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Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 07:06 PM PDT

HOPE For Animals

by libnewsie

Hondo from HOPE
HOPE for Animals is a no kill shelter that not only helps animals find great new homes but also helps the community.  How do they help the community?  By running low cost spay/neuter & vaccine clinics and helping keep more animals stay in their current homes, despite any hardship the owner might be going through, by their pet food pantry that works just like those food pantries for humans do.  They are currently celebrating their 3rd Birthday and all they are asking to celebrate is $1.00 donations to help keep HOPE for Animals running strong.  

You can visit the link to go to their webpage to watch their birthday video and learn more about the project.
Click here to visit HOPE For Animals - Ft. Wayne, Indiana  

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Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 11:34 AM PDT

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies - Fall

by libnewsie

Tis fall now in full swing and the time to find deals on seasonal produce that can help you cut your weekly grocery bills as well as help you eat healthy.  Here are the fall fruits and veggies to watch for:

Apples - I prefer Michigan Apples not just because they help the local economy and I can get free ones from my parents orchard if I pick my own but because they are of fantastic quality.  The Washington State Apples that do make their way to the Midwest are smaller and of course less fresh.  Indiana Apples are also smaller and often infected with Apple Scale which doesn't hurt how edible the fruit is but does make it much less attractive. They can be a bargain often because of their less attractiveness which doesn't matter at all if you intend to peel the fruit anyway.  I like to eat the peels myself because there is a wealth of nutrition in them.

Broccoli - Just harvested some yesterday from my garden as my bunny friend would rather eat my cabbages then the broccoli.  Cabbage is cheaper so I grow cabbage mainly for him to eat and thus distract him from my more expensive veggies like the broccoli.

Brussel Sprouts- Always tasty if you can find them.  Fairly easy to grow your own and if kept picked will continue to make more till the first frost kills them off.

Cabbage - One of the staple Polish veggies.  The bunny that lives under my garden shed eats the center out of the ones I grow myself but the roadside stands in Michigan have some really nice cabbages often you can get 2 or more for a dollar.  I go through lots of cabbage making Polish food.

Chinese Cabbage- Great in Stir-Frys...get that wok busy!

Cauliflower- A favorite that is a good deal this time of year and freezes well if cut up, blanched and bagged.

Celery Root- Awesome eaten raw but can also be prepared like you would mashed potatoes.

Chicory- I harvest my own as it is very common in the wild here and not something I use that much of anyway. Foolish to buy in this area anyway.

Cranberries- Tasty and can be easily frozen or dried if you find a good sale.

Cucumbers- Now is the time to stock up and get tired of them as they will be very expensive and far less flavorful over the winter.

Dates- Good prices on those now and always a good time to pick them up as they store well for the Christmas baking season.  Think date cookies, muffins and bread!

Grapes- All colors, seedless and seeded they are a great buy.  Keep some in the freezer for a frosty snack that's good for you!

Greens- Any salad greens are a good deal now at end of season.  I avoid Iceburg lettuce like the plague but love all other varieties of lettuce.  I grow a variety of them for tasty salads over the summer.

Mushrooms-Stumpers or Honey Mushrooms are found now wild in the woods.  Always cook them, never eat raw and make sure you know what you have like any wild mushrooms.  Store varieties are cheap now too and can be sliced and added to many of your favorite foods.  If I have many I steam them in some water or stock then freeze to later use as a soup base. You want enough liquid to cover the mushrooms. A good reuse for cottege cheese containers as you can just pop the soup starter out of them after being thawed slightly.

Nuts- So easy to store and oh so good.  Either harvested wild or store bought they are a good food to store away.

Okra- Yuck!  I think you must be southern to eat that but I hear it goes well with raccoon or possom.  I don't like the slimy texture myself.  Slugs or snails have more protein.

Mandarin Oranges- So delicious when fresh and if canning fruit they are good mixed in to give some variety to your apples, peaches or pears.

Pears-Time to can those pears for winter eating and pear sauce oh so good!

Chile Peppers-Peppers can easily be dried just by using a piece of wire.  Thread the peppers on the wire then bend the end into a convient hook for hanging up.  Your chili will thank you!

Sweet Peppers-Good time to add more of these to your recipes be they green, orange, red or yellow.

Persimmons- Something I don't buy much of but do like.

Pomegranates- The best time to buy this otherwise expensive fruit.  I like them raw, just peel a side open and pull the juicy seeds out to eat.  My son and I like these for a snack while watching TV.

Potatoes-Reasonable year round but even better this time of year.  You can get big baking potatoes for so little.

Quince-Great jam! Also look for wild gooseberries in the woods this time of year that are tart but good to add to a pie with other sweeter fruit or for jam.

Shallots- Great sliced into that soup base from mushrooms I told you to freeze.

Spinach-Lightly sauted with some garlic and olive oil or raw in a salad is the best way to eat spinach in my opinion.

Winter Squash-They will store well over the winter so stock up.  I bake them in the oven with the peel on till soft then the peel will come right off. Mash and season with butter and some sea salt and pepper.  In Indiana, they ruin squash with marshmellows, brown sugar and maple syrup..don't do that squash are like pumpkin and sweet potatoes naturally sweet so you don't need that. After mashed you can freeze it for a quick meal later that only needs to be thawed and warmed.

Star Fruit-Very expensive around here but a good time to try them if you haven't.

Sweet Potatoes-Nice long storage time like potatoes and so delicious cooked like a baked potato rather than all sugared up.

Wintergreen - In season in a woods near you.  A tasty berry snack while hiking and have some natural properties that make them like wild aspirin that taste wonderful.  Try not to overdo it on them but love to eat them and they do dry nicely.  I make a icecream topping from them by cooking them down to a syrup consistancy.

Happy saving and eating!  Check the comments for still more tips and suggestions!

Didn't catch the last podcast of the Julianna Michigan Show?  You can find it on Itunes or from Podbean at Progressive News, Politics and Music!  Crossposted to The Julianna Michigan Show blog at


Wed Sep 28, 2011 at 10:53 AM PDT

The Julianna Michigan Show

by libnewsie

What is the Julianna Michigan Show?  It's a podcast available from Itunes or if you don't have Itunes from podbean at in mp3 format.  The Podcasts are FREE to Download!   Two Podcasts on Second Life Live Music and how to find it are on the Internet Archive website found at  & Audio Diaries if you will that offer a round up of weekly stories, commentary, and at the halfway mark an introduction to music from a Second Life or Inworldz musician or singer.  A regular guest is Dan the Voice of the Young Progressive who is 16 years old.  The podcasts are family friendly to take with you in the car, to the beach, via headphones while cutting the lawn etc and safe for young ears too.  Details on the latest one released below the squiggle.  

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2pm-3pm Pacific Time  Starting NOW!

We will be broadcasting Live from the Piano Bar in the Sky in Inworldz, Declan Greenfield to the Live from SL Internet Radio Station.  Live From SL is the sister station of Netroots Radio.  You can listen here or join us in Inworldz at the Piano Bar in the Sky!

Declan Greenfield aka Eddie is a saxophonist/singer from the UK. Yes, Live British Music for DailyKosers! He will be entertaining us with Jazz, Broadway themes and movies, Contemporary Pop,and all that Jazz! He plays the tenor, alto and sophrano saxophones and is often accompanied by his partner Pattie Andel.  A great chance to take in a live concert from the comfort of your home!  2pm-3pm Pacific Time! Join us for an hour of Great SAX!

You can get a free Inworldz account from Check it out!  If you miss this one the next is Thu. Sept 22nd 3-4PM SL Declan Greenfield Saxophonist/Singer Live from Too Easy/Southern Heart in Second Life.

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Fri Sep 09, 2011 at 01:41 AM PDT

Detroit's $1 Houses

by libnewsie

The city of Detroit, Michigan has lost 1 million in population since the 1980s when the Japanese cars started entering our market and demolishing the auto industry.  In the city of Flint, General Motors jobs fell from a high of 80,000 in 1978 to just under 8,000 in 2010.  Come with me now to see the aftermath below the fold.  

The Julianna Michigan Show can be found on Itunes and heard on Monday Evenings 6-7pm Pacific Time on Netroots Radio at  My blog at

PS. Please Do Not read any of the racist comments that were posted on the Videos at YouTube...they are scary and totally untrue.

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Mon Jun 13, 2011 at 12:23 PM PDT

Music to Blog To Monday

by libnewsie

Hi, I'm DJ Julianna Michigan and will be spinning some tunes to blog to for the next few hours (starting at 3PM Eastern) to relax and inspire.  Will be on the Live from Second Life Audio Stream found at just look for the Click to Listen button on the left side of the page to open the stream in your default media player.  I am a DJ of many worlds FM, Internet Radio, and the Online Grids of Second Life and Inworldz. The Julianna Michigan Show of Progressive Talk and Music is also played on DBlog Radio soon to be known as Netroots Nation Radio.  

Relax and have a listen.  Enjoy!


Mon Mar 21, 2011 at 11:45 AM PDT

Live from SL - Relaxing Music

by libnewsie

Having a rough day?  I can help smooth it all over and get you back in a relaxing mood with music to blog to.

12-2PM Pacific or 3-5pm Eastern DJ Julianna Michigan will be streaming relaxing love songs live from the Queen of Hearts Riverboat in Second Life.  Will be taking requests from the audience in Second Life as well as from DKos listeners.  DKos listeners can request songs via the chat box on the Live From SL web page.  Open a tab and go to  Under links click that "Click to listen" and your default media player should start playing the stream automatically.  I have Oldies, I have Modern tunes but please no no auto-tune.  ;)

If you have a Second Life account, you can come dance with us at the Queen of Hearts Riverboat just join us on the lower deck of the Riverboat when it rezzes for you.  200L on the board for a best in Spring Colors contest!

Problem!  The station is currently streaming DBlog Radio and I can't kick that stream so go to my old stream at which will take you to a Shoutcast page look for a listen link on a greay bar and click on it to open your default media player.  I was scheduled so don't know why this is happening.
Live from SL is the all music sister station to DBlog Radio - Progressive Talk Net.


Fri Mar 18, 2011 at 11:04 AM PDT

Music to Blog By - Friday

by libnewsie

Streaming music to blog by on the Live from SL station, a sister station to DBlog Radio.  DJ Julianna Michigan (that's me) will be playing a mix of 70s - 90s Pop and Rock for your listening pleasure.  Open a tab to to use the on-website player or open your media player from the links there.  Feel free to leave a request in our chat box if there is something special you want to share.  

Will be streaming music from 2 to 4pm Eastern Time so enjoy the music! Commercial Free!

Thanks to OLinda and Michelle for the alerts about the buttons on the website.  They should be all working correctly now as I saw it was something I could easily fix without mucking up anything Wink set up.  Will play some past 4 to make up for the confusion and difficulties.

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Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 07:18 PM PDT

Free Fox TVs in Restaurants

by libnewsie

Something odd is going on... Free Flat Screen TVs are now being placed in Restaurants in the Midwest with their only channel available as FOX News. No switching to something less polarizing.  Someone has to be paying for this as Large Flat Screen TVs are not normally Free nor is Cable TV Service.  Find out more Below.


I like FOX News with...

0%0 votes
3%5 votes
4%6 votes
2%4 votes
3%5 votes
86%127 votes

| 147 votes | Vote | Results

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Polls have now closed in Indiana. Delware County will be the last to close at 8:40pm.  In this thread, I will live blog all night the results and we can cheer on Dr. Tom Hayhurst (IN-3) and our very own Barry Welsh (IN-6) to victory! Turnout has been reported as heavy today by the Ft. Wayne News Sentinel.

Added the close IN-2 & IN-7 races! Congratulations to Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Debbie Stabenow of my home state of Michigan, the folks back home were really pulling for you and I did GOTV for Gov. Jennifer myself. I want to thank Barry and Sherri, Dr. Tom and Judy for putting up a truely admirable fight against the local Republicans. We can all be proud of you!

Indiana Democrats are...

32%12 votes
13%5 votes
37%14 votes
16%6 votes

| 37 votes | Vote | Results

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Jeff Berry, Leader of Indiana KKK is hospitalized after being beaten nearly to death by his son at a BBQ.  The local paper is calling him a former leader but I don't believe he ever left.  This is the man that has terrorized the area where I live.  The local coverage is here.  
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Our own Kossak Barry Welsh is leading in the Indiana Democratic Primary for US Rep!

Barry Welsh 22,916 69%
Ralph Spelbring 10,108 31%

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