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If you watched Rachel Maddow last night, you got your first introduction to N.C. State Sen. Jeff Jackson. Because Tuesday was a snow day, he was the only legislator to go to work. And, boy, did he get stuff done ...

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(Cross-posted at Blog on the Run: Reloaded as Anti-police? Or pro-police, pro-public?)

One would like to think that a guy who worked his way up from Drug Enforcement Administration agent to assistant director of that agency, a guy who served as both head of witness protection and associate director for operations of the U.S. Marshals’ Service, a guy who served as both fire commissioner and police commissioner for the City of New York, a guy who now gets paid very high dollars to do security consulting, would be able to face a little criticism without soiling his drawers.

One would like to think that.

But one would be wrong.

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(Originally posted on Blog on the Run: Reloaded)

A think-tanker says that replacing state support for the University of North Carolina system with ever-higher tuition and fees represents "a failure of liberal thought." Well, that's true, but also is a real-world failure with painful human consequences.

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(Originally posted at Blog on the Run: Reloaded)

I haven’t written much about the academic scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill, even though I got my master’s degree there, for one simple reason: I haven’t had a chance to read the Wainstein report, let alone the 900-page supplement, in which some of the worst dirt is said to be found. But what I have gleaned from media reports is bad enough: a rogue academic program of which a rogue athletic program took full advantage. There was an utter lack of institutional control — a lack that should lead to serious repercussions, and not only from the NCAA (as if).

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Really, it violates the laws of simple Newtonian physics. Maybe I should have done this sooner, but I 1) finally stumbled across the incoherent column written last week by NPR's ombudsman over the Lisa Simeone case and 2) emailed Dana Rehm to address her misstatements. Details after the jump. (Crossposted at Blog on the Run)

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National Public Radio disregards the First Rule of Holes, and Davidson College and WDAV take the high road again. Details after the jump. (crossposted at Blog on the Run)

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NPR previously had said it was "in conversations with WDAV about how they intend to handle" Lisa Simeone. As a Davidson College alumnus (the station is licensed to the college's Board of Trustes) and former WDAV employee, I am proud to say that Davidson basically told NPR to take a flying flip at a rolling doughnut. Details at Blog on the Run.


Anti-government conservatives and self-styled libertarians believe that they have achieved everything that they have achieved all by themselves and don't owe the rest of us a thing. Below the fold I offer them a simple way to test that hypothesis.

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(crossposted at Blog on the Run)

On most anniversaries of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and Flight 77, I have been much more about sorrow than anger.

Not today. Today I’m pissed.

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I have long believed that the Congressional Budget Office is staffed by robots ...

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My sister-in-law and her brother have worked for years to get their late grandfather's journal of his experience as a German infantryman on the Eastern Front during World War II translated and published. Now they've got a publisher and a publishing date, and you can pre-order on But this ain't beach reading.

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And that point has been reached in this ad by the estimable Joey Cheng:

  20 New York Traveling articles are needed, min 500 words for each article, all articles need to be SEO friendly. This project should be completed within 5 days. You only will be pay total of $60USD upon completion of all articles.


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