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As this story reflects, a City of Denton (Texas) jailer named Chris Saunier told someone who had been arrested on a traffic offense that he could be released from jail if he voted for McCain.  This exchange occurred on Election Day, meaning that the jailer would prevent the guy from voting unless he voted the jailer's way.

The arrested voter refused to give in, later posted bond and then cast his vote for Barack Obama.  It was his first time voting.  What a great experience, right?

The incident was captured on closed-circuit video, so the facts are not in dispute.  The City of Denton Police Department, in all its wisdom, has recommended a 2-day suspension of the jailer.  Does that sound fair to you?  If not, look below the jump.

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Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 10:09 PM PST


by Lawyer to Capitalists

As a little girl, I loved the night before Christmas almost more than Christmas Day.  I would sneak out to the living room, curl up under the glow of the twinkling lights on our tree, inhale the piney scent and dream of what the next day would bring.  On Christmas Eve, it felt as if all was right in the world, or was about to be.

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Did that get your attention? Here's the thing: now is the perfect time to reach voters to tell them about Barack Obama and encourage them to vote!


Will you call voters tonight for Barack Obama?

4%1 votes
27%6 votes
9%2 votes
9%2 votes
9%2 votes
40%9 votes

| 22 votes | Vote | Results

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As is explained in this Dallas Morning News article, a federal judge in San Antonio today rejected the efforts of LULAC and others to derail the way in which the Texas Democratic Party awards its delegates.  The suit was filed by LULAC of Texas, the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston and six voters described as Democrats upset by the party’s method of rewarding delegates.

According to the DMN:

The plaintiffs were not contesting to whom the delegates were awarded, but rather how the allotment is made.

The judge wrote that the plaintiffs never alleged that Latino voters were "intimidated, threatened or otherwise kept from voting." He said if they had gone to the polls in greater numbers in previous elections they would have benefited.

"The adage remains 'no vote, no voice,"' he wrote.

I know you will be shocked! to learn that the Hillary supporters, I mean, "plaintiffs", are likely to not accept the district court's decision and instead appeal to the Fifth Circuit.

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Did that get your attention?  Here's the thing:  now is the perfect time to reach voters to tell them about Barack Obama.

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It could not be easier:  use this link on Barack Obama's site to help get out the vote for Bill Foster.  He is a wonderful Democratic Party candidate running in the 14th Congressional District in Illinois.  You may recognize that District . . . it is the seat once held by former GOP operative and House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  It's also the district I grew up in, where my mother still lives.  Needless to say, it is chock full of nice people who deserve a fantastic Representative like Bill Foster.

The Chicago Tribune thinks the seat is winnable.  

Help push Bill Foster over the top to take the seat away from the GOP.  How satisfying would that be?

The polls are open until 7 pm CT . . . just make a few calls!


I'm a Precinct Captain for Barack Obama in East Dallas (yes, that is part of Dallas, Texas, despite what some may tell you).  Since the Texas campaign began, I have made more than 700 820 calls to registered voters in my precinct to find Obama supporters and ensure that they get out to both vote and caucus.  You may think Senator Obama has it in the bag, but we cannot take anything for granted, especially in Texas!

Below the fold, you will find the top 5 reasons you should be making calls RIGHT NOW:

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I have been closely following the plodding progress of the Congressional committee investigations into the Attorney General's firing of "underperforming" U.S. Attorneys. While there are so  many  questions  one can wonder about in this scandal, here is the one that is bothering me the most tonight: why is the Department of Justice (the name suddenly strikes me as utterly ironic) allowed to redact information about all U.S. Attorneys and USA offices other than those pertaining to the fired individuals?

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People, tomorrow is Opening Day of the Major League Baseball Season!*  

Do you feel ready for that?  [Of course, we have been ready since November 1st for the new season to begin.]  

Do you know which team will win it all?  [The Chicago Cubs, of course.]

Have you made plans as to which games you will see?  [What are you waiting for?]

*While it is just like the St. Louis Cardinals to try to steal the thunder by playing an "Opening Night" game tonight, I do not recognize such a game as the true beginning of the baseball season, which must occur in the daytime.


Who will win the National League Central Division this year?

0%0 votes
5%1 votes
26%5 votes
42%8 votes
21%4 votes
5%1 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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. . . and the Dallas Morning News is ready to report on it--sort of.

In the face of the Dems' stunning election victories a few weeks ago, I wondered briefly if the need for civil rights work would diminish or dry up. On reflection, I still think the answer to that question is "no", because there will always be knuckleheads who do things that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights, no matter who is in power in Washington, D.C.

Heck, Dallas alone could keep civil rights lawyers busy for years. At Preston Hollow Elementary School, a federal judge recently ruled, the white Principal ran the equivalent of a private, whites-only school within the public school she was charged with overseeing.

Read about it below the fold . . .

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Yesterday I arrived at the airport in Austin, Texas for a business trip and walked to the parking garage where the rental cars are located.  During this brief walk, I met a young soldier, still wearing his cammys, who had just returned from overseas (he did not specify in which country he had been stationed).  My "introduction" to him occurred when I looked over after hearing him say "asshole," not very much under his breath.  Without a word from me, he explained that he was upset because airport security would not allow him to catch a cab upstairs, but was requiring him to go downstairs to the airport cab stand.
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I rarely buy the Dallas Morning News, because I find it difficult as a matter of principle to fork out my hard-earned quarters for what is pretending to be a Newspaper Containing Unbiased, Informative Journalistic Product but is actually A Corporate Media Arm for the Administration. But on Friday morning, I found myself out to breakfast with nothing to read, and that just won't do, as I am nothing if not addicted to reading while I eat (on the occasions when I eat alone, for those of you who were thinking of asking me out on a date).

So, I purchased a copy of the Dallas Morning News, knowing darn well what I was getting into.  In perusing that morning's paper, I found the answer to the question with which I have tortured myself ever since canvassing last fall and meeting folks who had not yet made up their minds about whether to vote for Bush and Kerry.  What is that question, you ask?  

The question, and its answer, are below the fold . . .


Do you think second-tier papers like the DMN are partly responsible for the ill-informed nature of the voting populace?

90%30 votes
0%0 votes
3%1 votes
6%2 votes

| 33 votes | Vote | Results

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