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Thu Oct 01, 2009 at 09:46 PM PDT

Joy Behar calls out Glenn Beck

by lordbronco

I'm ashamed to even spell his name, but I'm a tough guy.

Finally, the ladies have weighed in on calling this guy a fool.

Joy Behar calls his play out in some show called "The View".

Thank you, Mrs. Behar.

Please enroll online to

There, you can sign a petition that hits American disambiguation networks where it really hurts.

The pocketbooks.

Rupert Murdoch, you're next.

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Sun Jan 11, 2009 at 07:46 AM PST

Surgeon General is a Media Hack?

by lordbronco

Dr. Sonjay Gupta of CNN is a guy on T.V.

Quickly, I think anybody that has appeared on television on whatever network is automatically disqualified from any sort of public office.

I would prefer a Surgeon General who has at least spent more time in academia/research than preening in front of a camera.

Perhaps, a Doctor who doesn't do interviews on any network newscasts.

What else do I have to say? Hospice care for loved ones?

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Sarah Palin has plainly spoken that she wishes to become our newest senator (AK-R).

I'm plainly speaking to the choir on this one, but...

I believe the world dodged a bullet on this one.

I am personally appalled that people still support the gal after the revelations people have heard after the election.

I freely admit that she is a charismatic speaker.

For about 2 minutes if you look at her personal actions.

I only post this here because I have a minimum world count.

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Owing to another Kos-Poster-Lefty Toaster!,

I think Jeff Merkeley has a shot in our admittedly backwards State of Oregon.

Specifically to pick up Senate seat number 57.

I'm staying up late to see, but it's looking good in Oregon thanks to your help.

To check the status of this election real time click:

Gordon Smith is a 2 term Oregonian Republican incumbent who has has been vocal in opposing things like the Iraq War. However, he has voted with the Bush administration 90% of the time.

In Oregon, our polls closed very late.

OK, I just got back from 7-11 5 minutes ago.

According to the printed Oregonian Election Extra newspaper (11/05/08):

Jeff Merkeley D : 429,420

Gordon Smith R (i) : 423,483

That would be 5937 in favor of the Democrat.

Yes, we did. :-)

Pronounced: Orygun :-)

Lefty Toaster, you are exceptional! Thanks for original post!


Democratic Oregon Political Enthusiasts


Tue Aug 05, 2008 at 03:44 PM PDT

Obama's Failed Energy Policy

by lordbronco

I'm an engineer at Oregon State University.

I'd like to point out a few crucial facts that will give John McCain a better hand come the general election, unless Barack Obama reverses current energy policies.

I recommend that Barack have my blessing for flip-flopping on these issues.

I am and continue to be an advocate for renewable energy implementation.

More below.

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Maybe this has already been handled,

But I had to ask.

Mainstream media pointed out a gal from Iraq who has trained for inclusion in the current Olympics.

She and all Iraqis have been banned from the Olympics.


Isn't our job as Americans to ensure her ability to compete?

I'm sure you have taken steps to ensure all Iraqi nationals can participate in the Olympics,but I had to ask.

Myself, I think America deserves a depression if they won't stand up for student athletes from warzones we have attacked.

Discuss amongst yourselves,



Tue Mar 25, 2008 at 11:49 PM PDT

Dem Vs. Dem Conflict!!!

by lordbronco

Apparently, Clinton supporters have decided to migrate away from this site in a mass exodus of disgruntled angst.

Though I am a an Obama supporter, I do understand that Clinton has merits that are laudable.

I've been watching Fox News, and that media outlet is only too happy to revel in glee in the divisive nature of the Democratic Party shooting itself in the foot yet again in regards to an election which should be a shoo-in.


Should we just hand the next election to the Republicans?

31%9 votes
68%20 votes

| 29 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Aug 12, 2007 at 05:47 AM PDT

The Mandate of Heaven: Impeachment

by lordbronco

Does Congress have a duty to enforce the Constitution?

If only to do what it lays out in the job description?

I live in a red state-and the word on the street isn't pretty. People legitimately want action, and not a year from now.

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Sat Aug 04, 2007 at 09:05 PM PDT

Racism in Sports

by lordbronco

I was overjoyed to see Barry Bonds tie Hank Aaron's Home run record tonight 08/04/07. It genuinely made me joyous.

And it made me think about the in-game commentary, which was only broadcast on ESPN 2. They rightfully point out that juicing and steroids are a serious issue-but have you ever seen somebody compare Mark McGwire's shoe sizes over time? McGwire and Canseco and others have testified in front of Congress pleading the fifth-and were allowed to keep their hall of Fame Records.

I wish Barry and his family the very best-and wish to congratulate him on his amazing milestone.

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Sun May 06, 2007 at 08:50 PM PDT

Spiderman 3 Equals The War In Iraq

by lordbronco

Spiderman 3 is frankly embarrasingly, awfully bad-and I think we oughtta fire the director from ever making another picture again.

I hold a similar view to the current federal executive administration.

He want's to direct another major movie, and I don't think he deserves to.

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Already on front page, link below-but I just can't leave this one alone! And I already got complaints, so feel free to post some more, but please exercise your right to vote :-)

Presumably, this is an implementation of fiscal conservatism, as well as being a great way to begin an amnesty program for illegal workers :-)

Thank you to Mr. Lou Dobbs-I hope to see a piece about this on your show on CNN as soon as possible!


Which Fantasy was the one that did in the former Deputy State Secretary?

25%10 votes
7%3 votes
7%3 votes
12%5 votes
25%10 votes
5%2 votes
10%4 votes
7%3 votes

| 40 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Apr 23, 2007 at 12:01 PM PDT

Sheryl Crow Versus Karl Rove!!!

by lordbronco

At the recent Correspondent's Dinner, there was a verbal altercation between a preimminent American entertainer and everybody's favorite Presidential adviser.

Karl Rove implied that one of America's sweethearts is not an American citizen after she had the audacity to exercise her freedom of expression.

Apparently, Karl does not believe global warming is something the American people are concerned about. :-)


Who would you prefer to go to a Press Correspondent's Dinner with?

77%92 votes
0%1 votes
0%1 votes
0%1 votes
19%23 votes

| 118 votes | Vote | Results

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