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Mon Jul 30, 2007 at 04:01 PM PDT

John Roberts : American Patriot

by libertynow

I've just read the news that the young Chief Justice has apparently suffered a fall, and I was somewhat disappointed to hear that since I think the guy brings a lot of character, integrity, and respectability to the national stage at a time when we need it most.


Do you believe Chief Justice John Roberts is a

38%116 votes
61%189 votes

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Mon Jul 23, 2007 at 05:31 PM PDT

Return of the Libertarian Jedi

by libertynow

Tomorrow, I want to offer some counterpoint to Hunter's recent diary The Political "Me" Movement: A Piefight In D-Minor which begins "In which I insult libertarians and libertarianism for no good reason...". And he lived up to summary with all the subtlety of "The Empire Strikes Back".

But today I want to discuss one response to my previous diary (Socialism fading, Libertarianism rising) that I suppose in the mind of the writer was meant to create a chilling effect on my participation here at DKos.

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I wanted to come back after a long hiatus and discuss a few implications of my new political stance of libertarianism as I test it for the first time in this coming election cycle.

Before this cycle I largely considered myself a liberal, which lasted from 2000-2005 (this was mainly because I was unaware of libertarianism at the time). The only sticking point that I ever had is that I wanted a redistribution of wealth, at least once in our country's history, and still do, but I realize now that a truly free market is the only way to achieve these things with respect to free individuals (where corporations are not recognized as legal individuals, and thus won't receive market protection from government, plus a reform of our copyright and patent laws, to allow more open competition).

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Sat Jun 30, 2007 at 05:28 PM PDT

Democratic Party Racism: An Analogy

by libertynow

Whereas I have much to finish on my previous series here, I decided I was in the mood to share some perspective on the supreme court's recent decision regarding race, as I recognized a very clear analogy to the situation we have regarding governmental segregation/desegregation. Most of what I want to talk about here is in a reaction to some who claim that racism is the largest part of the issue of people leaving urbanized centers/large cities for suburban locales.

I think this is fairly off the mark, in a very destructive way, and completely ignores the level of violence to people and property occuring in many decaying urban cities, especially in the midwest.


Individuals are leaving urban centers because of:

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50%15 votes

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I was thinking of launching into commentary on the philisophical libertarian principle I hold that violent physical force should never be used against any individual for complicity by the state (or anyone else for that matter), but I've been quite disgusted and disturbed that some individuals (one establishment supporting sleazeball in particular) have been attempting to associate my name with racists, or racist groups.

That's quite interesting since I believe the Lincoln monument should be demolished, and that a new monument for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks should be built in its place, by hand, voluntarily by the people of this country so that we can show in person our respect for two of the greatest freedom fighters this country will ever see.

They were remarkable individuals who opposed the state's enforcement of segregation, and they stood up to the state non-violently, with the strength of their convictions to guide them past their fear.


Is politicide/genocide fought for the stated purposes of "freedom"

11%2 votes
88%16 votes

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We know the establishment has already purchased their "top-tier" candidates for the coming election season, and we know the media has already trumpeted those purchases to the world, so that every other lobbyist has an idea where their money and efforts should be directed.

But of course, this isn't news. It's unfortunately the continuing state of play, even though the netizens of this blog used to cry loudly for the necessity of "People-powered politics", but apparently the win in the 2006 election cycle has dulled that type of dreamy idealism. It is, yet again, more important to "win" than it is to give power back to the people.

In the first part of this series in which I describe the principles of my libertarianism, I discussed the necessity of decentralization for the re-establishment of freedoms and their preservation. In this section I want to discuss the corrupting mechanic employed by party operatives and misguided partisan purists to string the average citizen along in their "two-party system" game.


Whom do you believe the current 2-Party system benefits most?

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17%15 votes

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My fellow libertarians and independents, we are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Never forget that. I have recently seen a fellow compatriot fall on their own sword as they were discouraged by a vocal and militant group representing the generally corrupt establishment within the Democratic Party who exist to protect the gate.

But, we haven't come here to look at their fine gate, and then go home.

We came here to crash it!

Now, I intended to write today about how the purist partisans have again begun the process of letting themselves support the exact same establishment that has been abusing them all along, but I will have to examine the extent of the corruption of the establishment tomorrow, as it seems that morale is low among the freedom-lovers who have voted for democrats for the reason of opposing the tyranny of war, and the tyranny of exectutive privilege, and the tyranny of the debt society, and the tyranny of the building police state.

We must stand strong here, and I hope to inspire you to do just that!


Which will you stand for now and forever?

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69%29 votes

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Hello. I've noticed a recent animosity here to the libertarians who have taken Markos's offer to cross sides and vote for Dems in the 2006 election. It seems very clear to me that many here do not know much about libertarianism or what it means as a philosophy to people like myself who believe it is the only way to a free and just society.

I've decided to begin a series of diaries discussing the core beliefs of my libertarianism to help others understand my various positions on issues, why I don't care for Party nomenclature in the least, and why I think it is essential to reform our political system to be reflective of the free will of individuals over the tyranny of the majority for decisions which pose no harm to anyone other than the person making the choice.


Which are you primarily inclined to support at this point in time from government?

42%27 votes
57%36 votes

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Have seen a strong bit of opposition to us libertarians who vote for Democrats tonight, so I thought I'd drop this reminder to the Dems who think I've been making up the idea that libertarians have been invited here by the site's owner, Markos.

Who Deserves the Libertarian Vote?

Reason: Your readers have occasionally used the "libertarian Democrat" idea as a piñata—they think, correctly, that we fundamentally disagree with liberals on substantive economic issues. If libertarians joined the Democratic coalition, would we be welcome?

Moulitsas: There will always be critics. This is a big enough party to accommodate a healthy debate about the proper role of government in our society. And unlike the GOP, where dissension is squashed—ask Rep. Ron Paul—the Dems are, to a fault, permissive enough to allow that debate to flourish.

From tonight's results, that has proven not to be very true.

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Hello all, your traditional constitutional libertarian Democratic-Republican (Jeffersonian) speaking. What I'm presenting today is a tactic which I believe many of you will consider self-serving, on the otherhand, there are clear benefits to what I'm suggesting for setting up for the outright destruction of the modern Republican Party... In other words, cleaning the Neo-cons out of the power structure of politics.

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It kind of hit me like a whirlwind a few minutes ago as I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was driving individuals to foam at the mouth over the thought deprived snap commentary of a crusty old coot.

But then I did some basic math. 300 million americans, 200 million of which are white. Hmmm... It wouldn't be that some fringe political groups, and apparently the media at large, are attempting to smooth a runway for Mr. Obama now, would it?

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As I was getting into a discussion with someone in another thread about this issue, I was beginning to wonder whether he or she had actually seen any of the images in question other than the "Bomb-headed Muhammed", because the commentary brought forth was that all of the images were offensive, insulting, and irresponsible. Really?

The first time I looked at the "Danish 12" I found something interesting in all of them. Some of them are funny and relevant political commentary. The others I certainly didn't find offensive as I looked at them. I instantly wondered what exactly I should be offended at. Was there something dark and forboding about the images that should some how make me revulse at the mere sight of them? Not really.

Yet many here seem to be taking this revulsion on their own backs and carrying it with them (I am speaking of the apparently non-Muslim commentators). I imagine that there isn't a huge Muslim presence at this site, and I can see how THEY might be offended by these political cartoons, but there seems to be a contigent of non-Muslims who also claim to be offended.

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