 2005.

Turns out his book is being burned because of Able Danger info on it, including the fact that it identified Atta  prior to 2001

Specifically, the DIA wanted references to a meeting between Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, the book’s author, and the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow, removed

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This are the parents the  "It's not torture" crowd has created

According to court documents, on a night in May 2009 Colon's six-year-old foster son told him he'd just had an accident in their Yelm home. Colon allegedly responded by holding the boy's head under a running bathtub faucet and telling him he should just let him die

Scarily enough, this isn't the first time this year that a JBLM soldier has been accused of waterboarding their kid. In February:

Police [] found the 4-year-old covered in bruises and hiding ... According to Yelm police chief Todd Stancil, Tabor told police at the scene that he filled a sink with water, and then held his daughter down on the kitchen counter as he pushed her head backward until the water reached eye level.

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Tue Aug 24, 2010 at 10:25 AM PDT

GBCW ? This is how you do it:

by lawnorder

OMIR's handy fill in the blanks GBCW

( ) Unfortunately
( ) Thankfully
( ) Angrily
( ) Resentfully
( ) Belatedly
( ) _______________________________
, I have decided to leave Daily Kos because:

( ) You people are all dinosaurs with the IQ of a learning-disabled patch of kale
( ) You people are all disagreeable, noxious trolls who live under a bridge . . . and those are your GOOD points
( ) Nobody reads my diaries
( ) Nobody recommends my diaries
( ) You allow _______________________________  who is a _______________________________ to post on this site

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Apologies for beating on a supposedly dead horse but took me a while to find the words to express what I feel.

  • When most of America was clapping for "Mission Accomplished" , I  felt that the war was far from over and couldn't get myself to clap.
  • When all America was clapping for the "purple fingers of Victory"s I could not get myself to clap.
  • When the housing bubble was burning bright,  I could not bring myself to clap.

I got accused of having Bush Derangement Syndrome,  that there was no pleasing we radical left. I was called traitor, insane, naive...

I can't help but fell like "Deja vu all over again", now that I'm hearing the same from Gibbs and others. Let me make this clear: Obama is not Bush but a lot of  people on Obama's side are as vicious to critics as Bush lovers  were during the Bush years.

And Gibbs is one of them. I called him Scott McClellan because Scotty was  the most honest of the bunch. I think Gibbs is being sincere, but using a GOP trick, in an effort to tone down criticism won't make me go away. I learned to not go silent when I think something is wrong, during the Bush years. I am going to trust my instincts and say/do what I think is right, no matter what names I get called. Bring it on.

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New article on playboy

"You’re going to see something spectacular," an old friend who has a knack for black-bag operations said as he proudly downed his vodka. "About a month from now you’ll see ACORN explode from within." Right on schedule a video was released that showed.. James O’Keefe..

That’s when I realized this isn’t an average fringe movement

The anonymous writer tells us how The ACORN blood tasted good and how he and a lot of others coordinate their work to take down the ACORNs of the left. And how they use dirty tricks


Confessions of a Tea Party consultant article on Playboy

34%21 votes
14%9 votes
31%19 votes
19%12 votes

| 61 votes | Vote | Results

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I don't think the Tea Party mob could be more clear about their goal of intimidation of critics. From Kos front page:'s a dangerous topic and it's a dangerous fire to light and so this is the outcome.

Sure enough, the brewers of the tea party movement are showing us the danger of messing with the movement:


This new plot involves Sherrod’s involvement in a class action lawsuit against the USDA, which the right is characterizing as slavery reparations. The reality is, of course, quite a bit different...

Yesterday, conservative radio host Ben Shapiro spoon-fed the conspiracy to the Tea Party Caucus’ Rep. Steve King  (R-Iowa), who then said he thought it warranted investigation...

When the White House staff, the Agriculture Secretary and others cave to the lying right, someone's career, reputation or life will be ruined. Sometimes and entire organization gets destroyed.

Why would the liars stop if they are being successful ?

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Thu Jul 01, 2010 at 11:30 PM PDT

Nasty push poll against gay rights

by lawnorder

Just clicked on an add at balloon juice's (see below) and got to see a very nasty "survey" aimed at getting people against "the gay bill of special rights". So nasty it accuses gays of trying to get the supreme court to dissolve traditional marriage. Details below the fold


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finger in a dam with crumbly walls
The think about leaks in massive repositories of oil or water is that a finger in the dike will not stop it.. might make it worse

Remember cement that was full of holes like a Swiss cheese ? Might be the same cement that should be preventing the oil from seeping through the ocean floor.

You see, the only reason the oil is not seeping trough the ocean floor in a normal well is because they have cement and steel pipes encasing it. Why would the oil bother go through that when there's a nice and easy open pipe to rush trough ?

 title=Worst Case: with pipe closed, pressured oil bursts free through weak cement and seeps through seabed
Could it happen ? There seems to be a lot of indication that BP's cement was flawed. Would the cement under the ground be any better than the one above ground ?

UPDATE: Someone is wrong on the internet! Me. Fishgrease says this scenario very unlikely

Details after the jump

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Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 07:25 AM PST

I've been listening to Fox News

by lawnorder

Rong Radio — by Benjamin Zephaniah

I thought my neighbours formed an axis of evil...

I was beginning to believe that all muslims are terrorists...

I was beginning to believe that our children were better than their children
their children would die from terrorism but i couldn’t hear their children call
and a child from Palastine simply didn’t count at all....

When it started I was curious but then it got so serious
It was cool when it began but now I really hate Iran
and look at me now i wanna make friend with Pakistan
I wanna bomb Afghanistan, and i need someone to tell me,
where the hell is Kurdistan?
Yeah, you can be my ally for a while until i come to bomb your child
and I’m sure there’s a continent called the middle east
and i think i can bomb my way to peace
I’ve been listening to the wrong radio station....


Sun Aug 16, 2009 at 10:40 AM PDT

Lance Armstrong would die in UK

by lawnorder

After being caught with their pants on fire lying about Stephen Hawking, they now changed the names on the story to an American.

Lance got the care he needed and went on to do great things, both in the sporting world and charitable causes.  Under the UK system, he would have been cast onto the trash heap because his low chance of recovery, lack of employable skills and high cost of proposed treatment would have looked like a bad investment.  Lance and his doctors proved the doubters wrong and he beat the odds.

Typical online board neocon. Get caught in a lie ? Wait a day, come back with the same lie, tweaked a bit better. But wait... is still a lie!!!
Oh, and they now have an excuse for the Hawking Faux pas...

Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist.  Part of the elite.  I'm sure Queen Elizabeth and Tony Blair get wonderful care too.   But the average Brit is faced with long waits for basic services and in many cases by the time they get the service they're told it is too late.

Ding, ding, ding!!! Another lie. Hawking was a nobody when he was diagnosed. Besides, people with no insurance die HERE because by the time they get the service they're told it is too late

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