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Thu Jul 31, 2008 at 11:08 AM PDT

Those Fear and Smear Emails....

by lightseeker

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By lightseeker2

We've all gotten one. You know the kind of email I am talking about. It breathlessly lists a long litany of  half truths and slanders against Obama and insists that you have to pass it on since the fate of the world, or at least the Republic depends on it. Its a modern form of gossip, I guess.

A new acquaintance collects them for study. I won't repeat the slanders here since that just pushes them up the ladder when people search for them. My personal favorite is the one that lifts sentences from Obama's books without page references or any context.

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If you were to guess which of the following publications this graphic came from which would you choose?

New Republic
Reader's Digest
Parade Magazine
National Review

The answer and some , maybe, hopeful news on the flip..

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Yesterday, I wrote about the push for Evangelicals and Focus on the Family allies to become more proactive about adoptions and foster care. I mentioned some lingering problems and doubts about how that will work out. I ended with an outrageous, but true, quotation. Simplistically summaried both sides , the states and the Evangelicals , have fears about all this:

link  "Sharen Ford, a Colorado Division of Child Welfare Services manager, said some county workers initially presumed "church people beat their kids" or protested the initiative was exclusively Christian. Families, meanwhile, worried they couldn't take children to church or discipline them at all.

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Well, it looks like some of my concerns here are also on the mind of the Foucs on the Family crowd.

Facing criticism, evangelicals urge flock to adopt
Churchgoers told opposing abortion, same-sex adoption just isn't enough

DENVER — Prominent evangelical Christians are urging churchgoers to strongly consider adoption or foster care, not just out of kindness or biblical calling but also to answer criticism that their movement, while condemning abortion and same-sex adoption, doesn't do enough for children without parents.

Crossposted at  Texas Kaos

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I have been blogging on the private security firm Blackwater for almost a year now. Now comes a most revealing email....

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The meme that seems to be developing over the past weeks is this: "Americans want the politicans to reach accross the partisan divide and work together." NPR is running a series on reaching accross such divides all this week.

Notice the persumption in that meme: that what brought us to the present political trainwreck was the failure of  ALL politicans to reach accross the great divide and extend a hand of  cooperation toward our common goal - the well being of the  American people.

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Thu Jan 18, 2007 at 09:47 AM PST

Just another dead inmate...

by lightseeker

I am reminded why context matters in making sense of anything, but especially in making sense of Texas politics and public policy. The sad story that is the subject of this blog involves another inmate who died in a Texas jail after...

...[the] jail doctor knew of Miranda's medical needs and failed to meet them.

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The headline reads: "State cuts social services contract Accenture deal to be reduced by $356 million, end 2 years early over backlogs, errors"  

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Sat Dec 16, 2006 at 09:48 AM PST

Veterans caught in the crossfire...

by lightseeker

From MySanAntonio, there comes a report that 2007 funding projects for Veterans may be held up as the Dems try to fix the "borrow and spend and earmark" mess left by the Repugs.

If you make yourself a sheep, the wolves will eat you - B. Franklin and Democracy for Houston - Join Us
Crossposted at  Texas Kaos.

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After a daily drumbeat of negative publicity from radio personality Don Imus that lasted for weeks, a Texas congressman has worked out a compromise on a $945 million bill to fight autism.

What is hard to forgive or forget is that it took enormous amounts of pressure to get this guy to do the right thing. But I guess when the choices are help children or protect your corporate masters, for Joe the choice is obvious and easy.

If you make yourself a sheep, the wolves will eat you - B. Franklin and Democracy for Houston - Join Us

Crossposted at  Texas Kaos.

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Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 07:31 AM PDT

A death in Texas

by lightseeker

LINK Texas inmate kills self, leaves message in blood | US News |

"Michael Johnson, 29, was found dead at 2:45 a.m. lying in a pool of blood after he used a makeshift metal blade to cut his jugular vein and an artery in his right arm, Texas prison spokeswoman Michelle Lyons said.

She confirmed that a message written in blood was found on Johnson's cell wall, but would not disclose its contents, pending an investigation into the death.

Another source tells us what he wrote. "I didn't do it."
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We have all railed against the politics of negatitivy. Here in Houston, I have watched people like Sekula-Gibbs, Senator Cornyn and Senator Hutchison and more anciently,  Dr. Steven Hotze, an old classmate of mine play this card over and over. There are many others. Indeed, almost every Republican poltician I know has used or passively benefited from playing the fear card, be against gays or immmigrants or black criminals, ad infintum.

Have we learned our lesson? Are we getting ready for next time?

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